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Am I Codependent or Connected?

Since sexual addiction is an intimacy disorder, successful recovery necessitates learning to connect with oneself and others. Despite enormous difficulties, I have seen seemingly ruined relationships repaired. 92 more words


How to Ground Yourself in God's Love

This morning I read a powerful piece by Shauna Niequist that spoke to my soul. In it, she wrote about the difference between living from performance and living from belovedness. 137 more words


Learning and Unlearning the Skills of Self-Neglect

In the work I do with sexual addicts I often use the term “self-neglect”. It seems those of us in recovery are experts at neglecting our needs and emotions. 273 more words


The Art of Noticing: Putting the “App” in Appreciation

“See?” exclaimed a husband in therapy, “It will never be enough for you.  No matter what I do, you will always want something different or more, so I might as well just give up trying.” 1,313 more words

Couples Therapy

How To Be With A Dysregulated Child, by Robyn Gobble, LCSW

Source: www.gobbelcounseling.wordpress.com

I think I finally get it.  Or at least, I’m getting it in a deeper way.  In a whole-body, brain and heart, I can feel it in my bones kind of way. 142 more words


No Group, No Healing (New XXXChurch Article)

Today my article entitled “The Paradox of Pornography Addiction: What You Fear Most Will Heal You” was published on the XXXChurch blog. XXXChurch is certainly one of the major players in helping people find healing from pornography addiction and it is an honor to write for them. 105 more words


Resisting Pornography: An Unexpected Success Strategy for All Ages

My friends at Protect Young Minds just put out an excellent article aimed at helping adolescents battle the temptation to look at pornography. What struck me in reading the article was that this is a powerful strategy… 89 more words