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An aerialist attached a GoPro to his foot and the results are mesmerizing

Aerialists deserve so much more credit than they receive. This looks way more intense when seen from a closer perspective.


New Year Twist

Fresh in my mind, the fireworks light the skies
Red, Yellow, Green then Blue to match the color of your eyes
The brightness of lights didn’t compare to you… 46 more words


Unlikely Strings

The wellness of the body can produce a finely accomplished mission. And a successful mission, a healthy body. How the heart feels could be directly reflective of how the body feels. 27 more words


SoCS: Breaking the Attachment

Jessica had her second nervous breakdown last night. The first came when Whitmore told her he didn’t put on a condom and she might be pregnant. 534 more words

Short Fiction

SoCS: Action And Attachment

In Bhagavad Gita, there is a line like this, (where Krishna sort of advices Arjuna)

Be focused on action and not on the fruits of action.

218 more words