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Suicide Rates Keep Rising

❝ Those of us who work in pediatric intensive care have frequent encounters with the problem of suicide and attempted suicide. It has seemed to me for some years that the numbers are increasing, and this has been shown to be the case.

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Out of the city & into the lake (Holon)

I still can’t believe that I’ve made my way through the mountains. Well, it isn’t really my first time but it’s my first to be trekking a higher one – all just to see a lake. 654 more words

Birthday post or let's just put this nail in the coffin already

Another b’day, another unsolicited post. It’s become a tradition and since I am a bhartiya nari I have to uphold it.

So what have I learnt this past year? 220 more words



If I have to stand under the sun for hours on end,

If I have to deal with others complaining about long lines and inefficiency, 111 more words


Monkeys dodge attempts to trap them

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

People armed with tranquiliser guns and blowpipes were out yesterday morning to hunt and sedate long-tailed macaques that have harassed and injured Housing Board flat residents in Bukit Panjang. 393 more words

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Mumble on linguistic relativity


Linguistic relativity is the theory that language affects thought. This is generally against the idea that humans have a common manner of ratiocination which different languages simply express with different sounds. 853 more words


Follow-up on aesthetics and information.

This is a further explication of a few things I introduced in my last essay. As such, it probably won’t make much sense without that/is not meant to stand as an actual essay. 4,171 more words