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God's in His heaven, all's right with the world!

when i read this first, i was 10 and idealistic and carefree and because
as far as my mere 10 year old bones were concerned, yes! 76 more words

Attempts At Poetry

loyalty, part iii.

You’re a boat, passing through a sea of souls, each one glimpsed, not a one really touched nor felt at all.

The pavement below is just pebbles on a riverbed. 48 more words



He sifts her through his palm.
The silt of her soul sheds away his layers:
The old ones; the dead ones;
The ones he doesn’t need… 44 more words


false widow

She was a widow; false.
Her fangs dug in like needles.
Maidens were sweeter, though.
Men’s hearts, helpless.
She bled them dry – one
By one; she built a throne… 101 more words



I built a shrine to us, a tomb for our love.

I stared at the effigy
Of what was, and what could have been.

An impossibility, when push came to shove.



And though I know that I was not the first to win your love,
I hold its hard-won fire against my heart until it burns



It swelled: a stone in my throat —
Poison — for want of a bezoar.
I knew I should spit it out.
I wished I could. 103 more words