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Unashamed of the Gospel

Kevin Hughes Sermon

Presented to the Richard Atkin Memorial Church pm 01/29/2016

“Paul’s Theology”

A Series on Romans

Part I.


Just as Paul begins the book of Romans with a little introduction (you see Paul didn’t actually know most of the Church at Rome), so too we will begin with a brief introduction to our series. 2,772 more words

Under a big sky


Do we need our own faults to see
Must we ever be flawed
Can we ever admit to failures

Schultz made a life of reverse religion… 69 more words


Good Morning February 5

When one thinks about the execution of Jesus, the question arises about who was responsible for His killing? Was it the Jews? Was it the Romans? 187 more words

Good Morning

"Quilted" Theology

My grandmother is passionate about one thing (besides her family and the Lord): quilting.

She is a “master sewer”, a “quilting fiend”, one might say. She knows how to put together a quilt that reflects the personality of the recipient, a quilt that has tremendous significance and sentimental value, as well as a quilt that reflects her own personal ability and crafts-“woman”-ship. 489 more words



For my book challenge, I had to select a book that takes place in the summer. A quick Goodreads search lead me to Atonement, yet another book I own but have never read. 237 more words


Take your sin to Christ. He has made atonement for sin.

Leviticus 1:1-2:16
Jesus Christ, ‘the Lamb without blemish’, has ‘made atonement’ for sin through the shedding of His ‘precious blood’(1:3-5; 1 Peter 1:18-19). This offering of Christ – He ‘loved us and gave Himself up for us’- is ‘a pleasing odour to the Lord’, ‘a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God’(1:9,13,17; Ephesians 5:2). 343 more words

Holy Spirit

Becoming New

from the January Chimes Call

It is exciting to become something new, and God is indeed taking two congregations and making us new. But change is sometimes difficult and even painful. 526 more words