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Tennis Life article one- Tennis in 5 years

Tennis life Friday 31st of July-

Tennis in 5 years

Hello and welcome to tennis life. This article will come out every week and will have a different topic to do with tennis. 584 more words



There are many types of Roger Federer fans. Probably the largest contingent is the general tennis fan who likes Roger’s game and playing style. This group doesn’t follow the tennis calendar religiously but they watch the Grand Slams and maybe even the odd Masters and ATP 500 if it happens to show up while they are switching through TV channels. 2,294 more words

Sam Crenshaw: A Summer Of Learning For Tech's Eubanks

By Sam Crenshaw / 92-9 The Game Analyst

Across the country college student athletes have spent the last two months working on improvements. It doesn’t matter what sport, they have been seeking ways to get stronger, faster, bigger or leaner. 513 more words


Roger Federer and the dreamiest picture ever

Instead of letting all those old magazines in the basement collect dust, @StephintheUS decided to make Twitter magic this week by posting old shots of embarrassing covers, inserts, pictures and ads from the heyday of tennis magazines. 205 more words


Magnus Norman on French Open feelings & a coach's most important job

Interview with Magnus Norman by Sebastian Güstafsson for SweTennis.

A week has gone by since Stan Wawrinka hit the winning point and won the French Open.  435 more words


Is the Andy Murray lob shot the best in Tennis?

Every player on the tour has their own strengths and weaknesses even the top player in the world have weaknesses but one of the shots of which is just truly incredible is the Murray lob shot. 262 more words