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Attach Less

People don’t want to help anyone unless they are manipulated to smoothly. I personally cant be bothered with the seduction. I am probably basing my ideas on a tiny reality but at least I have noticed this already. 146 more words

Therapy is suddenly unfamiliar

For the first time since university, I am sat in a launderette impatiently watching the minutes tick down on the machine that I hope isn’t wrecking all our clothes. 1,411 more words


Self Harm

Our meeting on March 23rd looked at several papers on self harm, with particular emphasis on self harm in adolescents. We learned something about the on line presence of websites and chat rooms dedicated to self harm and frequented by young people. 271 more words

Ego and Shoes Outside

Attachment is the greatest cause of happiness and misery. How would you know that you have encountered misery? When your ego starts talking over your self.  511 more words


Special Edition: Harper

This is Harper, doing what she does when she doesn’t like me. Which is often.

She just goes either full nonverbal or she’s extremely vocal without actually using words. 698 more words


See the Enneagram in real life

“The love of knowledge is a kind of madness.”

–  C. S. Lewis

The fifth type on the Enneagram is Type Five; it is known as…

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How can it be?

How can it be that I am two people at once? Seriously? It is MADDENING what a double life I am leading at the moment – one inside my mind, one out of it. 428 more words