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How to deal with sleep problems

Ever since I got into TSW, my sleep has been horrible. I’ve never been a morning person and have always liked sleeping until about 11 a.m. 1,153 more words

Atopic Dermatitis

3 yr 8 month


First off, I AM SO SORRY! I have become one of those Topical Steroid Withdrawal bloggers who got better and fell off the surface of the blog. 111 more words


9 months topical steroid withdrawal

I’m taking a higher dose of Neoral (250 mg a day) for a little longer than a month now. As you might have read in my previous post: after a week or so, my skin had gotten so much better! 418 more words

Atopic Dermatitis


Brief discussion about  diseases :

  1. Allergic rhinitis
  2. Atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis
  3. Pediatric asthma (5–11 years of age)

Can includePathophysiology

  • Epidemiology
  • Physical exam findings
  • Differential diagnoses and rationale…
  • 18 more words
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Essential Oils for Hyper pigmentation, Sun Spots, Eczema and Skin Blemishes

Asides from the gruesome eczema my daughter has, she also has hyper pigmentation due to the eczema, scratching, and sun exposure. Through trial and error and a lot of research, I came across… 268 more words

Atopic Dermatitis

Product Review (Products I have Used)

Part 1

After much research over the web, talking to doctors, researching on my own I came up with a product bag which stores all the products that are effective in battling my daughter’s eczema. 327 more words

Atopic Dermatitis

My Battle with My Daughter's Eczema

Eczema is no easy battle to tackle. Countless hours of research, doctor visits, and sleepless nights because I feel so sad and worried about my daughter’s scratching and uneasiness. 222 more words

Atopic Dermatitis