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This little caterpillar goes by the name camouflaged looper.

Camouflaged loopers are an inchworm, and they attach pieces of the plant they’re on to camouflage themselves. 63 more words


IV76120: Email attachments fail due to an association error

Email attachments are failing to be sent when an attachment record is created and associated to a notification. The attachment functionality is working fine. The problem is that the association is not being made and as a result the attachment cannot be attached. 18 more words



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Designer: Kęstutis Koira

Category: Product Design

Year: Present-2020 





Overview: ParaCage is the most compact and convenient way to attach your GoPro to almost anything.  44 more words


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I will have my hair for my wedding day.Cancer 2, melissa 1. melissa wore a beaded strapless gown on the day she married Steve.She carried a bouquet of pink and white roses. 299 more words


Nice People are Toxic Too

Dear you,

Toxic people come in many shapes and forms and people seem to think that nice people are great people.

Some nice people are genuinely great people. 273 more words

Dear You