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Healing Happens All Around

Just beautiful. Recorded in Plum Village Monastery (set up by Thich Nhat Hanh) by Tabea with the loving support of Sister True Vow.


A visitor called anxiety! 

Last Sunday, the boys and myself had to take ‘himself’ somewhere and leave him for several hours. I was stressed for many reasons, himself was stressed as well. 421 more words



I have reached a point in my life where there is much more behind me than ahead.  Therefore, it’s tempting to spend the short time left to me remembering the pleasant things and dwelling on my high points.   258 more words

Heart Journeys

Want and Fear

In our times, these two are the means through which leverage is applied. Some people are adept at leverage and use this to get what they want and to avoid what they fear. 448 more words


Think Outside The Bag

It’s been a week of stellar weather, with glorious sunshine flooding our days and warmer temperatures providing a prelude to summer.  I’ve enjoyed resuming my jaunts around the neighborhood.  653 more words


The need for destruction

What is it with C and destroying things? He almost has a compulsion to tear apart anything that is remotely special to him. I can understand it when he’s upset, but so often he seems perfectly happy and just wads up a precious picture, then rips it with his teeth to boot. 620 more words

Foster Care