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YOLO - You Only Live Once!

The world today is tough. Women in the west for the most part enjoy lots more freedom. We have more choices thanks to those who sacrificed and paved the way before us. 1,260 more words


Rejection Is Direction

Rejection is direction that (job, school, boyfriend, position, clique, course, friend etc) is not the one for me. Whether you got to this conclusion via enlightenment (Praise the Lord for giving sight to the blind….) or you were vetoed and had it forced upon you it’s time to move on sister. 1,316 more words



I hate to break it to everyone but we are all damaged goods in some way. No one kicking about planet earth currently doesn’t have issues or some type of situation they wish could be changed.  906 more words


Hi, my name is..

Hi, my name is ……. and I am ….. years old. I don’t like getting attached to people. This is because everyone in my life that I got close to left. 199 more words


Florida woman rushed to the hospital with a shark still attached to her arm

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Image capture of video from ABC News via Youtube Channel

A 23-year-old woman was bitten by a 2-ft. long nurse shark during a swim at the Boca Raton Beach in Florida… 14 more words



Cling onto people

Feel the anxiety

The pain

Feel unwanted

indulge in the detachment

The misunderstanding

The agonizing space


What is it to cling? 51 more words