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Breaking through the surface

Do you remember how it was to be completely under water for the last time? I can remember. Everything slows down, everything is silent and wonderful and in peace or pieces, depending on the situation. 245 more words


5018 - Attack On Vanquish

It is a dark and crowded spacecraft, inside it there are 20 soldiers fully armed. There is a soldier in specific that stands out, this soldier is pressed against the wall of said spacecraft he has on his helmet A-9, he keeps looking at his gun and back at the ETA of their flight, the mission is very simple, conquer the space station Vanquish on Jupiter, most soldiers keep talking to each other while anxiously waiting for their arrival. 2,294 more words


Living in the Universe

The arc of a rainbow and the arc of a fire sprinkler are both the result of gravity on an extraterrestrial level.

We really are living among the stars.

Nature Photography

Water plays a major role for our planet, not only at the surface, but in the atmosphere too |

Water plays a major role for our planet not only in its liquid form at the surface.
In the atmosphere too, it considerably affects our lives as well as weather and… 109 more words


The Misadventures Of A Seafaring Lookout

“The motor changes rhythm constantly, keeping us in perpetual uncertainty: at any moment it may stop forever. The current is becoming wilder, more capricious. It’s all absurd, and I’ll never understand why I set out on this enterprise.

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