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I never thought getting
Attached was my thing, but lately,
I’ve been finding myself sitting
At a corner and thinking of
All the people I’ve played with, 56 more words

Can TRIRIGA send BIRT reports via email?

We are improving our communication to the customer when we retire Work Tasks. We would like to email the BIRT report for the Work Task as an attachment. 64 more words


Because I always wanted to be the only one

Dear you,
I am devastated. A friend¬†of mine was sitting next to me on the bus today. I could tell she wasn’t ok so I just asked “are you ok?” that simple question resulted in her crying saying she felt like a slut, stupid, dumb, shit and awful. 262 more words

Dear You

What's It Like With No Family?

Dear you,
I was thinking this afternoon about what it’s like to live without contact with my family at my age.

The first thing that came to my mind was, It’s possible, freeing, eye opening, independent, disappointing and more expensive. 317 more words

Dear You

Dear Mum,

I think our relationship was doomed from the very beginning.
If you had dealt with the abuse you suffered at the hands of your brothers and mother we may have had a chance. 184 more words

Dear You

If You Loved Me You Wouldn't Have Hit Me.

Dear you,

I have been in a physically abusive relationship.
No I didn’t go out with someone abusive. No my father didn’t abuse me.
I lived in a house where my brother constantly hit me and beat me up and pinned me down. 213 more words

Dear You

Ceramic Pinch Pot Monsters by the Eastenders and Skylights

In this project the students were taught how to create a pinch pot. Once their pot was complete, they turned it on it’s side and made it into a monster! 69 more words