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Meet the Mama - Debbie, single working Mom of three under five (!)

I met Debbie at the Arise Adoption Conference last year and heard some of her story then, but today she shares it all in this interview. 967 more words

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We are on Instagram 

I have set up an Instagram profile to run along side this blog. Hoping we can provide mini snippets of our day and little Roo updates. 19 more words



I feel so needy. I want to email my therapist a pathetic whiny email asking her to connect with me. I think she will understand where I am coming from. 29 more words


Shine & Attachment

This year, I took on a small daily role within my job which may or may not end up with me re-training.  It was to be a year long and financially risk-free test to see if it something I’d like to invest more in.   174 more words

The Fourth Trimester - Why Newborns Hate Being Put Down | Sarah Ockwell-Smith

Empathising with the experience of a newborn baby can give great insight into ways to help them. Interestingly most of the methods that are advocated in the fourth trimester are ones that parents will often do instinctively.

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A Buddha's truth: Nothing last forever

Buddha’s Four Noble Truths

1. Life is characterized by impermanence and suffering, or Dukkha (suffering).

2. The Origin of Dukkha is attachment to desire.

3. The cessation (end) of Dukkha is achieved, not by belief, but by the contemplation, understanding, and elimination of desire and attachment. 378 more words


Thank You, Harry

On Wednesday, May 25, at the Library of Congress, thousands will give tribute to the life and triumphs of Harry Wu, a Chinese political prisoner turned human rights activist. 108 more words