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Trattoria da Enzo

Not far from the city center, in the quiet yet cosy Großneumarkt area, is Trattoria da Enzo, also referred to as the most authentic Italian in Hamburg. 181 more words


When did the stars lose their magic?

I wish I could still see the beauty of the night,

Instead of the emptiness of house windows and the desolation of pavements.

I wish I could find the halogen streetlights enchanting, 61 more words

Mutiny in Space: Why These Skylab Astronauts Never Flew Again

What happens when humans spend more than 84 days in space? One time, they just took a day off.

On this day in 1974, the last Skylab mission finished. 74 more words


Juno Will Stay in Current Orbit Around Jupiter

NASA has decided to leave the Juno spacecraft in its current 53-day orbit around Jupiter for the remainder of the mission. The decision follows the discovery of a possible engine malfunction in October 2016. 44 more words


Be Self-Conscious

Ya know how culture is always telling us not to be self-conscious or ashamed?

“Be bold and confident!

Don’t be ashamed of how you look or act! 196 more words