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The Foundations of Body/Mind Addiction Therapy

My work and passion in working with people with addiction began, not when I had successfully made it through treatment in body/mind psychology-for my own traumatic childhood and subsequently recovering from abuse from an alcoholic father and ex-husband. 931 more words

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The Still Face Experiment.

Here is a dramatic video that shows how powerful the lack of mirroring is on an infant. It’s amazing how quickly the baby in this video notices the mother’s lack of affect and responds negatively to it. 34 more words


5 Reasons The 20/20 Segment, "The Forever Family," Failed

They failed as journalists. Call it what you will, but they failed. Investigative journalism has a responsibility to shed light on all sides of a story. 1,195 more words


Home Alone

I’m sharing this story because I have recently become aware that it could have something to do with my diagnosis.  Whether or not it does, it is still a childhood trauma that I ‘survived’, but not without some lasting effects. 527 more words

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Attachment Disorders in Children and Adults

When I had a psychological evaluation in 2010, it included a questionnaire about attachment styles. Attachment is the bond an infant first forms with their parents or primary caregivers. 523 more words

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Hidden disabilities

Attachment disorders can affect every part of your life – physical health, emotional stability, social skills, eating habits, education, economic well being. But they’re invisible. 453 more words

Insecure Attachment Part of the aetiology of Addictive Behaviour?

I have always asked myself if other recovering  alcoholics have the same insecure attachment issues as me  – can I really extrapolate my straw poll of alcoholics in recovery, whom I know to have insecure attachment issues, to the whole recovery movement? 510 more words