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Janitorial Services Philadelphia, PA

The picture attached to this article is a photograph taken at a VCT…


We had a fight again. And as usual I said stupid and exaggerated things on twitter which he read, it’s kind of funny how, when he knows that I am pissed at him he stalks my twitter account because he knows that I bitch a lot there, but anyway, we didnt talk today, I can feel the tension between the two of us. 578 more words



I fear love.
I fear loving someone and getting attached.
I fear losing feelings I had for someone.
I’m afraid that suddenly someday that person I use to write love poems about isn’t enough for me anymore. 90 more words


Grace + Mercy

There’s nothing like a close call to remind you of God’s grace. Where it honestly could have gone one way, from the odds it should have gone that way, but by a miracle it went another. 847 more words


Hope Has Legged It

Hope deferred makes the heart sick….

Proverbs 13:12 (New International Version)

Sometimes hope has run out the door and you don’t even know it. When you are a child you believe anything is possible- you can do and be anything. 887 more words


To What Are You Attached?

Some people are attached to cheese. Others are attached to winning. Most are very strongly attached to their self-image. By and large people have a whole bunch of attachments. 420 more words

Self Discovery

Feeling Lost?

Finally home after two weeks and it feels so good! Just came home yesterday and No spirit have shown itself yet. Even I want some rest at home. 445 more words