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Stuffing Everything on a DIP32 Package

Putting an full microcontroller platform in a DIP format is nothing new – the Teensy does it, the Arduino nano does it, and a dozen other boards do it. 165 more words

Arduino Hacks

Project: Remote control for H2n handy recorder

I own an H2n handy recorder for quite some time now and thought it would be cool to have a footswitch to start recording while playing an instrument. 306 more words


Arduino Uno OverView


The Arduino Uno is a microcontroller Development Board Based on the ATmega328. “Uno” Means one in Italian and it’s named as a reference for the release of Arduino version 1.0. 666 more words


Firmware Only VGA Controller - Intro

For my graduate project I write assembly program for ATMega 328. The program I write render character information and generate VGA signal to display image (of text, obviously) at VGA monitor. 559 more words

Android-based Reflow Brings Solder Profiles to Your Lab

is a prolific hacker and ends up building a lot of hardware. About a year back, he built a reflow oven controller. The board he designed used a large number of surface mount parts. 481 more words


Battlebots - laser tag style!

I soldered and tested the PCB from OSH Park a few weeks ago for my omniwheel R/C robot, and I’m quite pleased with the results. I’ll take stuffing parts into a PCB over laborious hand wiring any day! 566 more words