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A Thousand LED Lights For Your Room

Sure, you could get a regular light fixture like a normal person… Or you could use close to a thousand RGB LEDs to light your room! 214 more words

Led Hacks

An MEGA Sensor Shield V20 Expansion Board For Arduino

{It took some time to find the correct quest helper, because we wanted only the best. We did not just want to settle for something that pointed the quest out on the map, we wanted something that had an arrow pointing us in the right direction. 362 more words

Stuffing Everything on a DIP32 Package

Putting an full microcontroller platform in a DIP format is nothing new – the Teensy does it, the Arduino nano does it, and a dozen other boards do it. 165 more words

Arduino Hacks

Project: Remote control for H2n handy recorder

I own an H2n handy recorder for quite some time now and thought it would be cool to have a footswitch to start recording while playing an instrument. 306 more words


Arduino Uno OverView


The Arduino Uno is a microcontroller Development Board Based on the ATmega328. “Uno” Means one in Italian and it’s named as a reference for the release of Arduino version 1.0. 666 more words


Firmware Only VGA Controller - Intro

For my graduate project I write assembly program for ATMega 328. The program I write render character information and generate VGA signal to display image (of text, obviously) at VGA monitor. 559 more words

Android-based Reflow Brings Solder Profiles to Your Lab

is a prolific hacker and ends up building a lot of hardware. About a year back, he built a reflow oven controller. The board he designed used a large number of surface mount parts. 481 more words