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Does This Demo Remind You of Mario Kart? It Should!

Here’s a slick-looking VGA demo written in assembly by ; it’s VGA output from an otherwise stock ATmega2560 at 16MHz with no external chips involved. If you’re getting some Super Mario Kart vibes from how it looks, there’s a good reason for that. 202 more words


The Arduino tutorial Part-1

The Arduino is a microcontroller development platform paired with an intuitive programming language that you develop using the Arduino integrated development environment (IDE). By equipping the Arduino with sensors, actuators, lights, speakers, add-on modules (called shields), and other integrated circuits, you can turn the Arduino into a programmable “brain” for just about any control system. 384 more words


Tu(r)ning a 40MHz RC Ferrari (from digital into a 2.4GHz analog one) (Part 1)

Winter has come… and with it long evenings that can be used for working on new projects.

One of them is a follow up on the… 573 more words


PWM generation with PIC and ccs c

Proteus Model:

Youtube link of the lecture:

Source file:

#device ADC=10
#use delay(clock=40000000)
#use rs232(baud=9600, xmit=PIN_C6, rcv=PIN_C7)
#include “lcd.c”
void main (void) 55 more words

Program ATmega 328 Using Arduino (Arduino As ISP)

Arduino is nowadays an easy tool for e-hobbyists .As an open platform and a “ready to use” circuit, everyone follows various arduino boards for realization of embedded designs. 83 more words


Electronic Faucet Sensor and Controller

This reference design features the TSSP4056 IR sensor module designed for presence and fast proximity sensing applications. The TSSP4056 provides a LOW output when it detects a 56kHz infrared burst at 940nm. 42 more words


Blink LED program with Atmega328P (Arduino Uno) programmed via Raspberry PI.

I recently began playing with an Atmega328/P since I got some cheap from the internet. Without having experience with programming an Arduino before, I tried to get things going. 895 more words