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Listen to Winnicott

Between 1943 and 1962, D. W. Winnicott gave over 50 talks broadcast by the BBC. In these talks, given for parents (actually, primarily for mothers), Winnicott discusses what he has observed between mothers and infants and elaborates his theory of human development. 253 more words

Baby Love

It has been a month since our little girl, Baby J was brought home! We have come a long way in a short period of time. 277 more words

Foster Care


When my attachment went deeper than I wanted it to, I tried to stop it but I couldn’t because of my human nature.

Enraged once I realized I’ve become way too human, too kind, too stupid and naivé. 169 more words

Buddha: How to approach the teachings

Going back to the Pali suttas, the Buddha also repeatedly warned against being attached to any particular teaching or teaching tradition:

‘Do not go by oral tradition, by lineage of teaching, by hearsay, by a collection of texts, by logic, by inferential reasoning, by reasoned cogitation, by the acceptance of a view after pondering it, by the seeming competence of a speaker, or because you think, ‘This ascetic is our teacher.’ 49 more words

On Avoidant Attachment...

You know you epitomise an avoidant attachment pattern when your therapist asks you to picture a presence offering perfect, unconditional love, and you can’t because you’re too afraid that even your mind’s own imaginary creation will reject you.

Mahler And Memories.

A few weeks into a new year…and I am also into my favourite phase of the orchestral season. In March, we will play our big symphonic concert of the year, and this time it’s a Mahler symphony! 1,308 more words

Music Therapy