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Election issues

As you may know, the federal election is coming up in Canada. Canadians do not like personal things entering into big scale politics. We do not discuss party leader’s families. 549 more words


Why the ‘Dump Trump’ strategy is doomed

The “reality show” sabotage tactics employed by contestants in Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice” may soon come back to haunt the GOP presidential hopeful.

Political attack ads targeting Trump’s unconventional campaign are planned to hit just after Labor Day. 1,987 more words


Attack ads: They're effective, but they suck

Justin’s just not ready. We can’t afford Mulcair. Harper’s not working.

These are the punchlines of the attack ads that are out there right now. You’ve probably heard them all, and we’re only four days into the marathon 78-day campaign. 618 more words


Harper: Never Ready Steve - Free Liberal attack ad

Free attack ad for the Liberal Party of Canada:


A animatronic Stephen Harper with bunny ears and a large drum strapped to it’s chest (similar to energizer bunny)  sits stationary.   135 more words



You’ve seen those political spots on TV if you ever watch any Canadian station, annoyingly at least once and often more every half hour. There’s a very average looking group of folks who are, I would guess, supposed to be some kind of independent focus group looking at the leaders of the major parties. 492 more words

John Ivison: Justin Trudeau slumps as voters' preferred PM but don't blame attack ads

The Liberals are smarting at the unfairness of it all – Justin Trudeau has just hit a 12-month low in a Nanos Research poll that asks voters who they would pick as their preferred prime minister. 757 more words

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The Liberals need a plan, an emergency plan

The Liberals needed a strategy a long time ago.  That is a long-term strategy, they needed it when Mr Dion took the helm, again with Ignatief and of course with Trudeau. 102 more words