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November 16

Warm temperatures, humid, partly cloudy, and a high chance of rain.

The rainfall radar animation, above, shows that current activity is centered over the main island. 72 more words

November 9

The storm line to the south has moved closer, leading to a rainier forecast today!

Both the colorized infrared satellite and the the sea surface analysis show the encroaching clouds to south. 82 more words

November 8

The colorized infrared satellite imagery shows that the line of cloud cover we’ve seen south of Fiji is encroaching.

Upper air winds are coming almost directly out of the west, which could steer some of the cloud cover over the islands. 133 more words

November 7

Today will be another humid and warm day across Fiji, with a high chance of some rainfall!

The vertical atmospheric sounding shows the surface temperature and dew point are nearly the same, which indicates a layer of fog over the islands. 142 more words

November 6

Today will continue on with the wet and warm spring!

The current rainfall radar shows quite a bit of activity over the outlying islands and the nearby oceans. 74 more words

November 5

Today will be partly cloudy, temperatures around 25˚C (77˚F), and have a decent chance of rain.

The two images shown are the colorized infrared satellite imagery followed by the atmospheric sounding. 136 more words

November 2

Fiji is rolling into November with a fairly clear and sunny day.

There is currently scattered rain around the islands visible in the radar animation below. 150 more words