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breathing underwater

waking up to the dread of day
and convincing myself of its impermanence is like
trying to breathe underwater

it all feels so wrong


my secret thoughts

what can i say?

that i came home
thinking of you
a hurricane in my head
sweeping away my foundations
my feet giving way
to scatter myself across a bed… 149 more words



I am turning you over in my fingers,
Stained with someone’s ideas
and someone else’s fears.
She is not me
but I’m scared I’ll be her… 184 more words


The journey called Life

I was born into a story,
With little choice about my role or its running time,
There’s some magic in peeking  from the cliff of  an experience, 143 more words

Attempts At Poetry

An Accession To Night

The sun’s glare dies
To an amber incandescence.
Unravelling each tendril of light,
Unbinding itself from the open sky.
The rustle of the trees marks… 145 more words

Attempts At Poetry

to (not) belong

they’ve asked me :
are you vietnamese?
are you arab?
indian?           siberian?          russian?
mexican? costa rican?

they’ve told me:
yeah, you look really latina                there… 7 more words


how it is

must stop listening

to scott walker when my soul

feels black sure fuck it