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Program ATmega 328 Using Arduino (Arduino As ISP)

Arduino is nowadays an easy tool for e-hobbyists .As an open platform and a “ready to use” circuit, everyone follows various arduino boards for realization of embedded designs. 83 more words


Electronic Faucet Sensor and Controller

This reference design features the TSSP4056 IR sensor module designed for presence and fast proximity sensing applications. The TSSP4056 provides a LOW output when it detects a 56kHz infrared burst at 940nm. 42 more words


Blink LED program with Atmega328P (Arduino Uno) programmed via Raspberry PI.

I recently began playing with an Atmega328/P since I got some cheap from the internet. Without having experience with programming an Arduino before, I tried to get things going. 895 more words


Adjustable Electronic Circuit Protection

The INA301A2 is a device that is composed of a high common-mode current sensing amplifier and a high-speed comparator. It can be used to monitor the current consumption of a load and detect overcurrent condition. 98 more words


MicroLisp With Matching Parens

Lisp is a supremely elegant programming language, but you won’t find it around much today. That’s a shame; in the 80s and 90s, all the cool kids were using Lisp machines, computers dedicated to the creation and interpretation of Lisp. 234 more words


Building an ATmega328 uploader

Carlos of GlowSaber wrote a great blog post on how we built an AVR programmer shield:

Building an ATmega328 uploader

As I learned more about Arduino, I realized that it is possible to redesign the GlowSaber around the ATmega328 chip [..] I designed an Arduino Shield that can be used to burn the bootloader and upload programs to an ATmega328 chip.

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Arduino Pro Trinket Bubble Display

davedarko wrote in his LED displays on Arduinos – a collection project log on hackaday.io:

Arduino Pro Trinket – bubble display

With 4 of HP QDSP-6064 bubble displays in a drawer I felt ready to do something with them and the “Clocks for Social Good” – call on…

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