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Breaking Through The Fog

Nobody else is awake in the house. Why would they be?

I’d say this is my time, but it’s really not. The hours between five and seven in the morning belong to others: The fictional Marines, soldiers, sailors and security contractors of the future whom I struggle to give the lives they deserve; the people counting on my professional writing in the “real world” of defense and security analysis; my co-writer on the biggest professional gambit I’ve ever undertaken: … 141 more words


Ukraine Civil War: Should America Switch Sides?

by Kennedy Applebaum
Quemado Institute
March 28, 2015

It wouldn’t be the first time the United States switched sides in a foreign war. While America, through the CIA, is accused of sparking the February 2014 Ukraine coup that overthrew President Viktor Yanukovich, the US was not the sole cause of coup. 2,344 more words


The Incredible Audacity Behind Art Of Future Warfare.org

It’s where science fiction and storytelling become tools to envision the future of US hegemony.

But wait a minute, because the artoffuturewarfare.org isn’t a collaboration between flash fiction hacks and DeviantArt users who conjure battle mechs right out of a… 561 more words

United States Of America

TRNC News Today 19th November 2014 - Turkish FM Çavuşoğlu: Greek Cypriots exploring natural gas not sign of goodwill

TRNC News Today 19th November 2014

  • Greek Cypriot side exploring natural gas not sign of goodwill….
  • FM Nami meets with President and Board of MÜSİAD….
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North Cyprus

Computer security company McAfee promotes online voting

Online voting and e-voting could become a larger part of the political process around the world but only if the right technologies and processes are implemented to ensure its security, according to a new Atlantic Council study sponsored by McAfee (which is now part of Intel Security). 351 more words

Online Voting

Singapore and LKY- Darlings of Western Think Tanks. (at a price)

While Singaporeans may long ago have lost their admiration and affection for Lee Kuan Yew and the Lee family, though not their fear, there is one constituency where LKY’s reputation seems undiminished. 1,762 more words


'Call of Duty' video game creators to predict next-genaration conflicts..

Watching his son playing ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops II’, Steven Grundman, a George Lund fellow working on emerging defence challenges at the Atlantic Council think thank, realised how video games could help predict future warfare. 210 more words