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My First Award, possible my only but what the hell!!

Stepping up to the grandiose podium (a collection of cardboard boxes, blew the budget on the free bar)

Ladies, gentleman… Ninja penguins and Barry the Bear… Any barflies that were at the bar before they closed it for this event… 903 more words

Serious Writing

If I so care to!

I can flower a collection of literary confetti and a bountiful wealth of fantastical phraseology to add flavour to the most mundane assembly of letters… 91 more words


How to cheer yourself up, the wrong way?!

Feeling down?

Not yourself?

Maybe your just a bit off piece and need to return to standard operating procedure, less the aspects that led to current predicaments! 356 more words


With Fries!!

I see the world a blaze

Life on a knife edge of existence with but a mere mis-step to a fall

Then the truth comes a’hitting with force, one hell of a right hook from life… 46 more words


Ode to a long suffering Mother

Dear Mother

You are the only one capable of dealing me with when my emotions get the better of me, have to put up with my constant negativity and when the gun is to my head you’re the poor sod talking me down… I’d say it’s a position of much responsibility and to be the one to hold that trust is an honour but I’m not that fucking crazy! 275 more words

Random Pieces

Dating Profiles, Continued!

Ring ring
Ring ring
Ring ring
Ring ring


The person you are trying to contact has given up on finding happiness, again, please leave a message if after reading this profile you wish to open communications… 35 more words

Attempts At Humour

14th Feb, Penguin Day!

There is a person in this world for whom my caring reaches the dizzy heights of ‘I give a damn’ which on the outside an innocent of the deep emotional arts of which I practice could take as a negative assertion. 278 more words

Random Pieces