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The choir

I did it. I went to the choir performance with my colleague from work. :) it was fun, not too long, done very professionally and the singers were great. 677 more words




The egg splits…
One becomes three.
Embryos grow, nurtured in the warmth of the womb.
Born, they look identical…
Three babies.
Never to remember, when they were once one. 247 more words


New Poem, because I Kick Ass!

People on Shelves

I put people in boxes

They are safer there

I gather up the parts I love

And make them stick around

It started with my first cat… 150 more words

Killing Me Softly: Codependency and Love Addiction

Because I get so many questions from women on both codependency and love (or relationship) addiction, I want to outline symptoms and behaviors of each.  Neither is a designated mental health diagnosis but both cause extreme misery and wreck havoc in many lives.  1,569 more words

Addictive Behaviors

Divine Naptime.

I’ve read a lot about orphans and attachment disorders. I remember the first time I read about children raised in orphanages and the effects of not getting the touch they need while children. 308 more words

The Children.

PTSD or Acute Stress?

By David Joel Miller

What’s the difference between PTSD and Acute Stress?

Feeling stressed out?
Photo courtesy of Pixabay.com

PTSD, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder has made the news a lot recently. 2,286 more words


Hopelessness returns

There’s just not enough I can do. Dayne tried to use a little guilt to motivate Colt to behave better at school…he told him that I was up crying all night long. 1,232 more words

Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder