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Knocked The Wind Out Of Me

Right now I’d be going to session if my therapist wasn’t on stupid vacation. I’m still super irritated with this whole thing. I’ve never been thrilled when she leaves but I usually just suck it up and block out anything I’m feeling until about an hour or so before I see her again. 1,298 more words


Love Me Don't Leave Me by Michelle Skeen, PsyD

If you’ve ever struggled with building strong and healthy relationships despite fears, anxieties and road blocks from your past, you must read Love Me Don’t Leave Me. 201 more words


When Bad Luck is Good Luck

My original thought for this title was more like Blessed to Be Cursed, but that heaviness has already filtered down to a lower water table–quite a ways down there, in fact. 735 more words


So kommst Du nie zu Deinem Ziel

Quelle: Pixabay, Autor:  SusannWeissStell Dir mal vor…Du willst in den Urlaub fahren, aber weißt noch nicht so genau wohin. Und Du träumst von einem wunderschönen Ort und …

This post does not contain attachment. Post anyway?

I was taking to a friend the other day about compromise. She was confused about why someone was acting a certain way when a compromise would be easy. 666 more words



Do not let your guard down

Do not give your heart away so easily

For your heart is too precious for anyone to have it… 6 more words


Initiating Disengagement

I woke up this morning already beginning to feel crushed under the deep shame of wanting and longing for connection with my therapist (or any human being, really). 395 more words