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Tzav - Command (Attach)

This week’s Torah Reading is called Tzav – Command. It is also Shabbos Hagodal – The Great Shabbos, the Shabbos before Passover.  Guess what we will be busy doing?  243 more words

Secrets From Mt. Sinai

Missing the "Save and Close" option in the TRIRIGA Reserve iCal notification

Testing Reserve after upgrading the platform to and we noticed that the iCal attachments no longer have the “Save and Close” option. We only see “Delete” and “No Response Required” options now. 16 more words


IV70754: Floor label is duplicated when attaching the gross area

When attaching the Gross Area and Measured Gross Area on some drawings, the Floor label that appears upon attachment gets duplicated. Attach the Gross Area after attaching the drawing to a Floor. 84 more words


Can anyone help with CI space integration?

I am a MicroStation V8i user with CAD Integrator I have created my space shapes in CAD on their appropriate layers and am ready to integrate them to the application (10.2, platform 3.4.1). 128 more words


Having an issue with publishing to a new application definition in CI

I’m following the instructions on creating a new application definition and I’m having trouble publishing an attached drawing to the object. This is what I’ve done so far: (1) Created mapping records for triBuilding which is similar to the OOB mapping except that it also maps Area 1 to triTotalAreaOccupiedNU (this is editable), (2) Created a new node that points to the OOB Property mapping. 117 more words


An aerialist attached a GoPro to his foot and the results are mesmerizing

Aerialists deserve so much more credit than they receive. This looks way more intense when seen from a closer perspective.