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QuickBooks allows you to attach files to checks.  This is a really cool feature that allows you to treat QuickBooks like a filing cabinet and the best part is it allows you to link the receipt/invoice to the check that paid it….no more guessing if… 107 more words


Is there a way to encrypt the AutoCAD data in TRIRIGA?

Our customer wants to secure the confidential AutoCAD data in TRIRIGA. Do you know how the AutoCAD data is stored in TRIRIGA? In the database or in the file system? 162 more words


[Clip] Tzuyu Cut - Sudden Attack (Jan 2016)

The way she tried to speak Korean is so cute T_T

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IV79858: Values in square-inches when the UOM is square-feet

While loading space area information via CAD Integrator, the user noticed that the values that were getting put into the TRIRIGA space record were actually calculated in square-inches, even though the UOM was square-feet. 178 more words


Times of trial

Good day!

I have just come out of a season of tremendous trial.  No physical thing happened but I was under attach in my heart my mind. 360 more words


Will the West wake up or does it have a death wish?

One of Friday’s Paris attackers has been identified by fingerprints as a French national, and was known to police, a source close to the investigation of the attacks told CNN on Saturday.

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Getting an empty limit error in CAD Integrator

I am performing a Smart Attach, but none of the spaces are getting loaded. I’m getting the error: “empty limit”. The following is a description of one of the objects, then the gross area and gross measured area polylines: 56 more words