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Faith in the Foolish

We let the light in when we can,

Settle for effervescence all the same,

Although, who or what should you blame?

Incense made of the heart comes costly, 289 more words

Attempts At Poetry


A simple text,
asking me again,
not to be disappointed.
My heart sinks,
because I am.
How could you forget?
About me,
do I matter? 166 more words



When your toes, new-freed, touch that wet earth, as at birth;
when the salt-spray, new-loving each time, curls your hair, She’s there,
Her fingers fangling sea-braids from the currents, from the air. 82 more words

Attempts At Poetry

los dreamers

i am not a dreamer, and i cannot image the heartbreak of those who are.

today, our president committed an inhumane abuse of power; he terminated the deferred action for childhood arrivals program (daca). 224 more words



overripe dulzura     melts
over   chapped lips  &
the  sting   is
so  good. you lick   the thick
sweetness off   your fingers
& laugh with   your   belly on my    lap
we enjoy summer     there


me quemas

“inhale, in hell there’s heaven.” – Frank Ocean

i used to warm my hands by you,
a fireplace. it was easy to forget that fire burns… 39 more words


80's family portrait

a 6 foot tall young man squints at the camera.
wispy brown hair frames his sun burnt face
and his thick moustache, as coarse a broom, 107 more words