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Aton is Today's Religious Topic of the Day (03/09/15)

Taken from the Merriam-Webster’s Encyclopedia of World Religions

Here is a dose of daily religion from A to Z.

Today’s religious topic is as follows: 399 more words


Free 2015 Coast Guard Light List

The U.S. Coast Guard has just released the 2015 Light Lists in PDF format for all volumes except Volume V (Volume V is only published in even years).  373 more words

Boating Safety

The City of Bataar 1

Bataar is the largest above ground city on Aton. You can buy almost anything that is to be had there. It has come into its own, a place where the forced integration of its inhabitants has left them feeling more loyal to the city that their respective racial states. 432 more words


History of Aton, part 1

The history of Aton is traditionally divided into several Ages. These are: The Age of Gods, The Fall, The Age of Heroes, The Time of Betrayal, The Age of Kings, The Age of Darkness, The Age of Men, The Unjust Rise, The Age of Monsters and the Age of War. 560 more words


Elves, part 1

The Elves, called the Highborn, the Timeless Ones, the Favored, are leaving the world. Once the most powerful and far-reaching race on Aton, they have pulled back to a few enclaves. 425 more words


Excerpt from the Book of Harrion

I, Harrion, lowest in my father’s house and youngest of his sons, do prophecy to those who would have ears to listen and a mind to understand. 617 more words


The Oshim of Malak-Dur

Oshim are Half-Orcs. In generations past, Humans and Orcs met almost exclusively either on the battlefield or when exploring the world between their territories. Generally, Orcs didn’t visit Human cities, and Humans didn’t visit the encampments of the nomadic Orcs. 1,488 more words