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Forgive the Holes In My Baggage...

When something difficult comes through our life or the life of someone we love, we tend to ask God why? Why me? Why is this happening? 1,359 more words

My Spam Stalker

I never check my spam folder because I use it as a filter for email I don’t want to read (logically). I have some people who kind of harass me…or used to anyway. 3,221 more words

Attachment Disorders

Driven Away

One of the areas I immediately started to work on with M (*therapist) was why I didn’t have any friends. Here I am, almost to 40, with not one single friend from college. 871 more words


Female Sex Addict: Not an Oxymoron

SOURCE:  Katelyn Beaty/Christianity Today

Biblical scholars have yet to determine if the woman caught in adultery (John 8:1-11) was a sex addict. 1,165 more words

Addiction/Life-Controlling Problems

Musical Emotions

I figured something out the other day….well, I knew it already but I didn’t quite organize the thoughts around it until the other day.  As you guys know, my mental health struggles are mostly contained within two diagnoses:  PTSD and an attachment disorder.    1,225 more words

Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Esme & the kitten

This kitten was supposed to be mine. Trifle is stunningly beautiful, fluffy, her colouring a mix of smokey grey and peach. She has enormous paws and startling yellow eyes. 846 more words

The Foundations of Body/Mind Addiction Therapy

My work and passion in working with people with addiction began, not when I had successfully made it through treatment in body/mind psychology-for my own traumatic childhood and subsequently recovering from abuse from an alcoholic father and ex-husband. 931 more words

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