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Monitoring memory usage for Bigdata processes using attach API and notifying users

Recently I have been asked by customers for a way to monitor heap memory growth and alert if it exceeds a certain thresholds. Ambari provides robust alerting and monitoring capabilities but there is limited support in monitoring heap sizes for services like HiveServer2. 360 more words



This morning I was getting ready to go to a health council meeting. I went to the closet and picked out a pair of pants and shirt and laid them on the bed next to the ironing board. 280 more words


Xref Attach or Overly? What is the difference?

As we continue to tear apart those Xrefs we come across Reference type. As promised in  Using Xref first step! How to attach Xref? 335 more words


LAL (Life After Love) #2

It’s been about four months since our sun set. At his point, I can confidently say that I still have lingering emotions. They come and go as sporadically as they please; I’m on the verge of calling every time. 256 more words


Using Xref first step! How to attach Xref?

In the previous post about Xrefs we talked about the definition of external references and what are they used for. Here we will learn how to properly attach an Xref and what are the different options. 515 more words


Hold On

I find myself clenching my teeth in my sleep,
flexing my back in anticipation,
all muscle tight in my neck,
no part of me relaxed, 87 more words

Wish List 

​The following poem could literally be my anthem:

What I want

For myself and you


To feel

Not overthink

To joke

Not dispect

To smile… 59 more words