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Dom AS 30Aug Rxn

Since my last blog post I read the entirety of chapter 9 of Atlas Shrugged. There are many developments in character relationships occurring in the story, but little plot development. 385 more words

Harrison Reale Self guided Reading Reaction 1

Through the progression of the novel, it was revealed that my first impressions of some of the characters were wrong. The conversation between Hank Reardan and Potter reveals that Hank is not working solely for profit as I previously thought. 441 more words

Desiree Penaranda Atlas Shrugged Reaction

As a whole I think the book is getting more interesting than what I expected. Its pace is quickening and the chapters have not been ridiculously boring as they used to be. 468 more words

Megan Stoyanovich | Atlas Shrugged Reaction

By having Atlas Shrugged being self-assigned reading now, I was expecting to cover some more chapters but I had only finished up to Chapter 10. I do have to say there was a lot more action and character development throughout these chapters. 363 more words

Celine Hoffmann Reaction

Without being assigned to read Atlas Shrugged, I expected myself to put much more effort into catching up with my reading. Surprisingly, it was not a hassle to do so. 412 more words

Childhood's End- The End of Creativity and Romantic Realism

Childhood’s End is a science fiction novel by Arthur C. Clarke about demon-like aliens arriving on Earth to form an utopian world at the expense of the creativity of individuals. 381 more words


A Message on Ayn Rand, Compassion, and Individualism vs. Collectivism

A user on reddit posted a question to the subreddit, /r/askphilosophy, which I reprint below. I have also reprinted my response in a private message below that. 1,176 more words

Ayn Rand