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Love story

I walk aside, I don’t want to wake the dogs.
I turn the pages one by one,
they make the sound of dry leaves falling. 399 more words


What's inside an Atom?

Thanks to Ernest Rutherford, our species came to know what an atom consists of. An atom is the fundamental thing of any matter in our universe. 665 more words


Adventures of Superman 548 - secrets revealed and not

Lots of interesting little scenes in Adventures of Superman 548 (July 1997), by Kesel, Immonen and Marzan.

The story begins as an epilogue to Superman and the Atom’s visit to Kandor.  135 more words

DC Comics

Adventures of Superman 547 - Superman and the Atom in Kandor

Kesel, Immonen and Marzan send Superman into the bottle city of Kandor, with the Atom as his travelling companion in Adventures of Superman 547 (June 1997). 149 more words

DC Comics

On Life, Death & Atoms...

Sometimes, lots of atoms assemble into thinking, feeling, watery entities. Then, later, after constantly obtaining, manipulating, and discarding matter/energy to grow, develop (and sometimes replicate), these squishy thinkers drift back to their original, free form. 130 more words



I’m not doing anything lately,
I just sit on the shore catching butterflies with a net,
then display on the wall the most beautiful of them all. 119 more words