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Warning: a few very real and somewhat graphic photos ahead

“Tomorrow. Tomorrow. I love ya… tomorrow,” like the little orphan Annie I’m very hopeful for my future. 634 more words

The Eczema Experience

7 Months (2 Weeks Moisture Withdrawal)


To state I am in hell is an understatement. I am now 7 months into TSW and 2 weeks into Moisture Withdrawal. 1,084 more words

Topical Steroid Withdrawal

Bio organic & natural nature inspired body lotion review


I know I didn’t post anything for over a while.I wasn’t keeping well,courtesy the weird monsoon over here.Humid weather took a toll on me. 647 more words


6.5 Months and Moisture Withdrawal

6.5 Months

I feel I have hit a wall. I kept having the same day over and over again as if in a dream. I’d wake up, take my bath and take all the crust and skin off to find that by the end of the day, the crust was back. 874 more words

Topical Steroid Withdrawal

Eczema – The Dry Skin Condition

What is eczema?
Eczema is a type of chronic skin inflammation also known as atopic dermatitis. The term eczema applies to various skin conditions including dryness and recurring skin rashes. 307 more words

WooHoo 6 Months

Unreal! 6 months! I told my husband I wanted to get food and celebrate, but what a strange thing to celebrate?… I don’t really want to celebrate that I’ve been going through hell for 6 months and have no end in sight, but, I do want to celebrate my resolve. 354 more words

Topical Steroid Withdrawal

5.5 Months of the Merry Go Round

At this point in time, I don’t see much progress. I’m at a slight stand still. It’s tiring, but I just have to keep going. Topical Steroid Withdrawal gives you no rest. 531 more words

Topical Steroid Withdrawal