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Hot and Cold

Thought from the head tip;
To pamper the tongue tip.
You’re one of those devils;
That stayed back disguised.
Long after I thought you’d left.
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Attempts At Poetry

His Tongue Tip

He had his tongue tip moving in circles down me; spread wide without inhibition.

Rhythmically moving up and down my clit pampering it like never before. 94 more words

Ramblings On Romance


alki beach is crowded today. shirtless men
are softened by the sun as they
play volleyball and
children race to the edge of the ocean, 78 more words


Maya // Mercy

Voices echo off the rim,
and the walls muffle
your growing throes.
Turning and backstepping,
our inhibitions fall, confetti, as we,
dedicated patrons of our own ballet, 96 more words


Ramblings of a heart

Made of blood and flesh;

Unimaginatively, I pump and flush.

Happy with my modest existence;

A loyal servant by all means.

Aware the mirror wouldn’t show my opulence; 161 more words

Ramblings On Romance

broken records

mamá never cried.

is that why       i feel like
i cry too much?


paper cranes

they warned us about you,
the men who like to fold women
into paper cranes.

even if you bend our beautiful skin
and crease our minds with your lies, 11 more words