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Depression pure, with a kick of crazy

1) A joke in theme with my mood\break down tonight

Ribbit… bang
A sucicidal frog!!

2) Icing on the crazy cake

Next up on loony bin FM… 80 more words

One Liners


Going to bed is such sweet sorrow, and getting to bed is hell to boot
Sleep, that’s a friggin dreamboat
When my brain allows!

One Liners

I tried normal, I tried sane, this happened!

I took a bite of a friggin peach and tried a slice of sanity to corrupt the mix, some holy as fuck angel goes bitching about calories and long life so i throw her heavy a shot of something resembling drain cleaner, not just in taste and colour! 194 more words


A Dating Profile to defy and offend

Ladies, gentlemen and well wishers
We are here to mourn the loss of Bob’s romantic life

He tried as a human to succeed but failed, tried as a depressive but couldn’t quite kill himself and failed to shake his single status… 182 more words

Random Pieces


A penny from heaven worth ten cents in hell as the ferryman buys a bag of Amsterdam’s finest and takes the boat for a ride. … 210 more words


Grade A Bitch

Love, the great defender of the hopeful faith, long thought departed by the drunkard crowd that had long since floated on from the ill-spirited space… 192 more words

Attempts At Humour

A piece of advice from the ill advised!

“Poking an angry bear a day
Keeps life away!”

Simple yet true, and something some need to take note of more than most!

One Liners