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Lust, Romantic Love & Attachment

These are three brain systems of ours. Lust is the sexual drive you feel towards an individual, romantic love being a more complicated concept to grasp is the deep and blind love you feel towards an individual. 501 more words

two types of love

There are two types of love and compassion. One type is conditioned — ‘beautiful face, beautiful body, beautiful sound,’ — that kind of love is greatly conditioned. 95 more words

Dharma Is Where U Find It

Human attachment

Human attachment is the best and the worst thing in the world!  It’s truly a paradox yet so true. The whole universe could agree to this! 467 more words


You've Got Mail

Crisis. This is the label we put on our pain at the point at which it can no longer be hidden. The truth is, of course, that a crisis exists in varying stages long before it is visible. 171 more words


The Adoption Team at PROCARE HO in Pretoria hosted a Bonding and Attachment Workshop on Friday 26 June for our adoptive parents. The workshop provided the adoptive parents with a platform where they could discuss their concerns and fears regarding bonding with their adoptive children, and provided them with the theoretical information as well as some practical skills on how to promote a healthy, secure attachment with their child. 89 more words


Travel light

Since I quit my job I have been traveling all around the world. Traveling opens up perceptions of who I really am. It shows me different angles of life and helps me to find out what I like the most in my life. 235 more words


Meditations- The Imaginary Friend

The thoughts mentioned here are to be included in the novel, but I felt like sharing them just now. Admittedly, I’m not feeling so awesome at the moment, but I think I’ll talk about that after this little extract. 515 more words

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