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Gods of the Night

A fronting the figure in shadows clad
All else in the room on bended knee
Or with screams and high pitched complaining make their way out… 249 more words


Sleepy B, Fairy tales gone rogue

Sleepy B got pissed off at her parents and shacked up with a rebellious bitch, known for been a bit of a dragon
Cut school and slept through the next few years in a state of permanent day dream… 49 more words



Everyone wants to act like my mother
Good advise and caring
The guise of innocence and a sweet little smile
A flash of which can bring out the… 46 more words


No Peep

Baa baa pink sheep
Ever ahead of her field
Bought the farm from old McDonald
And fired poor little Bo Peep
When she tried to sue… 13 more words

Stand Alones

Merited by my Faults

‘For all the reasons I’m broken, I am a good person’

I am officially a failure

I have taken the test and failed without so much as a point in my favour… 359 more words

Serious Writing

My First Award, possible my only but what the hell!!

Stepping up to the grandiose podium (a collection of cardboard boxes, blew the budget on the free bar)

Ladies, gentleman… Ninja penguins and Barry the Bear… Any barflies that were at the bar before they closed it for this event… 903 more words

Serious Writing

If I so care to!

I can flower a collection of literary confetti and a bountiful wealth of fantastical phraseology to add flavour to the most mundane assembly of letters… 91 more words