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Unfinished Business

I grew up watching The Twilight Zone.  Though most of the five seasons of the show were made during my lifetime, I mostly caught it in syndication.  716 more words


The Truth About “Neediness” in Close Relationships

“I don’t want to be needy,” I heard for the umpteenth time in a couples therapy session.  The reality is that sometimes we just need our partners to hold us up…and that’s actually a good thing. 1,813 more words

Couples Therapy

We Can't Cry to a Book

“God, thank you so much that you are a Daddy to us. So much of our time as believers we can get lost thinking you are just a book that we read, you’re a goal that we’re trying to reach, you’re a place that we go to once a week, you’re a lifestyle, you’re some sort of worldview. 127 more words


All Things Have Value

As the people of Fort McMurray fled wildfires, individuals across Canada asked themselves, “How can I help?”

Donating money was the easiest option for those who had it. 319 more words


Boundaries: The Key to Love

The topic of boundaries is important to both addicts and their partners in recovery. This topic can be confusing and challenging to many. Here is a helpful, simple video about the importance of boundaries. 86 more words


Am I Codependent or Connected?

Since sexual addiction is an intimacy disorder, successful recovery necessitates learning to connect with oneself and others. Despite enormous difficulties, I have seen seemingly ruined relationships repaired. 92 more words


How to Ground Yourself in God's Love

This morning I read a powerful piece by Shauna Niequist that spoke to my soul. In it, she wrote about the difference between living from performance and living from belovedness. 137 more words