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When your toes, new-freed, touch that wet earth, as at birth;
when the salt-spray, new-loving each time, curls your hair, She’s there,
Her fingers fangling sea-braids from the currents, from the air. 82 more words

Attempts At Poetry

los dreamers

i am not a dreamer, and i cannot image the heartbreak of those who are.

today, our president committed an inhumane abuse of power; he terminated the deferred action for childhood arrivals program (daca). 224 more words



overripe dulzura     melts
over   chapped lips  &
the  sting   is
so  good. you lick   the thick
sweetness off   your fingers
& laugh with   your   belly on my    lap
we enjoy summer     there


me quemas

“inhale, in hell there’s heaven.” – Frank Ocean

i used to warm my hands by you,
a fireplace. it was easy to forget that fire burns… 39 more words


80's family portrait

a 6 foot tall young man squints at the camera.
wispy brown hair frames his sun burnt face
and his thick moustache, as coarse a broom, 107 more words


You Bring Out the Monster in Me

you bring out the monster in me.

your llantos desesperados echo in a barren desert
trying to find someone who will listen.
you pause at the sound of an awakening– 98 more words



we are hanging by a thread.
that’s what this feels like–
so fragile, like the first time you hold a newborn.
mesmerized by the baby’s trusting eyes, 66 more words