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Ayn Rand’s Objectivism: Freedom, Reason, Individualism

The New Modern Man encourages free men to Go Galt if they believe the current socioeconomic system fails a personal cost-benefit analysis. There is no question the existence of male slavery in the family court system, forced redistribution of male productivity to those who consume more than they produce (women spend 90% more than they earn statistically as just one example) and increasingly Draconian laws and social engineering schemes miserably fail the cost-benefit analysis. 1,606 more words

The New World Order

A Space Between Worlds: J.D.Woodson

A Space Between Worlds promises to be for the new generation what Atlas Shrugged was to an older generation. Not the story line as such, but the stretching, pulling and expanding of the readers knowingness, pushing the reader to the limit of former comfortable believing and being. 676 more words

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An insightful review that I didn't expect. The first line alone left me staggered. I'm glad to see the novel was enjoyed.

The only unifying position he really has

What I find most fascinating about the concept of greed is how often we assume following our greed must result in the accrual of fame, power, and wealth.

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Because I am a writer, I took this meme way too seriously. I did this on Facebook but am regurgitating it here since I can certainly go into more depth with my choices. 394 more words

FacuLeaks I: Mop-Pushers Who Hate Research

Hey-o friends. Welcome to my most ill-advised venture yet. I can’t say how often I’ll be able to do this (possibly until I get threatened?), but I am proud to introduce… 1,368 more words


Summer Summary

I know you’ve been dying to hear how my Summer Want To list worked out. I wasn’t exactly sure how it would go considering I gave up a long time ago on making New Year’s resolutions.* 649 more words

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