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Family Tree

As we pulled up to the house one day a couple of weeks ago after a fun day of summer camp, Jonathan said to me in a quiet and not at all like him voice, “Thank you mommy for adopting me I like living here.” 422 more words


The Briefest Moment

It was the briefest of moments, but a moment that has filled me with guilt and which I know will stay with me forever.

It was early days – in fact just five or six weeks into placement – the honeymoon period was over and we were starting to see a different side to our new sons. 1,276 more words



Life always has plenty of surprises in store for us. We make our plans, and then, BAM! Something totally unforeseen happens. Sometimes these are good surprises–perhaps we meet someone who amazes us in every way, on a random Tuesday when we were just going about our business. 306 more words


I Didn’t Mean to Send a Gun

I came in like a wrecking ball.[1]  Miley Cyrus

What we have here is a failure to communicate.  Cool Hand Luke

At our practice, our team meets together every other Friday morning.  459 more words


Is it ok if I don't love you?

It started out I think as a game, but through it’s gradual insistence I then started to wonder and finally, like water torture, it started to hurt. 370 more words


How to Train Your Husband

Now that I have your interest, let me start off by saying that you can’t train him, at least not directly.  There is an old cliché that says that “a woman marries a man expecting him to change and he doesn’t; a man marries a woman expecting that she won’t change, and she does.”  Old clichés are old clichés for a reason, i.e. 1,247 more words


Show Biz

Recently, a friend directed and produced a radio play. She generously and lovingly included a role for my daughter and asked me if she would like to participate. 427 more words