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Daniel Ellsberg's The Doomsday Machine

In 1961, the philosopher Bertrand Russell said President John F. Kennedy and Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, because of their commitment to nuclear weapons, were worse than Adolf Hitler.. 1,634 more words

War And Peace

My next writing project

For the past two years I have been working on researching my paternal grandfather and his work on the Manhattan Project. In reality, I have been working on this since my tenth birthday, when what I knew about my Dad and his parents, and the world they inhabited, began to change. 1,036 more words


Trinity by Louisa Hall

Trinity by Louisa Hall. October 16, 2018. Ecco, 336 p. ISBN: 9780062851963.  Int Lvl: AD; Rdg Lvl: AD.

From the acclaimed author of Speak comes a kaleidoscopic novel about Robert Oppenheimer—father of the atomic bomb—as told by seven fictional characters… 809 more words


Hiroshima: Why America Dropped the Atomic Bomb - Book Review

Originally Published on Videri.org

Ronald Takaki’s book Hiroshima: Why America Dropped the Bomb explores the decision-making process that led up to America’s use of nuclear weapons against Japan in World War II. 261 more words

United States History


these days I dream mostly about atomic bombs and solar flares, with maybe the odd radioactive meltdown thrown in for good measure (don’t want Chernobyl to feel left out), and so I’ve gotten pretty used to that hot white flare and the instantaneous incineration which follows, after all I’ve got a decent imagination and I bet I’ve died a hundred times in this particular apocalypse, so many times in fact that it’s gotten so I’m not even that scared anymore, really, I see the light on the horizon and I’m just like Oh, okay, here we go again, and then in more or less the same second I’m decimated, annihilated, exterminated, all those good long verbs you hope can’t ever be applied to your physical form, but it turns out they don’t actually hurt too much so that’s some good news, yeah? 77 more words


Billingham & The Atom Age

During WWII Billingham was one of the sites chosen for the world’s first atomic weapons project codenamed Tube Alloys. Development work for the top secret project took place at Billingham and a number of shadow factories in the Teesside area. 64 more words


The Atomic Bombing of Japan, Reconsidered | Mises Wire

In the summer of 1945, President Harry Truman found himself searching for a decisive blow against the Empire of Japan. Despite the many Allied victories during 1944 and 1945, Truman believed Emperor Hirohito would urge his generals to fight on. 6 more words