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Building Super Small Linux Computers From Scratch

Conventional wisdom says small, powerful embedded Linux like the Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone, or the Intel Edison are inherently manufactured devices, and certainly not something the homebrew tinkerer can produce at home. 164 more words


Reduce IoT power consumption with Atmel SAM L21

One of the latest and most power-efficient 32-bit microcontroller options on the market today is Atmel’s new SAM L21 MCU family, specifically aimed at power-efficient battery powered devices in wireless sensor networks and the accelerating Internet-of-Things market. 1,019 more words


Project Nixie Tube Clock

I become interested in Nixie tubes after I bought a Netduino and tried out the ArduiNIX.  From that I decided to make my own Nixie Tube clock.   1,325 more words


Rebraining an LED Marquee with a Spark Trammell Hudson’Core

Wires? Where this LED scroller is going we don’t need wires. Well, except for power but everything needs power. The 90×7 LED marquee hangs over the entrance to NYC Resistor’s laser cutter room. 141 more words

Led Hacks

The 2015 Hackaday Prize calls hackers to save the world

Atmel is a proud sponsor of this year’s contest that looks to ‘make’ a difference in our world.

Want to go to space or grab $196,883? 607 more words

Makers Movement

The OWOWOD Library

OWOWOD is One Wire / One Way Output for Debugging library. It allows you to output text from the Tinusaur (ATtiny85 microcontroller or other similar), though USB-to-Serial or TTL converter (based on PL2303, CH340G or similar) and to the computer screen using COM port monitoring tool. 787 more words


Success burning Arduino Bootloader to ATMEL ATMEGA644-20PU

Sebi – YO5OQF was kind to give me two ATMEGA644-20PU after telling him that i would like to program via Arduino a larger DIP style microcontroller, with more IO pins to use it in a more complex transceiver. 411 more words