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Them All to Break - 6/26/15

The eggshells have been

tickling lately;

tender skin of my feet.

Friendly, cute signals;

‘hello, I’m here!’

Sensational distraction from

the knife

that punctured them all to break… 11 more words

Without Within - 6/19/15

Her eyes are scanning

quick now. Not steady

in her skin. Always looking

to others for, what she can’t

feel within.

A False Truth : A Failed Attempt at A Poem

If one day, I wake up

and recognize a false truth,

my mind failed to notice.

Every blogger met,

All bonds constructed,

All memories stored, 82 more words


First Suicide

Note: I’m been missing on poems since my early childhood. Till date I must have read 10 poems at max. and this is my second attempt at writing a poem. 93 more words


Meditation Dedication

Recently I’ve been meditating more often. I am attempting to meditate twice a day but have been more successful dedicating my time in the evenings. I recently posted about reading the book… 226 more words

Fun Captcha

Just checking… If a member attempts to post a comment as a guest, that flags the IP as potential spam, yes? ((Aka puts one s IP on a temp ban until staff can untangle it?)) … Wanting to make sure before I went to play with the new Turing Test (although sometimes I think I really am a robot… Cue: Binary solo! 12 more words

Will the Passing Game Come Alive in 2015?

TORONTO – The Canadian Football League has spent the past two off-seasons working on creating excitement with making major rule changes to the CFL passing game. 813 more words