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The Pain of Being Turned Down | Esther Mwaniki

So after one month of tarmacking and wondering where the attachment gods went or maybe they forgot there was a lady like me in class, I finally landed a place at a local TV station based in Nairobi that broadcasts in my mother tongue. 451 more words


oh sweet, sweet enigma!


why do you tell me I’m not good enough

that I’m not strong enough

that I’m not warm enough?

You are simply an invader of my… 89 more words



Of the many failings we have in being a part of the human race,  the one where we get attached to  objects, outcomes and feelings is probably the silliest. 552 more words


I was sitting out on the deck one morning a few weeks ago, during our glorious “Indian summer” here in Maine, The sun was bright, the breeze was just enough, and the birds were singing.   127 more words


Attachments are excruciating

Safety.  Safety now for me over the last few years has been a gradual process of removing myself from relationships.  Why?  Because I love too deeply, I hold people too close to my heart so when something happens such as they have to leave, I am crushed.   293 more words


“These episodes are so much further and fewer between now Amber, that we really can call them episodes – aberrations rather than the norm,” said Tom just now. 839 more words

Unpicking a Mess

I will preface this post by saying this mess is very very tiny compared to the (therapy & other!) messes I have historically tended to find myself in. 2,171 more words