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jonmash designed this simple board with two ATTiny processors powered by a micro USB connector.





Micro USB power input to two ATTiny MCU’s. 85 more words

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BFuse: Electronic Fuse for Breadboard

Jakub Polonský created this solution to make breadboard prototyping safer for components:

BFuse – Electronic Fuse for Breadboard

adjustable and programmable electronic fuse especially designed for breadboards – a breadboard fuse, or BFuse…

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Custom Data Writer Board For 1996 Plane's GPS

recently bought a Cessna 150 that contained an old IFR-certified GPS from 1996, the KLN89B. The GPS unit contains a database which by law has to be kept up-to-date for IFR flight. 468 more words


Low power Arduino Pro Mini board

Max.K created this Arduino Pro Mini compatible development board for low power applications:

LP Mini

ideal for data logging over extended periods of time [..] can run for months or even years on a coin cell…

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Minifigure Atmel SAMD21 Board

Benjamin Shockley designed this adorable Atmel SAMD21 dev board in the shape of Lego mini-figures!

This circuit board was designed as a fun project for a SAMD21E microcontroller based development board.

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Building an ATmega328 uploader

Carlos of GlowSaber wrote a great blog post on how we built an AVR programmer shield:

Building an ATmega328 uploader

As I learned more about Arduino, I realized that it is possible to redesign the GlowSaber around the ATmega328 chip [..] I designed an Arduino Shield that can be used to burn the bootloader and upload programs to an ATmega328 chip.

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Arduino Pro Trinket Bubble Display

davedarko wrote in his LED displays on Arduinos – a collection project log on hackaday.io:

Arduino Pro Trinket – bubble display

With 4 of HP QDSP-6064 bubble displays in a drawer I felt ready to do something with them and the “Clocks for Social Good” – call on…

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