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🤓What Is Your Style of Play❓

🤓What Is Your Style of Play❓
PSV Manager, Roger Schmidt explains….

A comprehensive, complete guide on Frontier Justice troop types, roles, and counter system.

Every piece plays a different role.

Troop composition. It can make us, or it can break us. Like in chess, every piece has a defined function. 4,541 more words


5 things to consider before attacking in Frontier Justice.

It can’t be that hard, right?

Select the target. Click on the attack option, and then march upon your unsuspecting foe. Sounds easy, right? … 948 more words


Today i will just voice my opinion..

So i am watching twitter a few times on a daily basis and since yesterday i noticed an uprise in more trash talking and reputation bashing then i seen before.. 138 more words