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Partnership on AI: Tech Giants Unite to Develop Synthetic Intelligence for Humanity

This is an interesting article. It reports that five of the biggest tech companies joined forces for the advancement of AI technology, which will likely push development forward at an otherwise impossible rate – their goal is to make it fair, inclusive, and (most importantly) ethical. 131 more words


Verizon Latest Carrier Ending Free iPhone 7 Trade In Promotion

Verizon said it would stop giving customers a free iPhone 7 for a trade in of an older model after Friday, leaving Sprint as the only carrier still offering the hot promotion. 292 more words


Here's Why AT&T Internet Customers Won't Pay Extra for Privacy Anymore

AT&T is ending a controversial program that charged extra to high-speed Internet customers if they didn’t agree to let the carrier track their online activity to sell targeted advertising. 312 more words


AT&T Ends Snooping Program, Stops Charging Internet Users Extra For Privacy

AT&T offers GigaPower subscribers in several cities two options: pay $70 for your connection and get your data snooped on, or keep your privacy and pay $99. 507 more words

4K Brings Exclusive Concerts to Life in Your Living Room on the AUDIENCE Network

Looking for something to do on a Friday night? Check out a concert, right in your living room! 246 more words


Op- Ed: Call if you can, text if you can’t (but not yet)

Yesterday, Brunswick County, NC launched text-to-911, the system that allows 911 dispatch centers to receive text messages. According to the latest figures from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), text-to-911 is only currently available on a limited basis in a few locations across the country. 681 more words


Yahoo, AT&T Users Report Trouble Changing Password After Security Breach

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — When Yahoo announced last week it had suffered a massive security breach that compromised 500 million accounts, the company advised customers to immediately change their passwords. 390 more words