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Description of Biometric Attendance System Circuit

Circuit Components:

  • AVR microcontroller development board.
  • Fingerprint module R305.
  • Keypad (4*3).
  • Atmega8 microcontroller
  • RS232 Serial cable.
  • DC Battery or Adaptor (12V, 1Amp).
  • 16*2 Alpha Numeric LCD.
  • Single pi connecting wires.

Biometric Attendance System Circuit

Biometric Attendance System Circuit Principle:

The main aim of this circuit is to take the attendance and display when requested. Finger print identification is based on the fact that no two persons will have the same finger print in this world. 148 more words


Description of Temperature Controlled DC Fan using Microcontroller

Temperature Controlled DC Fan Circuit Design:

The circuit mainly consists of ATmega8 microcontroller, temperature sensor, DC motor, driver IC. Temperature sensor is connected to the input of the ADC pin i.e. 137 more words


Temperature Controlled DC Fan using Microcontroller

Temperature Controlled DC Fan Circuit Principle:

The main principle of the circuit is to switch on the fan connected to DC motor when the temperature is greater than a threshold value.  112 more words


CNC Upgrade to Guitar Pickup Winding Machine

The idea of winding inductive guitar pickups by hand is almost unthinkable. It uses extremely thin wire and is a repetitive, laborious process that nevertheless requires a certain amount of precision. 319 more words

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Install Atmel AVR Toolchain

What is an AVR Toolchain?

Atmel AVR Toolchain is a collection of tools/libraries used to create applications for AVR microcontrollers. This collection includes compiler, assembler, linker, etc. 613 more words