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“There was a time when men were afraid that somebody would reveal some secret of theirs that was unknown to their fellows. Nowadays, they’re afraid that somebody will name what everybody knows.

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"Tomorrowland": "The Secret" for self-serving nerds (Spoilers)

This review is inspired by a tweet made on my other Twitter account. So, take a gander at that if you want a short version of what I’m about to write. 1,891 more words


On Objectivism and How I interpret it.


noun: objectivism

  1. the tendency to emphasize what is external to or independent of the mind.

  2. the belief that certain things, especially moral truths, exist independently of human knowledge or perception of them.

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Inquisitive Mind

How I Finally Outgrew ‘Atlas Shrugged’

Like a lot of people, I read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged in college, which is probably the worst damned time I could have done so. It was freshman year, and like everybody else, I was still caught up in the high of being (what we called) free for the first time: free to skip classes whenever we wanted, free to stay up until 4 am, and free to make all kinds of sweeping pronouncements about The Way Things Oughta Be. 2,478 more words


Pamela Geller Nearly Killed by ISIS

May 3, 2015, Garland, TX.  Pamela Geller, blogger and head of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, was nearly killed Sunday, by agents sent from ISIS.  The men, armed with assault rifles, were shot dead by a private security guard.  253 more words

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