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I spent the day putting Ikea furniture together in my new place. That is right next door to my old place. Where I have lived with my husband and daughter and dog for the past four years. 783 more words

Highland Park

Don't Get Attached

We are just passing through this world, so don’t get attached. This is not our home. We’ve concerned ourselves so much with this world that we’ve lost sight of the kingdom. 56 more words

The thing about needing someone.

The thing about needing someone is that you never really need anyone, you either want them or you’re attached to them, because you’re used to their existence and therefore feel like you need them.

Thoughts With Ink

sticky attachment

sticky attachment
Author: http://www.sxc.hu
License: You can use sticky attachment for personal use.
For commercial use pls Make sure reading the license of this photo file… 26 more words

My Honey Bee

Sweet tasting honey dip
Do u mind if I drizzle a little bit,
A little bit of my honey
It’s just right
Warm and heavenly… 84 more words

Here's Why We Get Too Attached To People

Otherwise known as the overemotional, the clingers, the givers, the ones who just care too much… and so on. These “titles” all have so many different meanings and I want to clear up what it is like to be someone who gets extremely connected with other human beings. 626 more words


Who's Sorry Now?

I woke up this morning with no idea as to what I felt. Not sad, not happy, not mad- maybe disappointed.

But then again I am not even sure of that. 295 more words