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FacuLeaks I: Mop-Pushers Who Hate Research

Hey-o friends. Welcome to my most ill-advised venture yet. I can’t say how often I’ll be able to do this (possibly until I get threatened?), but I am proud to introduce… 1,368 more words


Summer Summary

I know you’ve been dying to hear how my Summer Want To list worked out. I wasn’t exactly sure how it would go considering I gave up a long time ago on making New Year’s resolutions.* 649 more words

New Jersey

13 freeloading looters who didn't see the value in "Atlas Shrugged"

1. This reviewer is the Francisco d’Anconia¬†of dinner rolls

2. What story did he wind up reading?

3. Oh Nietzsche, there’s a fun read… 119 more words


Reader Confessions Tag

I was tagged by Alex @ youngatheart1blog! Thanks! :)

…have you ever damaged a book?

Actually, yes. I’m telling you all this in the greatest of confidences, but, I’ve burned a book before. 1,429 more words

YA Books

The Big Book of Science Fiction

I got this the other day. It is edited by Jeff and Ann Vandermeer and it is quite a large collection. I did not buy it because there is a R.A. 757 more words

Science Fiction

The Evil Good (Essay on Atlas Shrugged)

There are some weapons which are beyond the physical realm. They have the capacity to impact people on a civilization-scale. These weapons do not exist in tangible forms. 1,530 more words