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Girlfriend, reiki & grief

In fairness to her, she’s been waiting patiently. She has. We were supposed to be going on our date the weekend my baby girl died. She died on a Wednesday (three weeks today where has THAT time gone?!) and we were meant to have our date that Saturday. 423 more words

Day 3

Is this some sort of stealth prisoner countdown-to-freedom marks on the wall thing I’ve got going on here? I’m wondering if the act of counting down the days until my next session is somehow helping to lessen the overall agitation… 😋 858 more words


Hurt by conflicts with attached ones? || Acharya Prashant (2019)

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Question: Acharya Ji, whenever any conflict arises between myself and the ones I am attached to, why does it hurt me? 1,010 more words


Too Hot for Letting Go

I’m taking him to temple. I think most foreigners in Bangkok have been, but he says he never found the time. My parents used to take me every weekend, they were active in the Buddhist community, especially my father, after the trouble with my mom. 665 more words

100 Day Writing Challenge

Day 2

In the night I woke and wrote a blog entry and did my first ‘tapping-in’ session with myself. I didn’t really feel the need, as, although my mind was working overtime (prompting me to write my post, as I did), I didn’t feel like I had travelled from the upstairs part of the house Guy described… 700 more words


breakup strategies.

We all experience relationships differently, and conversely from my usual style embracing love and dating, this is written to create conversations around one of the more uncomfortable and confusing parts of dating and love. 1,210 more words

"The Lost Post of 2017" by Cindy

Look – I found another one, even older than the last. Looks like I was considering “Parenting Expectations” as the title.

Some people actually ask it out loud. 1,238 more words