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Model service create method vs new operator

When we try to create a new instances of an item type programmatically, we have two options, using the java way, using new operator or the hybris way, using the model service. 81 more words


Having an issue with locations in TRIRIGA CAD Integrator

In CAD Integrator, I execute the command IBM TRIRIGA > Attach > Smart Attach. In the right part of the form, the Smart Attach locations aren’t being displayed. 22 more words


Having an issue with automatic field population in CI

I have an issue regarding creating or “Smart Attaching” new space records in CAD Integrator. I have a fairly new installation of TRIRIGA and CAD Integrator. 162 more words


Sweet Love

I will keep you save,

I will turn my gaze;

of love only to you.

I will hold you anytime,

I ask you to remind, 36 more words


SQL Server DBA : Move (database) log files to another drive

I have recently encountered a situation where I had to move the log files of a database to a different drive.

Here is the code to move the file to a different drive. 70 more words


How do you query data that is attached to a CAD drawing?

Customers often need to generate reports to look for detached drawings and to do it manually in CAD is exhaustive. Is there a way to query data from attached CAD drawings, for instance to determine if a record is attached or detached from a particular drawing? 62 more words