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Dugin: "Enantiodromia in Russian Politics"

Alexander Dugin Department The best and the only explanation why Putin does “nothing” in all economic fields. If we agree to the description below, I did, … 2,585 more words


Continentalism versus Atlanticism

About the geopolitical situation in the world
From: Information Agency “New Russia”, November 20, 2015, 12:04 by Alexander Dugin

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K: Only Yandex translation plus few correction. 2,053 more words


The "Polish Question" at a Crossroads

 By: Jafe Arnold

The “Polish Question” at a Crossroads

ver the past several months, the geopolitical role of Poland in relation to the war in Ukraine and Eurasian and European integration projects has once again become an increasingly frequently visited topic. 4,654 more words


'End of History' Found Dead at Moscow's Gates

Ukraine and the Euromaidan revolution were a turning page in History. One could argue that the Colour revolutions, the Arab Spring, the Ossetia War and even the Atlantic interventions of the preceding decades, had been proof enough of the limits of the ‘end of history’ but Ukraine is more meaningful because it had everything to become the poster child of globalism: it is an avowedly pro-Western movement, nurtured by the West, while not depending on the West in military hard-power terms. 736 more words


NATO and the Two Central Conflicts of the Ukraine Crisis

By Karel van Wolferen • Unz Review • March 14, 2015

Where I live (the Netherlands), if you were to call NATO the world’s most dangerous institution, a consensus would quickly form to conclude that you must have lost your marbles.

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The Real Story on Iran, US, Russia and China, by Pepe Escobar / Sputnik International


The real story was never about how warmonger Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, a foreign leader, would crudely use the House of Cards, sorry, the US Capitol, as a lowly re-election bully pulpit to mould the US presidency and American foreign policy. 837 more words