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SAMD21G Sensor Board with Color OLED

Assembly instructions on Mike Rankin’s blog:

SAMD21G Sensor Board with Color Oled

Design files and source are available on GitHub:


This Sensor Board is yet another variation of another one on my site.

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Moving Beyond Arduino Part 2

Now that you see some of the advantages of using a development platform I’ll show some basic example code using the ATMEGA328PB Xplained-Mini dev board.  First, I’ll go over reading the datasheet and extracting the information that matters to you.   3,169 more words


Writing Code for the ATtiny10

I previously wrote about the hardware aspects of getting your code into an ATtiny10 some 7 years ago (wow that was realllyy a long time ago!). 1,670 more words


Moving Beyond Arduino Part 1

For many people coding on the Arduino, and all of it’s variants (Mega, Zero, Micro, etc), is enough for their needs.  For others, it’s a great stepping stone but is extremely limiting and is to high level.   1,410 more words


Workshop: Assembling the Tinusaur Kit in Varna, Bulgaria

This Saturday, September 2nd, we will have one day workshop for assembling the Tinusaur kits for those who supported our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. It will take place in Varna, Bulgaria, our host will be VarnaLab – the local hackerspace.

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pockeTETRIS: compact Tetris clone using ATtiny85 and OLED

originally built pocketTETRIS as a Father’s Day gift for his Tetris-loving pops. However, having finished the project he’s decided to share it with the universe, and it’s looking rather sweet.

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Making USBasp Chinese Clones Usable

I don’t have any dedicated programmers. I have been programming Atmel chips using the USB-to-serial bitbang method.

Recently, I thought I’d get one because doing a re-programming cycle is taking quite a bit of time (a disadvantage of serial port bitbanging). 1,584 more words