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A Lesson In Cord Cutting

To Cut Cords Or To NOT Cut Cords? That Is The Question

Now for those who are not too sure what energetic cords are about, they are basically tethers that are linked between people, places, or things that develop overtime on a spiritual level; they can impact you energetically throughout your day as well depending on the nature of the link. 1,533 more words


“What do you DO for a living Mike?”

“So, what do you DO?”

I have always been uncomfortable with how people identify themselves by using labels. 824 more words


Fragments of Dreams

I’ve been having weird dreams lately. I was in a house in Japan, unfurnished, with white walls and light brown wooden floors. I opened the back door and all I could see was a massive volcano, pouring out red and orange lava. 908 more words

We are in a world

We are in a world,

Where we stand together still feel lonely

We are in a world

Where we paint with colors still its all grey… 587 more words


Post Of The Week - Saturday 16th December, 2017

1) Crowds

This radio programme from the BBC World Service explores the sociology and psychology of crowds.  It features Clifford Stott, who we see in the reconstruction of the Milgram procedure in the Year 1 course. 507 more words


Addicted to social media?!

A term for Buddhist is “inner being” because, theoretically at least, we have decided to seek happiness from within rather than from without.

We are making a shift from trying to solve problems in our body and mind… 2,278 more words

Current Issues

Dead skin

Pixie spoke to her therapist today for the final session of the week.

Pixie was able to put into words exactly why she doesn’t want to go back into face-to-face therapy with her therapist: because of the dead skin she left behind there. 633 more words