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Diary of a dysfunctional appetite

At work:
“Damn bloody peckish, only biscuits available
Well, screw this healthy eating drive”

At college:
“Now I’m trapped in a classroom, I could really eat something” 12 more words

Attempts At Humour

So, you're Single

So you’ve reluctantly joined that hideously depressing club of lone males wondering the streets aimlessly, you are officially single… Dun Dun Dun (Hollywood musician wanted) 702 more words


Sense of Humour?!

The frog was wise, the frog was great

The frog knew Latin and sampled wine

The frog had lessons in music

And could play a tune… 75 more words


An old advisory, a'skewed

In front of every great women is a man cocking it up and needing to be micro managed

Behind every great man is a women kicking his arse and bitching about what he’s doing wrong, how to do it right!

One Liners

The Art of Self Conversation

When there is no one to converse with one has only themselves to exchange words with

But when folk see you talking with yourself, they tend not to want to converse with you… 9 more words

One Liners

There’s a storm waiting in every fluffy cloud
And in every black cloud a shitstorm of rain

Just to keep the mood positive folks!

One Liners