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mother's advice for a hot afternoon

we walk to la iglesia to the beat of heat waves
that amá tries to ward off with her black sombria
hovering over her head. she notices me wiping… 62 more words


An Arranged Break-up

It could have been a marriage, an arranged one at that.

We could have had the happy ever after, if you hadn’t turned it into a dud. 156 more words

Arranged Marriage

An Ode To The Silken Maiden...

I write not for the world but for you alone my love.
If my words fill you with felicity,my heart soars like a peaceful dove. 270 more words

A song of yearning...

If me coming hither makes thy skin cringe,
I shall stay a mile away and just peek at thy beautiful face.

If me gazing at thy beautiful face ails thee, 82 more words

Glass Melody

I want to see something be ripped apart

And feel it break in harmony with my heart

I want to behold the world fall and smash… 101 more words

Excerpts Of Thought

War Cry

I have a war cry and it is burning deep inside

Shall I release it, or at least live knowing that I tried?

I sit with a pen, wondering what words to say… 108 more words

Excerpts Of Thought

Song In The Dark

With lyrics of TØP circulating

These electrical charges start mating

To produce something devoid of coherency

These thoughts have a tendency

To insult, to offend… 175 more words

Excerpts Of Thought