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Amazing Surgeon Reattaches Toddlers Head To His Neck After Car Accident

This is such an amazing story.

This toddler was involved in a horrible car accident that detached his neck from his head. The surgeon was able to reattach the two, and he is doing good now. 10 more words


It's all coming together!

After reading some of my group members posts, I have found that we all really are leading into many of the same thoughts. After reading my partner, Kyle’s inquiry log 2 ( 274 more words



Itu lah masalahnya bila dah ter get attached. Susah nak lepas kan. Susah nak move on.

Susah ke?
Selama ni boleh. Kali ni mesti boleh jugak. 48 more words

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Strings Attached (Tales from Ballena Beach)

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Get online Strings Attached (Tales from Ballena Beach) today. 1,336 more words