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1btn - an Open Source Dash

The availability of cheap radios, omni-present WiFi and powerful web services means the IoT wave is here to stay. Amazon got into the act with its “do only one thing” Dash button. 281 more words

Wireless Hacks

To TWI or not to TWI

Since one little MCU isn’t enough, and we also need to bridge the distances between let’s say your hands, your back – where else would you store your batteries – and your shoes, we need all those little MCUs talking with each other. 521 more words


3x3x3 LED Cube

So here‘s my first electronics project. I actually made this long ago (in February this last year).  I didn’t get time to document it until now so here it is. 1,020 more words


Taking Input (Part-2)

Let’s do some user input processing now. Let’s say there are some LEDs  connected to your 410 more words


Taking input (Part-1)

What good a computer is if it can not take user input and process it ? But taking input can 570 more words



This is a follow-up of the previous Tutorial as a lot of things remained unexplained like how to customize or use the Makefile suite901 more words


Output (Hello World)

There is always a Hello World example to start learning something. This one is the hello world for AVR controllers. 815 more words