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Looking back on Object-Orientated Programming

As we move into the Spring (no pun intended), I thought it’d be nice to trace the history of a major paradigm shift in the way we write code. 1,940 more words


Introducing drw: a "useful tool" to solve a "practical problem".

(I have gripes that I need to get out of my system. I think that documenting my approach to a coding task could demonstrate some points I want to make, and help me give some ideas solid grounding.) 1,035 more words


Painful Conversations!

P1; I feel a loud pain where your fist impacted my face

P2; It’s been a day

P1; I said a single word

P2; You offended me, it’s been a really bad day… 18 more words

One Liners

Le quo

Nobody does formal anymore. So here’s a thing I did for the Indo on that theme:

The French are a stylish bunch. Perhaps it’s the tan, the teeth, the hair, but they can switch from haute couture to pret a porter with enviable ease. 1,388 more words

Ticket To Ride

“I’m sorry ma’am, we’re overbooked, you’re just too late”.
“But I have a ticket!”, I said. “Why do you issue tickets if you’re just going to kick me off the plane? 441 more words

Attempts At Humour


No, not that kind 😁.

Hectic life at the moment, so not had much chance to post, I wish I could tell you it was all exciting stuff…… I could tell you that but the chances are I’d be lying more than a lying person at the lying Olympics.   107 more words


The 6 Stages of Procrastination

I hope you’ve all had a nice week. Thank you all so much for the great feedback I’ve been getting on my spring posts lately :) . 716 more words

Attempts At Humour