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Cavs enter unpredictable draft without knowing LeBron's fate

It’s been said that playing in the spotlight of LeBron James is hard. But draft night without any indication one way or another on LeBron’s free agency fate won’t be any easier for the Cleveland Cavaliers. 349 more words

LeBron James

Report: Sixers calling teams about 'high lottery selections'

The recent rumblings which point to the Philadelphia 76ers having interest in moving up from No. 10 in Thursday’s NBA draft are picking up steam. 357 more words


Is Pointillism the Best Art Technique?

Pointillism is a technique that is not often seen in modern art practices. Its younger sibling stippling has become somewhat popular among ink artist but the technique itself remains relatively obscure. 288 more words


Doris Burke: LeBron doesn't want to be a full-time Point Forward

Remember during this past Cavs season when LeBron James would start at point guard in what felt like every other night? Well, it appears that we might not see it next year, at least if James has his way. 284 more words

LeBron James

Reports: Kawhi Leonard and Gregg Popovich have 'good meeting'

If you’ve read this site before, you know about the drama that unfolded in Cleveland known as Keeping Up With The Kavs. And in the other planetary systems of the NBA orbiting LeBron James’ free agent decision is another key storyline of the NBA universe: Popovich Rules. 373 more words

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Stephen A. Smith: Chris Paul telling people LeBron wants to be a Laker

Whispers from the Banana Boat squad don’t sound too good for the Houston Rockets. Despite Chris Paul’s best efforts, he’s been telling people LeBron James wants to join the Los Angeles Lakers, … 318 more words

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