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The idiots guide to avoiding death at the hands of a depressive

Never sell a positive you can’t guarantee, never reassure someone when there is no hope to repair a situation

Idiot: It’ll get better, you’ll meet someone one day… 505 more words
Attempts At Humour

Inappropriate Humour Pt2

You start talking to an old acquaintance, the impression you are not positively minded is evident; she moves the nearest sharp object away from you with the words “I think I’ll keep this over here” 14 more words

One Liners

When it's time to quit?!

Move over buddy, we need to make room for someone that matters

But if I move over anymore I’ll fall off the edge

Do we look like we care, anyway; what’s a bit more damage from the fall going to do, you look like crap already

One Liners

Inappropriately Appropriate Humour

Inappropriate Humour:
Laughing when you read “I’d like to preface this with a very staunch explanation that         this has no bearing on intent. I have no plan or intention to harm myself” 27 more words


Quotes from the end of the bar

“Everyone deserves a stiff drink at the end of the day, and if you are getting one for yourself I’ll have one too!”


Graveyard Marriages, Midnight Ceremonies

To her he looked a way to say it all
She had a body and no shovel 49 more words

Conversational Humour; How not to do it

Person: He killed himself

Grief councillor: It must be very sad for you

Person: It’s hard to believe he’s not coming back

Grief councillor: And you must accept that to move on… 88 more words

Attempts At Humour