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A lovely Tuesday for a tornado

One of our favorite pastimes in Minnesota is talking about the weather. This isn’t because we’re superficial or boring; rather, it’s because our weather is so darned… 470 more words


how to react to someone you dislike attending your funeral

Apologies for the ridiculously long title – I don’t really know what else to call this. Let’s just say a spiteful ghost’s sarcastic drabble. The title is pretty self-explanatory.

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Call of the Kodiak

Some people experience a phenomenon wherein they feel a sudden, inexplicable urge to step off the edge of a cliff, or jump from a bridge they are crossing. 925 more words

Attempted Humor

We’re taking the Patagonian plunge

In spite of my best intentions I’ve struggled to update my blog lately. There’s much news to share, but little time — so I’ll just give you the big headline: After much soul-searching, Esteban and I have decided to move to Patagonia. 386 more words

Attempted Humor

The inexplicable photography of online ads

Where do you turn for photographic inspiration? Flickr, perhaps? Or Instagram? Not me — not anymore. I turn to online auctions and classified ads.

I’ve gained a bit of weight recently, … 890 more words


"Nature's Greatest," Eh?

(Inspired by my love of cephalopods and this Slate article by Eric Grundhauser.)


A Proper Introduction

I woke up this morning and just like everyone else I checked my phone.  I was happily reminded by a few emails that I had set up this blog right before I went to bed.   478 more words