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Fisikawan Bongkar “Ruang Teori” yang Geometris

Oleh: Natalie Wolchover
23 Februari 2017
Sumber: Quanta Magazine

Metode berumur puluhan tahun bernama “bootstrap” memungkinkan penemuan-penemuan baru mengenai geometri yang mendasari semua teori quantum. 2,762 more words


Celebrities Are Obsessed with Yellow Sunglasses This Season

When something is in, it’s often in in a big way. This season, that thing is yellow sunglasses. All of our favorite celebrities are wearing them and we expect that obsession to last into summer. 187 more words


My php/WordPress snippets for Atom.io

Atom.io is a very cool IDE. I use this tool for some micro sites where “phpStorm” is redundant.

For snippets I use very good package… 22 more words


03-24. Corundum #6

Corundum slipping out of the box!  From a resource by W. Zachariasen.

Applied Sciences


Embossing is a type of printmaking that does not involve any ink. It is essentially when you create a design using something like linoleum and carving into it. 176 more words

Where Creativity Works


03-23. Corundum #5

After a structural investigation of alpha-Al2O3 by  Ishizawa, Miyata, Minato, Marumo & Iwai. The arrangement of the atoms is so well composed – Nature does create perfect geometry!

Applied Sciences

Steve Smith Sr. is none too pleased with his side of broccoli

Former Carolina Panthers and Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. spent his career as one of the toughest receivers in the game, finishing with 1,031 receptions, 14,731 yards and 81 touchdowns. 125 more words