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This Entry will be about building a timelapse dolly thats “programable” via MIDI protocol.

It will cover the following steps:


Tutorial AVR Studio Program Input/Output menggunakan Push Button dan LED

Tutorial AVR Studio sebelumnya, kita telah membahas mengenai cara memrogram/ membuat Blink Led. Blink led tersebut dalam sistem mikrokontroleh adalah berperan sebagai Output. Sekarang bagaimana cara mengontrol output tersebut?. 145 more words


Tutorial AVR Studio : Membuat Blink LED

AVR Studio adalah software programmer mikrokontroler yang dikembangkan oleh Atmel ~salah satu produsen mikrokontroller yang sering kita gunakan~. Software ini bersifat free dan bisa langsung didownload di halaman web nya yaitu… 441 more words


Bring your wildest wearable projects to life with Fiat Lux

The Fiat Lux controller is an Arduino-compatible board specifically designed for DIY wearable projects.

Sisters and entreprenuers Lavanya and Melissa Jawaharlal have already successfully run a pair of Kickstarter campaigns. 464 more words

Maker Movement

LauraWasher – Controlando a máquina de lavar roupas

Certo dia cheguei em casa e minha namorada estava reclamando (*normal*) da máquina de lavar, que tinha parado de funcionar o modo de centrifugação. Acrescida da seguinte observação: “Se você não consertar a máquina, vai ficar sem cuecas limpas.”. 245 more words

Personal Projects

Tiny Radio Tracks Your Balloons

The name of the game in rocketry or ballooning is weight. The amount of mass that can be removed from one of these high-altitude devices directly impacts how high and how far it can go. 204 more words


ALS - Rationale

Yes, yet another light toggle switch using Arduino (or alikes).

So we have these cool LED stripes from IKEA that are a perfect fit for an Ambient Light. 111 more words