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If the Abuse is Ongoing

There is a blog entry on Labor Day at https://ritualabuse.wordpress.com/2013/08/20/labor-day/

I haven’t ever blogged about this, at least that I can remember. The closest I have come is writing about how to handle harassing phone calls, which, after all, are cues to show up for more abuse. 740 more words

Healing From Ritual Abuse

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Breaking the chains of abuse - parallels between domestic violence and ritual abuse. The strong attachment bonds, psychological and emotional abuse, often combined with trauma bonding, can be understood and undone. Healing is possible. If you think about studies on domestic violence, you will recall that the abused person often returns to the abuser, perhaps because they are too afraid not to, perhaps because they hope against hope that this time it will be different. The abuser may turn regretful and apologetic and things may be better for a short period of time. But the abuse inevitably returns, and often is more violent. The sweet talk is the carrot, the stick is the threat of dire consequences for disobedience. It’s the same with cults. - Jean http://ritualabuse.wordpress.com This article may be triggering.

National Bridge State Park/ Red River Gorge

Summer kind of got away from us this year. The kids were involved in baseball/softball until mid July and then I was trying to squeeze in a “laid back summer” for the rest of the weeks. 1,797 more words


God Knows My Name

“Do not fear, for I have redeemed you;
I have called you by name; you are Mine!“

Isaiah 43:1b


Ashley Madison Take 2

The purchase of the island of Manhattan.  The commonly understood history is that in 1626 Dutch colonists purchased the island of Manhattan from the Native Americans for trade goods valued at about 60 Dutch guilders. 644 more words


Making the connection with your foster/adopted children

Here’s a wonderful article from the Texas Foster Family Association worth sharing.  I think I just might have to locate Dr. Chapman’s book.

How to Parent Adopted/Foster Children with the 5 Love Languages


Ashley Madison Hack Help (Take 1)

So your information got hacked from your Ashley Madison account, huh?  And now your life is in crisis.  My grad school advisor’s native language was Chinese.  414 more words