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Autonomy: How do emotional autonomy, detachment, and individuation develop?

Emotional autonomy develops when the adolescent’s relationship with their parents starts to change. It occurs when the adolescent starts behaving in a more adult like form with friends, but principally with their parents. 327 more words


Why I don't have sex outside of relationships.

So sure, I could be out at the clubs and bars from Friday night until painfully dragging my self back to work on Monday morning after three sleepless nights of drinking and casual sex. 956 more words


All of Me

It was such a lucky encounter.

There we were, at the library once again for our tutoring session on a perfectly normal Tuesday of the summer.   1,954 more words


Ego and Meditation

I found an old notebook of mine this week. I was using it while at Samye Ling Monastery in Scotland over the Easter of 1996. Akong Rinpoché was giving a course (I didn’t write down the title) and on 1st April 19 years ago he said something that is absolutely true for me today in July 2015… 204 more words


The Objects We Hold (and the ones that hold us)

When Smoke, my first son, was one year old, I wanted him to attach to a lovey. I had read somewhere on the internet that it was a useful thing for your child to develop an attachment to an object, that it would help him feel more secure when you couldn’t be physically present. 697 more words