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This is me basically going crazy.
I have been noticing that I am going crazy, down the rabbit hole.
A black hole.
I see myself going down this hole and I don’t want to stop myself. 488 more words


Attach four fans and eight batteries to your iPad for only $150 today

(Source: www.theverge.com)

iPads don’t have cooling fans, which seems to make sense, given that iPads don’t really generate a lot of heat and fans are kind of bulky and loud. 232 more words


Don’t sleepwalk, walk in awareness…

A placebo is a fake drug on which a patient recovers because the doctor has said enthusiastically, “This is the latest drug for your condition. It is excellent, very effective with no side-effects.” A nocebo is a real drug on which the patient finds no easing of symptoms because the doctor has sort of hinted that it won’t have much of an effect but why not try it? 715 more words

Cricut Basics Mini Series: Attach

So you’ve purchased a Cricut die cutting machine. You did the research and watched so many videos on YouTube that your eyes are going to fall out. 1,001 more words

Design Space

Clear out Confusion on Add, Attach, Create DbSet Methods.

With Sberry, let’s dive in to clear out the confusion around the Add, Attach and Entry, Create and New methods of DbSet and DbContext of Entity framework. 592 more words


Tuesday 24th October: from embryo transfer

So it has been 5 days and there has been a bit of cramping, especially on day 1, but no spotting. This can be good news or bad news! 229 more words


Attach Their Desires To You | Mind Persuasion

Everybody (yes, even you!) has unlimited wants and needs. The secret to getting anybody to do anything is take whatever you want them to do and put it through the lens of those unlimited wants and needs.