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“You are Attached; You are Fucked Up.”

5 Tricks for Attaching Vellum

Specialty papers like vellum are great for making a card or scrapbook page unique. The trouble is, vellum can be tricky to attach because of its translucent nature, but don’t fret! 716 more words


Khắc phục lỗi error 5 khi attach một database có sẵn (têndb.mdf)

Lỗi error 5 là lỗi phát sinh khi quyền truy cập của bạn bị giới hạn bởi lý do là bạn đang thiết lập hệ thống SQL Log on as: This account. 68 more words

Attached By Webs

A leafs that came off from another plant is attend to another leaf by a lot of spiders webs.


9/11 - 15 Year Anniversary

Today, (9/11/2016) is the day of the tragedy that took place in New York, 15 years ago. A day none of us will ever forget, and a day we should all come together to remember the innocent lives lost that day. 147 more words

New York

Illusive Reality

​Reality is just an illusion that sucks.. if you get too attached to it, you might end up getting hurt pretty bad