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I believe in love

I believe in love.

Because I believe in God

Whose very identity and nature

Is nothing but love

He has created me with a love so pure… 332 more words

Attempts At Poetry

A Poem

Our King of Lowly Broken Things

Reigns on High, above all things,

And delights to show us joy and love

Released from Splendor up above. 76 more words


bad habit

sometimes i mutter i don’t know, when i do know.
it’s a disclaimer of sorts, in moments of vulnerable diffidence.
or, i don’t know–it’s automatic sometimes, too.


Lost in a sea of thoughts

There’s a boy on the tip of the shore,
Perched on a rock, wave kissed.
Like the rock, he’s there by chance.
The raucous waves wouldn’t give him a moment, 279 more words


to be soft

his mother and i
stare at the inflamed tendon
protruding from his thin, bruised wrist.

“i can’t work anymore,”
the 17 year old reveals.
“i can’t write, so the teachers said… 78 more words


The Fetter of Ambition

Headphones dull reality

When I put them on I perform a casualty

I destroy this world, burn my cage

And run back to my mental universe to escape this age… 201 more words

Attempts At Poetry

white lies

when others begin to smell the
green, murky brew from my lips,
bubbling with lonely late night thoughts
i stumble. the concoction bewitched me!
i mutter weakly. this isn’t me.