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DC Voltage Measurement using Atmel AVR Microcontrollers

Voltage measurements are easy tasks through a micro-controller. If you have the knowledge of ADC’s then you can easily measure the voltage. There are lot of blogs present on the internet explaining ADC’s. 496 more words

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AVR Programming with Atmel MCUs using Arduino – I/O Operations

Please read following article before you begin.

Now you know about ports and Data Direction Register (DDR) from the last tutorial and you know how to give an output through port pins. 820 more words


AVR Programming with Atmel MCUs using Arduino – Introduction to First Program

If you’re a good Arduino programmer, you may know how to program an Arduino board with it’s libraries. In Arduinos also, there are Atmel MCUs. You’re doing is programming those MCUs using libraries that has provided by Arduino IDE. 702 more words


New Part Day: Tiny, Tiny Bluetooth Chips

The future of tiny electronics is wearables, it seems, with companies coming out with tiny devices that are able to check your pulse, blood pressure, and temperature while relaying this data back to your phone over a Bluetooth connection. 249 more words


ATtiny85 and ESP8266 - do you really need that?

Yes, why not. And here is what I did …

(this will be series of posts about what I did with ATtiny85/Tinusaur and… 286 more words



Stock Metrics

  • Current Price: $8.00
  • Industry: Semiconductor
  • Market Cap: 3.4 Billion
  • Average Daily Volume: 7.8 Million
  • Average True Range: $.38
  • Beta: 1.89
  • Short Float: 3.14%
  • 237 more words
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Goldilocks Analogue - Testing 4


I’ve been working on the Goldilocks Analogue now for so long that its been the centerpiece of my coding evenings for the past 18 months. 2,404 more words