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Motherhood differs from parenthood. Women grow that thing in their stomach and then push them out in a dramatic, painful, amazing way. I am not taking away from the dads out there, you also deal with things that we as moms do not… but we’re fucking the best. 430 more words


Reflections on the A to Z Challenge. Simply That, or A New WIP? #AtoZchallenge

“When a challenge is completed then see it not as a task accomplished, but as an achievement through perseverance an endeavour.” The Amanuensis. 1,096 more words


Lies I've Told

I’m a liar, but let’s be honest, so are you.

If you told me you’re not a fibber, I wouldn’t believe you. I consider myself to be a bit of a recovering liar, I’ve become way more truthful in my thirties, but these little ones always seem to skate by. 338 more words


Belated A to Z Reflections

Well as I started The A to Z Blogging Challenge late, I’d like to think that it is fitting to post my reflections a week late too. 290 more words

April AtoZ

The Mystery Mania

I have been nominated for Mystery Blogger Award by Anshu from First Time Mommy. Thanks, Anshu for nominating my blog and following my stories all through April. 622 more words


I’m an openly kind person, I view people as people and it really is that simple.

There are people in my life who put up with my wackiness. 453 more words