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Diamond Rain?

Scientists are exploring the idea that diamonds rain down from the skies on Saturn and Jupiter. Methane exists in abundance in the atmospheres of these planets, and lighting storms turn this methane into soot (which is pure carbon). 148 more words


Planet-sized 'waves' spotted in the Sun's atmosphere 


The Sun’s ghostly glow highlights spots in its atmosphere where material simmers at 1.5 million kelvin.

Huge ripples in Earth’s atmosphere called Rossby waves help to steer the planet’s jet streams and weather patterns. 778 more words



At the searing edge of the stratosphere
Seeing everything for its worth
In its boredom and endless and screaming lure
With serendipity at the touch of those who lost… 68 more words

US scientists launch world's biggest solar geoengineering study

Research programme will send aerosol injections into the earth’s upper atmosphere to study the risks and benefits of a future solar tech-fix for climate change


Dragon Breathing Darkness

Time to put the bird-watching book aside and write a dragon-watching book, I think!


Sunrise in Finland

I couldn’t sleep last night, so I was able to see the sunrise this morning. These pictures are a sort of time-lapse of it. Note how the sun rises in the last few pictures, at an angle.