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How to Get a Dancer's Body: Two Strategies*

I: The Slow-and-Steady Approach

  1. If you don’t live in a locality with a good professional company, move to one
  2. Go to performances. Identify a dancer whose body you wouldn’t mind having.
  3. 143 more words

Lesson Learned

Tonight, BG posted a bit of video from one of last week’s classes to our community group on the Facebag.

It’s a simple Sissone combination, the kind you do to build endurance: 148 more words


All Forward Motion Counts?

Today’s class was a … you know what, the French do have a term for it: a melange. A mixed bag. Tutti frutti, perhaps.

Barre was good. 620 more words


My Rejection Note, Their Marketing Tool

Writers attract rejection via the inbox like electricity draws dust via static cling. It’s just part of the game. Sometimes, though, Emperor Nero publications add thumbs-down insult to injury, salt to wound, in- to dignity, when they use rejections as marketing¬†opportunities. 294 more words


Facts about Pig (six words at a time)

Pig spoiled Lord of the Flies.

Pig knows he’s delicious, but unconcerned.

Pig escapes pens all the time.

Pig considers truffle hunting his passion.

Pig enjoys staring down human children. 83 more words


Oh, Pinterest! 

That must be what they call it in Spaghetti technique… 11 more words


Stupid Questions

In the education world, the saying goes, there are no stupid questions. But in the big-boy world, the expression has deep roots. One place where it is most prevalent is sports, where breathless victors, still caught up in the power and the glory of their heart-stopping wins, often find a mic thrust into their faces with the question (from a supposedly college-educated sports journalist), “How do you feel right now?” 409 more words