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SAMD21G18A Sensor Board with Color OLED

SAMD21G18A Sensor Board with Color LED by Mike Rankin.  The design files are source code available on GitHub:


Here’s a video of the board:

Resurrecting a Psion Series 5 PDA

RasmusB on Hackaday.io is resurrecting a Psion Series 5 PDA:


Bringing a Psion Series 5 into this decade by replacing all the important bits.

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AVR Man and Wasteman

For those reading my previous post, I’m still alive! (And human!)

While I’m tinkering with various processors, one of my favorites is the Atmel microcontrollers. A while ago, they had some comicbook style hero called AVR Man and his nemesis Wasteman. 190 more words


Musical Toothbrush by Joe Grand

Hackaday wrote about a nifty hack by Joe Grand:

Toothbrush Plays Music That Doesn’t Suck

It’s not too exciting that has a toothbrush that plays music inside your head.

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Back to Blinky

In this post I describe the trials an tribulations of bringing up my Timed LED Lighting Controller and how I went about implementing my first I²C Slave Driver for the ATTiny20. 1,318 more words


Access hardware from userspace with mmap - Atmel SAMA5D3x programming mode case study

I was working with a device that used Atmel SAMA5D3x MCU. Sometimes the devices needed to be re-flashed which required putting the MCU to programming mode. 1,037 more words