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Build Your Own Avionics Suite, If You Dare

If you’re really interested in aircraft and flying, there are many ways to explore that interest. There are models of a wide range of sizes and complexities that are powered and remote-controlled, and even some small lightweight aircraft that can get you airborne yourself for a minimum of expense. 216 more words

Transportation Hacks

Building Badges The Hard Way

What’s a hacker to do to profess his love for his dearest beloved?  built his lady-love this awesome LED pendant – the LED BLE Hearty Necklace Badge… 306 more words


Business On The Outside, Electronics Workstation On The Inside

As an electrical engineering student, had the full suite of electronics tools you’d expect. Cramming them all into a dorm room was doable — but cramped — a labour to square everything away from his desk’s top when he had to work on something else. 223 more words


Membuat Voltmeter Digital menggunakan fitur Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) ATmega8

Pada percobaan kali ini akan membuat sebuah voltmeter digital menggunakan nilai tegangan analog yang berasal dari potensiometer yang dihubungkan ke channel ADC 0 pada mikrokontroler ATmega8. 1,105 more words


New Part Day: ATMegas With Programmable Logic

Since Microchip acquired Atmel, the fields of battle have fallen silent. The Crusaders have returned home, or have been driven into the sea. The great microcontroller holy war is over. 352 more words

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Menampilkan Tulisan pada LCD sebagai Indikator (Display) Saklar LED

Konsep dari percobaan kali ini sebenarnya sangat sederhana, dengan menggunakan sebuah saklar (switch) kita akan menyalakan 8 buah LED yang terhubung pada PORTD. Pada percobaan ini jika saklar tidak terhubung dengan  662 more words


Menuliskan Karakter ke LCD 16x2 dengan CV AVR dan ATmega8

LCD adalah singkatan dari Liquid Crystal Display, seperti namanya, benda ini terbuat dari bahan cairan kristal dan pengoperasiannya menggunakan sistem dot matriks. LCD sering digunakan dalam berbagai alat yang membutuhkan tampilan atau  753 more words