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white lies

when others begin to smell the
green, murky brew from my lips,
bubbling with lonely late night thoughts
i stumble. the concoction bewitched me!
i mutter weakly. this isn’t me.


let us gather around this table

The word on the street is there’s more bad news coming.
The word on the street is that the people are gonna be marching.
The word on the street is that we’re done with all of the hate and the trolling. 144 more words


sleep used to be
a quiet escape from it all,
but now it swallows me
in my dreams, and i wake up
with scars i didn’t see before


I had to write these verses.

They buried Ferdinand Marcos among the soldiers and among the heroes today, taking the country by surprise.

They sneaked in the waxen false idol of a corpse, and buried him in hallowed ground, where he did not belong. 304 more words

Letter to a toddler

Your first words will be welcomed,
Like first streaks of light into a dark tunnel.
And your last words will be remembered,
Like last streaks of light from a dark tunnel. 314 more words

Life Learning

Between Smudges

Have you ever painted on white canvas before?
Even yet coarse, it pulls fresh paint as only impatient yearning can.
The first few strokes are rarely forced, like a tide rolling in, 291 more words

Attempts At Poetry

To her, with love

I’ve heard her speak a million times;
Have I heard her, when she didn’t?

I’ve seen her flawless face a million times;
Have I seen her, with my eyes closed? 122 more words

Ramblings On Romance