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Je Suis Charlie

By this time, I assume everyone has heard about the tragedy that happened in Paris this year. Although this isn’t the largest terrorist attack to ever happen, it was a monumental day for Paris. 415 more words


The changing pace of warfare through the ages

With the increasing use of the term ‘cyber-warfare’ by the media, and many information security professionals throwing the term ‘cyber-resilience’ around meaningfully, I thought it useful to take a reflective journey through the centuries and consider some high level trends in how we’ve financed and resourced wars, who takes part, and how things have changed since the connected world has brought much of the globe within easy reach. 873 more words


Flying Armbar by White Belt

Beautiful flying armbar from a white belt BJJ student.


Alone Time

I remember going through a really bad bout of anxiety after my mother died. It was one of the worse times in my life. I could not function, nor could I fix myself. 244 more words

Ronda Rousey vs Cat Zingano

Wow. 14 seconds. It’s the quickest Championship bout finish in UFC history. Need we say more?


Consider yourself...not alone.

Never really been a fan of writing my thoughts on to a computer, I’m a pen to paper kinda gal but i’m sure I can change around a little. 836 more words


Let Your Light Shine

The post below was originally written January 15, 2011.  I thought it was timely with the things going on in my life now to share again.  1,189 more words