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Love; Request Denied... Bucket provided free!

The ‘Garden’ you started has become the grimly referred to ‘Plant Grave’ by passing persons who shudder when reading the “I Love Plants” comedic sign, their spooked shivers resonating with your last partner’s stunned look when you said “I don’t believe in love, it doesn’t exist” 508 more words

Attempts At Humour

Bridge Building for the Broken!

   What bridges are built with broken people are fucked three ways to hell to anyway

   The fact they ain’t burning funeral pyres already, takes a shit load of pressure off… 104 more words

Attempts At Humour

Words as Labels as a Stain

So… you were the precursor to Damian but thrown on the reject pile and having found the receipt from where your parents purchased you; it’s just a series of 6’s split into groupings of three… 818 more words

Attempts At Humour

Good idea?!

When the only options are which side of your head to hold the gun against

Take it as a hint as to how good an idea it is!

One Liners

A hint of the beast/An attempt at (something loosely called!) humour

You put your best foot forward, people tread on it

You get grumpy about it, people tell you off

You start talking to the decapitated heads of those people… 11 more words

One Liners