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ATtiny45 motion sensing night light

DanR has shared this motion sensing night light board:

ATtiny45 motion sensing night light V1.2 D

This light is powered by an ATtiny45/85 which powers on the 14 LED lights when motion is sensed and it is in a dark room.

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7 LED’s, 2 Pins – beat that, Charlieplexing

7 LED’s, 2 Pins – beat that, Charlieplexing

’s Dice10 is an exercise in minimalism.  upped the game by using just two GPIO pins to drive the seven LED’s for the dice

Mini Project: Porting RFM69 Library from Arduino to MBED

TLDR: Here is an RFM69 OOK library for MBED.

For an upcoming project I am using the RFM69 module by HopeRF.

The RFM69HW is a transceiver module capable of operation over a wide frequency range, including the 315, 433,868 and 915MHz license-free ISM (Industry Scientific and Medical) frequency bands.

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A surprising look at another eprom

Look. Recently I found this Microchip IC on an old printer pcb. It’s a 256k EPROM. 42 more words


DICE10: electronic dice controlled by two GPIO

Yay, another mini-project with the ATtiny10! A while ago I devised a scheme to drive an electronic dice with only two IO lines. I finally found the time and motivation to build up a small design using this as an entry for the hackaday 1k compo…

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jonmash designed this simple board with two ATTiny processors powered by a micro USB connector.





Micro USB power input to two ATTiny MCU’s. 85 more words

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BFuse: Electronic Fuse for Breadboard

Jakub Polonský created this solution to make breadboard prototyping safer for components:

BFuse – Electronic Fuse for Breadboard

adjustable and programmable electronic fuse especially designed for breadboards – a breadboard fuse, or BFuse…

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