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Landmine Grows Up and Realizes that She was a Monumental Asshole

Or at least I was at one time in my life.

The goal for now, is integrating all of the fractured facets of my personality into a whole, that — hopefully — is better than the sum of its parts. 2,861 more words

Should Jesus determine our view of God?

Ted Grimsrud—May 26, 2015

The question of how to understand the peaceable message of Jesus in relation to less than peaceable pictures of God in the Bible and in the Christian tradition has challenged ethically concerned people of faith almost since the very beginning. 1,392 more words

Biblical Theology

1 Nephi 20: On why we Insist on Making Life Harder for Ourselves

When we don’t follow the council of the Lord, whether that be his council to everyone, or the personal council he gives us individually through revelation, we make life harder for ourselves. 280 more words


One of my foster brothers was sent to prison for killing a police officer during the getaway from a robbery at a 7-11. While he was in prison, a former gang member killed him for something he had done before they went to prison. 779 more words


Love The Lamb

NOTE: One of our brand new Christians (Jeff Wiant) has an extensive music background.  He has written a song, “Live Like Jesus,” that we will be learning at Bear Valley very soon (Kathy Petrillo is doing the musical note composition for his melody now).   312 more words


A Pentecost Reflection

What is atonement?

The “traditional” which is actually not traditional, but modern (according to Richard Rohr), view (of many Evangelicals and Baptists) of atonement is that something has gone horribly wrong with creation and now God can’t bear to look at us, we can’t come near Him, in His presence, because we are “covered in sin.”  Although, at the same time, he wants to “have a relationship with us” he wants us to be “restored” so that we can “come boldly into his presence” and be with Him for eternity.  1,629 more words

Reading The Bible And Thoughts On Faith

#inspiration - Keep On Trying

In His mercy, God promises forgiveness when we repent and turn from wickedness–so much so that our sins will not even be mentioned to us. For us, because of the Atonement of Christ and our repentance, we can look at our past deeds and say, “’Twas I; but ’tis not I.” No matter how wicked, we can say, “That’s who I was.

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Jesus Christ