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I was at the gym yesterday when I saw two ads by the SA Labor party. Both ads were vintage ‘attack’ ads that I’ve been seeing as long as I can remember, where the Opposition leader and another local leader were being attacked for…basically nothing. 998 more words


Attack ads, big fundraising totals heating up Sarasota state House race

The race for a state House seat covering much of northern Sarasota County is starting to heat up, with Democrat Margaret Good raising nearly twice as much campaign cash as Republican James Buchanan during the last reporting period and Buchanan’s allies lashing out with attack ads targeting Good.The hardball tactics by Buchanan supporters and Good’s strong fundraising totals are signs that that the race is highly competitive.The district has a […] 13 more words

Attack Ads

Jack Martins Goes Back Into His Campaigning Comfort Zone - Cheap Attacks on His Opponent

Jack Martins’ new television ad “Teammates” is an absolute disgrace. He is calling Laura Curran a puppet of New York City Democrats and a corrupt politician. 189 more words

Laura Curran

Political ads are killing our democracy

An American family sits, their eyes glued to their television screen.

“Hillary Clinton failed every single time as Secretary of State. Now, she wants to be president. 284 more words

All Eyes on Georgia Today: Is the Special Election Really that Important?

When controversial Tom Price left his seat in Congress to become Trump’s Health and Human Services Secretary, he left Georgia’s sixth district without representation. Today a special election is being held to fill that seat. 415 more words

Kelly McParland: Andrew Scheer won't be the easiest of targets. But that won't stop the Liberals from trying

The morning after Andrew Scheer won the Conservative Party leadership, the Toronto Star was quick off the mark with liberal attack lines.

“Canadians ask, ‘Andrew Who?’” it declared in a headline, disinterring a manoeuvre last used when Burt Reynolds was considered a cool dude and you could sport a mullet without getting laughed at. 752 more words

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