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Arduino freeRTOS

For a long time I have been using the AVR port of freeRTOS as the platform for my Arduino hardware habit. I’ve written (acquired, stolen, and corrupted) a plethora of different drivers and solutions for the various projects I’ve built over the last years. 1,616 more words

Binary Clock

For a while now I have fancied building a binary clock. A clock capable of showing the current time in binary format. Not only do they look great but you have the added bonus that most people probably wont have any idea what an earth they are looking at.  433 more words


UPDATED: DS1307 Library

The functions were moved to separate files in the DS1307tiny library.

The sample code in the ds1307tiny_test1 module looks cleaner now. The output should be something like this … 145 more words


Working with DS1307 Real-time Clock and ATtiny85 using USITWIX Library

Working with the DS1307 Serial Real-Time Clock using the USITWIX library for I2C / TWI on Atmel ATtiny85 / Tinusaur.

Let’s see how can we work with the… 269 more words


Working with BMP180 Pressure Sensor and ATtiny85 using USITWIX Library

In our previous post “USITWIX – Using UART as TWI / I2C” we looked at the USITWIX library that implements TWI / I2C communication between а   368 more words


Sistemas electrónicos embebidos tendencia con gran visión

Como estudiante de ingeniería electrónica es de vital importancia conocer las tendencias futuristas de diversos sistemas electrónicos que es lo que marcara el mercado y que podemos hacer como estudiantes para desarrollar las habilidades que nos demandara la amplia carrera de la ingeniería electrónica en este articulo se describirá una de las visiones que ya esta en pañales pero con un gran auge de crecimiento en la industria electrónica, grandes empresas como Microsoft, Apple e Intel lo denominan el… 983 more words