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If our Democracy is to flourish in Canada, Canadians must understand this point about politics…..Attack ads are a tool of those whom have nothing interesting or important to say. 197 more words

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George Osborne v George Osborne

Labour have helpfully dug out this video of Osborne critcising unfunded spending commitments just 12 weeks ago:

“making spending committments is the easiest thing in the world.

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Guido Fawkes

She Who Shouldn't Be Named - Why I've Always Despised Hillary, and a Strategy For Defeating Her

I recently stated among friends, that I’ve vehemently despised Hillary Clinton since she was first lady; she has not done anything to change my opinion of her since. 897 more words

Gary Nolan

Inheritance Tax Highlights Millionaire Miliband's Hypocrisy

The Tories are going to make it a manifesto commitment (again) to raise the inheritance tax threshold so that only millionaires pay it. David Cameron is… 134 more words

Guido Fawkes

New LibDem Attack Ad: "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word" For Ed

It's a week since Nick challenged Ed to say sorry for crashing the economy. Is this reason why he won't? #saysorryEd https://t.co/HPm40EDo1V

— Liberal Democrats (@LibDems) …

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Guido Fawkes

Miliband v Murdoch

The Tories have hit back with a fresh attack ad from last night:

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Thanks for 2 mentions, Ed Miliband. Only met once for all of 2 minutes when you embarrassed me with over the top flattery.

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Guido Fawkes

Two-Faced Chuka Refuses to Rule Out Toxic 'Jobs Tax'

That sound you can hear is Labour pulping thousands of their Tory VAT leaflets. They won’t be using yesterday’s attack ad again either, which bashed current and former Tory chancellors for saying they had… 140 more words

Guido Fawkes