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The misfortune of having a brain!

During the energetic, mildly fuming! explanation of an event involving a less that polite person of limited consideration I ended the rendition with the words, an arching opinion of the family no less “Its not that we have superiority complexes, we just have the unfortunate situation of having brains” 74 more words


Making mental health fun!

The manic depressive two step!
One step forward onto the emotional landmine, two steps back bouncing off the scenery

Depression can be funny, you just have to be depressed to get the joke!

One Liners

A thought of humour on a darkly humorous note

For persons who stand on the edge of cliffs one fateful day, before bouncing off the walls the next
Depressive short falls to manic over reactive highs… 19 more words

One Liners

A Motivational Message!

Today’s words of positive motivational logic

“Life wants to kill you, the world wants to burn you
And everything in-between just ain’t caring”

This has been brought to you by the happy folk at The Six Foot Rope Co, co sponsored by Beam Support LTD ‘Strong enough to hang from!!’ 15 more words


The bottle barman, I need a straight hit of whatever drain cleaner you offer and a few words of pre processed crap
Unless there’s a second bottle on offer… 167 more words


Hello World!

I never know what to say at the beginning. Lots of thoughts are flying around in my head. Each with a bright idea. But none of them seem to flow when I sit at the laptop. 254 more words

Attempts At Humour

The Owl and the Pussycat

The Owl and the Pussycat

A marriage made in hell as the Pussycat ate the Owl’s third cousin

The Owl went out every night without explanation… 16 more words