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Owed to Random, The Nut of Nuts!

He was half peanut, half cashew nut, and never really accepted
For years he used the prejudice to be better, stronger and smarter until he rose to leadership… 69 more words


The Robots guide to Faking Humanity

Warning: Those who are easily offended or have an untwisted sense of humour may not enjoy content, but I don’t care!

The room audible buzzes with life, an air of pure sociability and merriment.. 906 more words

Serious Writing

Would all visitors please follow the perplexed manic one wearing pants on his head, thankyou

Advisory 1

Welcome to the mad house, and if you see the staff…

Make sure they are returned to their cells!

Advisory 2

The staff are the ones who no longer pretend to be normal… 55 more words

One Liners

Relationships; The stuff they never teach you but should

I love you honey bear

I love you too baby

But I love you more my darling

….Bucket salesmen and cleaning companies get ready for a surge in business! 676 more words



I’m allergic to being Human

I’m allergic to being Alive

I’m allergic to being Happy

Life has prescribed me DepressionSarcasm and Creativity

So why do I still feel like shit!

One Liners

Gods of the Night

A fronting the figure in shadows clad
All else in the room on bended knee
Or with screams and high pitched complaining make their way out… 249 more words


Sleepy B, Fairy tales gone rogue

Sleepy B got pissed off at her parents and shacked up with a rebellious bitch, known for been a bit of a dragon
Cut school and slept through the next few years in a state of permanent day dream… 49 more words