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Remember our 3 Dwarves of relationship attachment? Meet the 4th: 'Diffy'

I’m not a relationship guru by any means. Aged 51 now, and still never married, nor wanting to be. The longest relationship I’ve had is approx 3 years, with a whole bunch of quick romances and much solo time in the mix. 544 more words


Stress is an alarm clock

Stress is

an alarm clock

that lets you

know you’re

attached to something

not true for you.

~~Byron Katie

Simple twist

Crucified angels

In a world that rains red

Demons roam free and ever get stronger

Heroes and saviors die daily

Faith runs dry

And love fades like a summer breeze


Getting attached

Attachment , we can’t but fill our lives with it , get attached to people ,to animals or even objects , we can’t do anything but to get attach , getting attached to a loved one , to a friend , to a family member , to your phone or even to your golden fish.. 253 more words

Let It

Teenagers today or millennials have gone through heart breaks and heart aches that I can say isn’t a product of being in love. A sudden, unexpected feeling struck the heart of that person and s/he already concluded that it’s love because s/he has never felt that way before – butterflies, wanting to see their loved one everyday, wanting to talk to them every second (of course, I’m already exaggerating but you get the point), seeing the future with them even though they’ve only met a month ago and not undergoing the getting-to-know-each-other stage. 283 more words


Attached- Adventures through books

I sped through this book in about three days. I am someone that is interested in psychology in general, and I have my Masters in School Counseling while currently pursuing my professional counseling license. 281 more words