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High Voltage AVR Programmer

The most common way of programming AVR microcontrollers is the In System Programming port. That little six-pin header with MOSIs and MISOs coming out of it will program every AVR you’ll ever come across. 144 more words


Homebrewpartner Digital SWR meter

Untuk melengkapi perangkat pemancar bagi rekan-rekan hobbyist amatir, ada satu instrument yang bisa dibilang mutlak untuk dimiliki yaitu SWR (standing wave ration) meter. SWR meter ini memastikan bahwa daya pancar perangkat amatir kita tersalurkan dengan baik ke antenna. 363 more words

RF Electronic

DIY Electrical Body Fat Analyzer

Whether you are trying to drop some fat or build some muscle, it’s important to track progress. It’s easy enough to track your weight, but weight doesn’t tell the whole story. 301 more words


AVR programación en C – 11 Timer/Counter0 del ATmega16 – Parte 3 (Modo Fast PWM)

Qué onda a todos!

Continuando con la serie de tutoriales de timers de los AVR (después de un tiempo de ausencia), y más en específico del Timer/Counter0, ahora toca turno de mostrar uno de los usos mas útiles y frecuentemente usados en muchos proyectos, (para el control de velocidad de motores, control de intensidad de luz, control de servomotores etc ) y es el uso de este timer en modo FAST PWM, que genera una señal de onda cuadrada de alta frecuencia constante y periodo variable por el pin OC0. 938 more words


Prototyping With The ATMega1284P

While most people are moving onto ARMs and other high-spec microcontrollers, is bucking the trend. Don’t worry, it’s for a good reason – he’s continuing work on one of those vintage CPU/microcontroller mashups that implement an entire vintage system in two chips. 187 more words


Arduino Pro Mini power saving modes

There are many ways to save power on the Arduino board itself. I summarise these with power consumption numbers… 694 more words