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Will the West wake up or does it have a death wish?

One of Friday’s Paris attackers has been identified by fingerprints as a French national, and was known to police, a source close to the investigation of the attacks told CNN on Saturday.

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Getting an empty limit error in CAD Integrator

I am performing a Smart Attach, but none of the spaces are getting loaded. I’m getting the error: “empty limit”. The following is a description of one of the objects, then the gross area and gross measured area polylines: 56 more words


Getting a failure when publishing in CAD Integrator

When I perform a Smart Attach, I get the following error:

2015-11-02 18:04:32,201 ERROR (pool-1-thread-4) Publish drawing response: FAIL - Error processing DXF - last line read: 1118.
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Having an issue with floors in CAD Integrator

We have a floor which has been attached to TRIRIGA without issue for several years. The drawing was recently opened to make a layout change, but for some odd reason, it no longer seems to be properly attached to the database. 123 more words


Having an issue with CAD Integrator required fields

I use a custom hierarchy and objects. On the “Smart Attach” form, in the “Required Fields” section, there isn’t a “Current Use Space Class” field present. 37 more words


The Week Song.

Seven days has a week

they go in a pace quick

starts the Sunday with a relax

comes the Monday with a tax

Tuesday calls for the ¬†work more… 31 more words


Model service create method vs new operator

When we try to create a new instances of an item type programmatically, we have two options, using the java way, using new operator or the hybris way, using the model service. 81 more words