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The secret to great sex

“To understand excitement, we have to go back to the early days, when we were deeply in the mood (for sex) pretty much every hour. What was exciting was our ability to touch, hold, stroke – in short, possess someone who wasn’t entirely within our reach: someone who was independent and free to walk away from us – and yet miraculously was choosing not to do so. 13 more words


The Wink

It was 4 PM and my contractions were intensifying. I still felt on top of them and naively considered that maybe I had grown more pain tolerant since my previous labor. 909 more words

Parenting With Heart

Behind each facade - #haiku #buddhism

behind each facade,
lies the heart of the matter -
beyond perception

Haiku and photo by Stephanie Mohan- March 2015



I feel hurt, and that’s okay.

I feel alone, and that’s okay.

I feel scared, nervous, unsure, and that’s okay.

Although I am always asking others to identify their feelings, it is not always the easiest thing to do. 721 more words



So, something really awful happened at the end of my therapy session with T this week. I haven’t written about it yet because I feel like maybe it doesn’t sound like a big deal… but it hurt me so much that I really need it to be taken seriously. 1,443 more words

The Replay

Three weeks ago life was so different.He came to see me at the airport.I had butterflies in my stomach after ages.I was feeling over-whelmed.I can still recall each and every second of that four hour long conversation.The way he looked at me.That smile when he saw me through the crowd at the airport.I remember everything. 76 more words

Attachment: Applying mindfulness to creativity

I love when seemingly disparate, or at least loosely connected, parts of my life finally sync up.

Last night, in a workshop on cultivating and activating a deeper mindful daily awareness (of self, of the Universe, of ego…all that good stuff), I jotted down this word: attachment. 956 more words