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When Jesus Looks Into Your Eyes

“Let ask you to take a little test with me right now.

Suppose that rear door opens and Jesus Christ, the crucified, risen, Lord, walks down this aisle, comes up to the podium and looks around for YOU. 401 more words


Buying too many clothes? Listening too much to other people’s comments about you? Be careful

It is summer. You open your closet and you freak out because there is not anything to wear, not because you have no clothes but because you got tired of what you have. 584 more words

June Luna


You are the sum of all your actions, and so is everyone else. That doesn’t mean we can’t and won’t make mistakes, or that our poor choices stay on our “permanent record” forever; it’s just that what we do, the things we say, and the choices we make define us. 554 more words


Silence and Accusation

Every single day, Elijah Isus Johnson wants to eat the following for breakfast:

One banana with peanut butter

2 eggs

a bowl of buckwheat grits or rice… 655 more words



I need silence.

Not the silence of others, although that is often welcome in this bustling, almost-never-quiet house.

I need MY silence. I need a respite from my own voice. 906 more words


There'a a Lesson in Everything, But Not Everything is a Lesson

It’s always good to learn from our experiences. This is how we grow and open, it’s how we develop character and begin to know ourselves. There’s a lesson in everything, but not everything is a lesson. 993 more words