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underwater dreaming

she floats just beneath the ocean’s waves
her brown hair spread like a scallop seashell.
her gaze, fixed on the profile of a white sun… 51 more words


Second Hand Dealer

Just before you go,
can I interest you 
in pieces of my broken heart?
Some of it is worth saving
and other bits...just shards 
(results of little accidents
with mistaken love
that I foolishly repeated)
Sorrow fits me like a glove! 68 more words
Attempts At Poetry

La Provence d'Afrique

As Autumn spreads its cooling fingers
over the South of Africa
and the red spectrum of the colour wheel
tints the leaves and sky at dawn,
I find myself longing to wander
beyond the melancholic walls of work
and the repetitive scenes in my own garden... 101 more words
Attempts At Poetry

The Fruits Of Hatred

You left me
with so much to say -
a tumultuous tempest of words
brewing in my mind 
and nobody to say it to...
You left me
with a seething ocean
of angry, crashing utterances
eroding the inner walls of me
where only I can hear its echos
and drown in its futility
Attempts At Poetry

This Woman's Opinion

Ladies, please lend me your ears
as I've been silent now for years
about the rights of women!
I'll have you know I feel offended
if an entire day intended
to shine the light on women's issues
halts a whole economy
just so the world can clearly see
that I am, in fact, not equal! 164 more words
Attempts At Poetry

At The Races

Today the scent of brandy
made me think of you
and I questioned my beliefs
and whether what I think, is true
Is the last breath breathed, the last
or do we relive ad infinitum
all the mistakes of the past
until we master with perfection
our purpose of being human? 74 more words
Attempts At Poetry

Honestly, Goodbye

Today a coffin filled with your body 
will be lowered into a gaping hole
in the muddy ground  
soaked by last night's rain
There will be sobs and gasps and stumbling
of disillusioned people
who thought they loved you
but will now silently question themselves
and wonder if it was enough. 139 more words
Attempts At Poetry