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If you could only see what you
do to me
How the very thought of you
Gives me a delicious ache
deep in my belly… 50 more words


only $12

in the thick of expensive cigar smoke,
i noticed your clarks and wondered–
maybe i’d be better at math
if everyday calculations were less troubling. 181 more words


Teach Me

silent ancient rooms

voices shake rise up

take my mask away



we can only respect our cultures
when they respect our women.
the rugged path they paved with womens’ bones
is lit by orbs that hold dreams they forced us to forget– 121 more words


Tales From The Heart (Part II) : Nothing

Nothing by Emmanuel Yogan Lourdes

It’s been a week and a day
Since I made my mistake
And now, I can say that
I’m doing just fine. 319 more words


Dear Natacha

Sometimes I’m on my knees
And I hear nothing.
My eyes turn, arms hold me
I want more, too
I paid $15 for a vegan ice cream I’m going to throw up… 73 more words


Tales From The Heart (Part I) : Unconditionally

Unconditionally by Emmanuel Yogan Lourdes

Conflicted and confused, twisted inside
My heart boils, trashing and heaving
Against the broken vessel of my body,
Never have I felt such anguish and despair, 202 more words