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Elon Musk: Climate change will exacerbate refugee crises, motivation for change lies in humanity's future

Tesla (and Space X CEO, Solar City Chairman) CEO Elon Musk made some important remarks yesterday at the “Business for Tomorrow” summit at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy yesterday. 218 more words


SPACE: Progress Failure Puts Burden on Upcoming Resupply Missions

WASHINGTON — Jeff Foust writes: The failure of a Russian Progress spacecraft to deliver cargo to the International Space Station is unlikely to have a significant near-term effect on station operations, but will place a greater burden on upcoming resupply missions and could alter the cargo those missions carry. 526 more words

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HAARP AND NEW TECHNOLOGIES THAT AFFECT HUMAN BEHAVIOUR . . . readable and understandable for busy people! ~J

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Final follow up article dealing with Tesla and the Shumann Resonance effect

Note: This article is the property of Consumer Health.org or you can find it at; 5,202 more words


[VIDEO] Holiday Lights On the Sun

Sun’s Solar Flares Captured on NASA Video

The sun emitted a significant solar flare, peaking at 7:24 p.m. EST on Dec. 19, 2014. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, which watches the sun constantly, captured an image of the event. 38 more words

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The HAARP Report: North Pacific Low Pressure Killed [by HAARP] part 1 on 9/23/14

Published on Sep 24, 2014
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This shows a very large, powerful, low pressure system, BEFORE it was attacked, and destroyed by the big Alaska Haarp transmitter. 324 more words


The northern lights are displayed over the city of Tromso in northern Norway

The northern lights, aurora borealis, are displayed over the city of Tromso in northern Norway. Many clear skies this autumn have produced many spectacular displays of this natural phenomena so far this year. 24 more words