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the rekindling

writing has become
an absent pastime. hidden
in lust of what was.



And I think to myself

If I were to wrap myself,

Paint myself,

Drown myself

In colours-

Would they cover this darkness?


i like your face even better up close–
i told you that.
i feel weight of your eyes, the
heaviness of dulce de leche,
pour over mine; 20 more words



if i knew what hardened your hands to stone
i’d suck it right of out you. a breathless attempt
at your salvation.

you stiffen–the flowerbeds on your chest decompose… 18 more words


Prayer of A Doubting Thomas

My Lord and my God!

Forgive me if I doubted,

The pains and tears brought by your cross

Are so much that they blinded me… 602 more words

Sunday Gospel Reflections

Dear Mr. Spider

Spindly creature,
I apologize for loathing your
eight-legged skitter,
your fat hump and your hairy demeanour.
Scary creature ,
I apologize for all the shoes I’ve thrown at you, 66 more words


I feel like everybody’s hearing a call to war that I’m not hearing.

Like there’s these drums a rum-tum-tumming

And these symbols clash-a-clash-clashing

And nobody’s listening. 338 more words