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I saw him when the train’s door closes. I hope he would turn and catch a glimpse of me but he didn’t. As my train moved off, I made a decision to alight at the next stop, I waited for the next train at the same door that I knew he would be in. 121 more words



Don’t say love.
Don’t do it. Don’t do it. Don’t do it.
Don’t give me nicknames. Don’t buy me birthday presents. Don’t take me stargazing. Just don’t. 27 more words



the softest kiss turns into pulled hair and heated passion,
where did the innocence go?
your snake-like actions pulled me in closer,
hypnotized by your spiraling gaze. 19 more words

Quick Thoughts


I met this guy who is 4 years younger than me. After 50 weeks of not seeing him, I finally met him with the clique that we were in together. 128 more words


"Let it go"

They say let it go
True love always has its ways, yet complicated. How to let go of the one you can’t live without. Is it all about compromise, it’s not so easy. 67 more words

Bee Fly Friend

You can’t see him very clearly but he’s definitely there, wouldn’t leave me alone :)
I love these little fluffies they have such an inquisitive friendliness about them in the way they hover. 23 more words

ETO Photography

Attached To My Therapist

I generally don t have contact with people. Hardly ever. I m surrounded with thousands of people but I don t interact with them. I don t engage in a conversation or social activity with them. 76 more words