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Action 767 - how many heroes can fit inside Superman?

Death hovers in Action 767 (July 2000), as Kelly, Lopez and Alquiza conclude the Critical Condition story arc.  The Atom, Steel, Superboy and Supergirl have been reduced and entered the body of Superman, removing and fighting and kryptonite poisoning.  124 more words

Action Comics

Week 14 - Presentation: Our Poster

This week, the as a team we presented the poster for our game. Yaseen was the lead designer for the poster but was not there during the presentation of the poster. 83 more words


1932 Discovery of the Neutron

  • The neutron was discovered by Chadwick
  • The Curies bombarded Beryllium with Alpha particles, and uncharged radiation came off. They assumed the uncharged radiation was Gamma particles, and shot these particles at wax, which spat out protons.
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1913 Bohr

  • Used Planck’s energy quanta to support and explain why the orbiting electrons don’t lose energy and crash into Rutherford’s nucleus
  • Bohr hypothesized that electrons absorb and radiate energy to move up or down one orbital distance to another…
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1911 Rutherford's Atom

  • Rutherford, who was J.J. Thomson’s student, wanted to test the distribution of electrons in Thomson’s Plum Pudding Model of the atom
  • He shot alpha particles at a thin gold foil, expecting the alpha particles to slightly deviate from their paths as they encountered electrons…
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1897 Discovery of the electron

  • J.J. Thomsom is credited with the discovery of the electron
  • 1/3 speed of light, negative charge
  • A glow can be seen on the negative electrode of a tube with a current running through it…
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1858 the Sketch of a Course of Chemical Philosophy

  • Written by Cannizzaro
  • Reinforces the distinction between atomic and molecular weights
  • Uses hydrogen atom, as opposed to the hydrogen molecule, as the unit of reference…
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