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Robot Me is Supposed to Stay Alive

What a crap day. I woke up ok, but then went to therapy. I told the therapist I didn’t really have anything I needed to talk about. 334 more words

Dissociative Identity Disorder

Too Young to Die

“I don’t want to die yet. I mean, I’m too young to be dead. There is still a lot of stuff I want to do.” 596 more words


If I Die Before I Wake

I pray the lord my soul to take. I wish these were just the words of a bedtime prayer. In my case, these words are real. 1,302 more words


Jesus, tomorrow is Mother's Day

In my fog and crises of the week, I blocked out that Mother’s Day is tomorrow. I know so many of you are excited to celebrate this day with you wonderful moms. 266 more words

Dissociative Identity Disorder

The Prodigal Son...Cancels?

I would consider myself a fairly decent mom, even pretty good at predicting my children’s trauma-based actions. Not this time. I entirely missed the mark. 972 more words


Can I have a box for that please?

I’ve been engrossed in a book called Attached that is, slowly but surely, shaking up my equilibrium. It’s also become a catalyst to remembering a number of things that have been firmly lodged in my subconscious. 423 more words

A Life That Feels Good

Book review: If the Foundations Be Destroyed...What Can the Righteous Do?

Sunday I was feeling sick, so I stayed in bed and read or slept most of the day. I finished reading a fascinating book titled… 1,332 more words

Inner Life