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Magnetic Poetry circa 1999

Mischance Lover,

she cannot give

what you deliriously ache for.

Loathsome Woman!

Bestow mercy

lest you crush her.

Does anybody remember magnetic poetry? Does anyone still have it on their fridge?

Attempts At Poetry


grinding texture of sand

radiating warmth of sun

soaking sounds of laughter

soothing motion of waves

floating sense of time

Attempts At Poetry

Irregularity for now

There was an up, a down; I read from right to left
Limits were self-imposed by another self
But I no longer say : there are two of me now – like you did. 208 more words


daddy's little princess

i’m bleeding a vermilion smoke of memories
of when I believed love meant forever,
a promise made by damp kisses
and long hugs, broken when you twirled me… 74 more words



you’re a fast learner–you’re only 5
and you know that beauty
is the best compliment you can give. you’ve
learned that white women should be the… 67 more words


I need a M

So. You let him turn you into a


Rewritten as the stupid girl, an

Endless beggar.

And then you let him walk away.

M… 6 more words

Attempts At Poetry

Dedicated to MARY

Merrily naïve

Arrogantly young

Recklessly in love…

You’ll see.

Acrostic poetry. Now you give it a try and share it with me!

Attempts At Poetry