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Hook Any Mouse to an Acorn

Acorn was one of the great IT giants that rose high and then fell to obscurity during the rise of personal computing. However, for many hobbyists these computers are as important and as loved as the Commodore 64. 185 more words

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What's The Deal With Atmel And Microchip?

It’s been nearly a year since Microchip acquired Atmel for $3.56 Billion. As with any merger, acquisition, or buyout, there has been concern and speculation over what will become of the Atmel catalog, the Microchip catalog, and Microchip’s strategy for the coming years. 1,043 more words


ATtiny Keychain Arcade

Ilya Titov created this adorable, tiny keychain arcade kit:

ATtiny Arcade keychain game kit

ATtiny Arcade is a little game made using Atmel Attiny85 microcontroller and an OLED screen.

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tinyAVR Microcontrollers

Key Features

  • Small — Atmel tinyAVR devices are designed specifically for applications where size and cost are critical. The smallest tinyAVR MCU measures only 1.5mm x 1.4mm.
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SAMD21 giveaway — 0miker0's Blog

What I’d like to give away one SAMD21 logger/sensor board to someone, wherever in the world you are. Why I’m a hardware guy, not a programmer.

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Taking a U2F Hardware Key from Design to Production

Building a circuit from prototyping to printed circuit board assembly is within the reach of pretty much anyone with the will to get the job done. 332 more words


Atmel SAMD21G Sensor Board

Mike Rankin created this tiny sensor board with an ARM Cortex M0+ microcontroller and OLED display:

0miker0’s Blog: SAMD21G Sensor Board

It’s pretty tiny so a 4 layer board made the whole job easier.

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