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An Ending

Mr. X broke up with me last night.

But he told me he still wants to be friends *sigh*

Sure, whatever…

It hurts so much. 94 more words


3 P. M. Or 3 A.M.

It’s 3 P. M.
My old self is roaming in the empty streets
The sun has struck my gray body
Thankfully, my narrow sight notices a coffee shop at the end of the street… 264 more words


To The Stranger...

I really hope you can read this but I know that there’s only a teeny weeny chance for that to happen. But I’ll pray. I met you in a little dirty site ;) I was really amazed when you told me about your nationality and your work. 368 more words



she sat down on the ground

feeling the cold press through

the fabric of her shorts, and

thought, i told you all

i felt, and there is no more… 26 more words

Reality or Reflection?

Before I get into this I want to ask you a question,

Which is “better” Naïvety or Suspicion?

One of the difficulties of perception is to understand what we see in others. 237 more words


Being attached

Acting though life
Rejoice thy say
What a beautiful life
Neither the less
All to me,  all of me to you