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Here Come the Attack Ads

Clinton’s first attack ad since Trump all but secured the nomination uses his Republican rivals’ words against him. You gonna take that, Donald?

Guido Fawkes

How the “Daisy” Ad Changed Everything About Political Advertising

I love attack ads. They actually tell you something and bring the contrasts between the candidates into sharp focus.

Put another way, the firm believed that viewers should not be given too much information to put their minds and emotions to work. 

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If You Win a Fight in the Gutter, You're Still in the Gutter

One of the arguments most frequently made for the presidential candidacy of Donald J. Trump, the Republican front-runner, is that he’s the party’s only candidate who can beat Hillary Clinton, who is somehow once again the presumptive Democratic nominee. 1,236 more words


Trump's Barking New Attack Ad

The Donald unleashes his attack dogs on Hillary…

Guido Fawkes

@TheDailyBlogNZ just does not understand why @JohnKeypm is popular and beats them

The latest example of Key derangement syndrome, a photo essay, reminded me of a story about some prime time TV network current affairs coverage of Ronald Reagan early in his first term. 99 more words

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Trump On Women

Notable that this killer attack ad was funded by the Republican Our Principles PAC…


Elephant Guns

Despite their unpopularity among viewers, negative ads are increasingly common in American presidential campaigns. In fact negative ads made up 70% of all campaign ads during the 2012 general election – up from just 9% in 2008… 938 more words