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The Moon

The moon was very visible today.  Late afternoon even, it was still completely visible in the sky, and I couldn’t help but marvel at it as I walked to my van.   372 more words

Attachment Disorders

How do you not parent out of fear when your child is out of control and has attachment issues?

Use the fear to do what you need to do to keep him and your family safe – motion detectors, alarms, cameras – locks – whatever it takes to alert you when he is in an area he should not be in. 290 more words

Attachment Disorders

"Why do you shut me out?"

I’ve had so many ideas lately for my blog and then time comes around where I catch a moment to finally sit, and everything leaves my head. 851 more words

Fighting for Love

Our son, B, is 11 years old.  He came to my home at 3 1/2 years old.  According to the reports the state sends, he had a pretty difficult early childhood.  1,070 more words

Special Needs Kids

Connections in Song

I’ve been trying something new recently.  I’ve always known the key to feeling true, genuine and deep emotions could be found in artistic expression for me, particularly through music.  1,782 more words

Attachment Disorders

Stages of Attachment Parenting - Part Two

Shock and denial – Pain and Guilt – Anger and Bargaining – Depression and Loneliness – The Upward Turn – Reconstruction of your life and Working Through – Acceptance and Hope.   219 more words

Attachment Disorders

Forgive the Holes In My Baggage...

When something difficult comes through our life or the life of someone we love, we tend to ask God why? Why me? Why is this happening? 1,359 more words