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Ethos Babywearing Cascade Freakin' Pink

I am frequently asked what to wear in hot weather.  Living in Arizona we know a little something about hot weather.  If you are unfamiliar with an Arizona summer let me give you a visual.   1,133 more words


Firespiral Slings Moss Twilight Winter Hill

Wearing carriers from a company with an ethics is but a bonus when the wraps they weave hold beauty and significance.  Firespiral Slings uses materials sourced from their local Northwestern England, combined with ecological consciousness of the footprint they leave behind.   1,031 more words


Sincerely Rae Fiber Arts Webslinger

Have you ever worked alongside someone you thought was a regular person like you?  Amazed by their knowledge yet never knowing they had an underlying skill, dare I say, secret power?   1,632 more words


Easy Feel Toddler Soft Structured Carrier

Easy Feel Products is an up and coming manufacturer of ring slings, soft structured carriers, and accessories for the SSC.  They are a family operation that includes design, quality assurance, and tailoring at the hands of the owner and her mother.   1,589 more words


Anmol Wrap Handwoven Prisha

We have worn Anmol before, their soft structured carrier has been an absolute favorite of both girls.  This time we are wearing something beautiful from their handwoven line.   1,051 more words


Bijou Wear Wildthing Valentine, Kiss, & Crush

I always enjoy seeing a new release from Bijou Wear.  Never afraid to try out a new blend or fiber content, the patterns are all original artwork, never a standard or stock mill design.   1,397 more words


Easter Bunny Sunday

It’s been so long I almost forgot how to start a post. Life is busy and crazy and so damn demanding. I just want a full 24 hours to pee by myself and not respond to one email. 295 more words

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