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    “You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.”… Ayn Rand

This is a great quote from Ayn, which I had managed to overlook until now. 8 more words

She's Atlas

Earthquake Alert!

Shaky hands expected to hold up the whole world and let it spin and spin

While she stands shaking for fear that she will never be enough. 66 more words

The SHANWAR List: The Stickin’ Huge Awesome Novel Winter Awesome Read

Winters can be long in these Northern climes. Yesterday I walked to work with white fluffy snowflakes dusting my hair. As gardening friends in Europe and the United States have begun sinking their fingers in dirt, I felt the urge to stop by at the local Home Depot to pick up potting soil. 1,124 more words


Shadow Review: Atlas Shrugged.

Ayn Rand, the lady who made me question the intricacies of a life that would’ve been without her writing as dull as reading enid Blyton novels at the age of 30. 442 more words


Ayn Rand Reconsidered

“Why carry the burden of creating something and then having to stand for it and be proud of it? Why think and imagine and create your own way into the future of your most profound vision? 3,002 more words


Who Is John Galt?

If I ever do have a biography, these are the four words which would definitely appear on the cover page. If I had to have an Epitaph, this would be it. 1,131 more words

Atlas Shrugged

Yard of the Bards - Ayn Rand & Her Manifesto

On 19th February, it was the turn of The Bookworm (Church Street, Bangalore) to host us for a discussion on the philosophy of the Objectivism… 575 more words