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pockeTETRIS: compact Tetris clone using ATtiny85 and OLED

originally built pocketTETRIS as a Father’s Day gift for his Tetris-loving pops. However, having finished the project he’s decided to share it with the universe, and it’s looking rather sweet.

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Making USBasp Chinese Clones Usable

I don’t have any dedicated programmers. I have been programming Atmel chips using the USB-to-serial bitbang method.

Recently, I thought I’d get one because doing a re-programming cycle is taking quite a bit of time (a disadvantage of serial port bitbanging). 1,584 more words


Project: Robox - Servo Temperature Drift

In my previous post I talked about modifying the gearbox of a continuous servo motor so that it span faster, albeit with lower torque. Since then I have been fighting with a new issue that was proving to be a show stopper. 743 more words


ATXMega32E5 adapted for a breadboard

Nick Sayer of Geppetto Electronics on Tindie:

ATXMega32E5 breakout board

The ATXMega32E5 is the next step up for those experienced with the AVR series of microcontrollers from Microchip (formerly Atmel).

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Atmel ICE, JTAG and the ATmega32U4

Having spent a lot of time working with AVR microcontrollers I decided a number of years ago to invest in a dedicated In Circuit Emulator (ICE). 514 more words


Venturing into SMD

I’ve been an electronics hobbyist for years (they call these “makers” nowadays), but have always used PDIP and “normal” scale components for my work.

SMD or “surface mount devices” are tiny scale components that make for easier placing by machines, smaller PCBs, less wastage (i.e. 577 more words


Fabricating My First PCB

For a while, have been a follower of ShrimpingIt (http://start.shrimping.it/) and their incredibly simple design for using and programming an Atmel 328p, from the Arduino IDE. 688 more words