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Trapped in this sad mad world

Things happen. Tsunamis, volcanoes, hurricanes, yes these are things, which we can’t change. These are natural incidents.
But there are certain things in life, which I will never understand. 624 more words


Sea ice habitat Canada update for 23 July 2016 vs. 2014 & the start of bear problems

Sea ice breakup is always a little bit different year to year but since I have the maps archived, take a look at the differences and similarities at this date for this year compared to 2014… 192 more words

Sea Ice Habitat

Explosion in Kabul: at least 80 dead

Isis claim blast at protest event staged by the Hazara community over plans for new power lines.

More via The Independent


Here's a soulful Japanese word for the news-generated sadness you're probably feeling

With tragedies and terrible news relentlessly chasing one another through the news cycle, it’s only fair to feel an increasing sense of horrified impotence towards the state of the world. 150 more words

My Thoughts

I had so much planned for this morning. And yet, I have only done two of those things. Necessary things. My mind keeps wondering of, and yes, every now and then, I have tears in my eyes. 274 more words


Singapore condemns senseless shootings in Munich: PM Lee

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

SINGAPORE – Brutal terrorist attacks in recent months happening one after another puts Singaporeans “at risk of becoming numbed”, cautioned Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Saturday (July 23). 165 more words

Current Affairs

Captagon: IS's favourite stimulant drug

Last June, jihadist Seifeddine Rezgui killed 39 people on Sousse beach, Tunisia, before he was struck down by police. His autopsy revealed the presence of Captagon, a synthetic drug used particularly in Gulf countries; significant quantities of the substance have been circulating around Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria and other areas in the region for several years now. 372 more words