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Tales From The Heart (Part I) : Unconditionally

Unconditionally by Emmanuel Yogan Lourdes

Conflicted and confused, twisted inside
My heart boils, trashing and heaving
Against the broken vessel of my body,
Never have I felt such anguish and despair, 202 more words



Enemy by Emmanuel Yogan Lourdes

So we meet again,
You wretched evil thing!
Time has passed since we last met,
For a moment, I thought you were dead. 189 more words



My ghosts wake me up at night

Waiting to be fed

Sitting by the edge of my bed

They wait.

Patiently, as I toss and turn, 30 more words


Madness by Emmanuel Yogan Lourdes

The moon was so bright, on that lovely night,
As we walked together, side by side,
Through the tranquil garden, you and I, 201 more words


the u-district

goodwill, used bookstores, american apparel,
independent shops covered in arabian fabrics,
the scent of mellow, brooding coffee shops tangled
with vietnamese pho and ice-cream crepes… 139 more words


I Nearly Died Once

I nearly died once.

I remember the time
My father, in his desperation,
Tried to drive me
Back to my home city
So that I could warm my feet… 401 more words

Attempts At Poetry

The Angel

The Angel by Emmanuel Yogan

I saw her from afar, an angel in the dark,
So bright, that not even with closed eyes
Could I escape her brilliance. 171 more words