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Atmel SAMD21G Sensor Board

Mike Rankin created this tiny sensor board with an ARM Cortex M0+ microcontroller and OLED display:

0miker0’s Blog: SAMD21G Sensor Board

It’s pretty tiny so a 4 layer board made the whole job easier.

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Wearable Navigational Aid for the Blind

Neil Movva created this wearable project to assist the blind:

Pathfinder – Haptic Navigation

wearable device that translates distance into haptic feedback. Users just wear the wristband (or glove) and point at objects up to 500 centimeters away, and feel gentle pulses at their fingertips corresponding to the object’s distance…

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Programming the at89lp family with an Arduino.

The at89lp is Atmel’s modern 8051 micro controller family. These mcu’s can fetch one instruction per clock cycle, where the classic 8051 needs 12 cycles. Execution takes 1 to 4 cycles, compared to 12 to 48 for the classic 8051. 1,353 more words

DIY Linux Computer and 6LoWPAN Gateway

DIY Linux Computer and 6LoWPAN Gateway

small, OpenWRT-capable Linux computer [..] designed around an Atmel AT91SAM9G25 400 MHz CPU, and added some memory, Ethernet, and a CC2520 radio chip to handle the wireless side.

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Bending The New Amazon Dash Button To Your Will

Most Hackaday readers are familiar with the Amazon Dash button even if it has not yet made an appearance in their country or region. A WiFi enabled button emblazoned with a product logo, that triggers an Amazon order for that product when you press it. 321 more words

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Program AVR Using Arduino [Simplest Way!!]

Hey there.A long pause, and now am back again. This time, a really awesome tutorial for you. Advanced hobbyists like me (and you, of course 😉) love to play with microcontroller. 2,711 more words

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Microcontrollers now substitute for CPUs

Microcontrollers are getting faster and faster, as is most of the rest of the computing world. Just like you can play Nintendo console games on the newest Nintendo handhelds, it seems that modern microcontrollers can replace CPUs on personal computers from the 80s. 181 more words

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