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we are hanging by a thread.
that’s what this feels like–
so fragile, like the first time you hold a newborn.
mesmerized by the baby’s trusting eyes, 66 more words


5 reasons why i stop writing

what perplexes me
i don’t know if i enjoy it anymore

what frustrates me
i can’t think of something to write

what worries me
i don’t have the time… 12 more words



i look for you everywhere:
online, on the metro, at the corner store,
outside my house, where i saw you last.

it is midnight and i still look. 49 more words



I let him crash upon my shores
and break himself on the cliffs of my love
and he left nothing for the crows to find… 13 more words

Attempts At Poetry

the rekindling

writing has become
an absent pastime. hidden
in lust of what was.



And I think to myself

If I were to wrap myself,

Paint myself,

Drown myself

In colours-

Would they cover this darkness?


i like your face even better up close–
i told you that.
i feel weight of your eyes, the
heaviness of dulce de leche,
pour over mine; 20 more words