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Examining Ethics: Principled Action

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Principled Action is an underused, underrepresented and sometimes misunderstood concept which stands at the heart of successful IB service teaching and learning. 848 more words


Forever Warped

It’s summertime, and I just keep thinking about how much I miss Warped Tour. Sure, it was hot (like, really hot), and it always rained at some point in the day, but the bands, the devoted emo kids, and just the overall energy of Warped was something amazing. 96 more words


The Science of Service

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If you think that Service Learning in the IB is a tick box exercise, think again. 507 more words


Midtown living

I remember our friend Eric smiling ever so slightly when we asked him how far it was from their place in East Point to the center of Atlanta. 527 more words


IB Service Ladder (for students)

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Based on the IB Service Ladder and a subset of the MYP Ladder, this student-friendly IB outcome-based tool is designed for MYP/DP/CP students to track their progress on their service journey. 382 more words


Go to Smoothie

Being a little healthier right now as I wanna be feeling myself for my birthday in a month. So, I’ve been doing smoothies for breakfast and this one lately has been my favorite. 69 more words


The Empathy Continuum

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In the IB Curriculum, the practice of empathy is an ATL skill listed under the ‘Social Skills’ cluster and is placed in the subcategory of ‘Collaboration’. 1,406 more words