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Why I Don't Make My Child Say "Sorry"

I don’t make my son say sorry… or please and thank you.

It’s nice to be nice and saying “please,” “thank you” and “sorry” shows people that we are considerate of their feelings, that we are grateful and polite. 1,391 more words

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Spotted! Juno Parenting Magazine

As I’m sure you may have noticed I love Instagram! It’s my favourite social media network and I’ve been using it since around 2012 with my… 141 more words

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Jasmine's Tandem Hip Carry: A Photo Tutorial

Jasmine’s Tandem Hip Carry is a great pre-tied tandem solution for wearing two babies of similar size in a single shorter woven wrap.  Using a wrap as short as a Base-3 and two or four large sling rings, the wearer can have the effect of wearing two ring slings without the added expense of buying two carriers.  2,050 more words

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Ethos Babywearing Cascade Freakin' Pink

I am frequently asked what to wear in hot weather.  Living in Arizona we know a little something about hot weather.  If you are unfamiliar with an Arizona summer let me give you a visual.   1,133 more words

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Firespiral Slings Moss Twilight Winter Hill

Wearing carriers from a company with an ethics is but a bonus when the wraps they weave hold beauty and significance.  Firespiral Slings uses materials sourced from their local Northwestern England, combined with ecological consciousness of the footprint they leave behind.   1,031 more words

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