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Martin Shkreli Attempts to Purchase Sole Rights to New Kanye West Album, Remains Evil Douche

Former pharmaceutical exec and noted penis hole Martin Shkreli took his campaign to become the real-life incarnation of a Mr. Burns-like cartoonish supervillain to a new level moments ago, announcing on Twitter that he’d like to purchase the sole rights to Kanye West’s… Readmore..

You are, Indeed.

One bunch of baby’s breath

along the road.

Two pig tails, one chubby hand holding on

to a teddy bear with one shortened arm.

A lopsided nose, half a smile… 96 more words


All but None. 

All the pretty girls I see, not one of them is me.

All the beautiful ladies of class, not one just a vase.

All the wide smiles of white, behind each, spirits which fight. 13 more words


Happy (?) Chinese New Year! 

The red packets

The #OOTD floods

The small talks

The time spent on the car travelling

Along with the Bakwa

Continuous snacking


And loud yells of “Huat ah” … 62 more words


The man who has the will to undergo all labor may win to any good.

College Bruh Attempts to Snap Perfect Selfie at Basketball Game

What is it about college students at sporting events?
Are they physically incapable of just sitting back and actually enjoying the game?


Davidson selfie bruh is amazing. 16 more words

Be Proud you Achieved 16! 

Hard getting to 16 I feel. There’s a boy in Singapore, a boy aged fourteen who jumped to his death. 2 years to sixteen. Couldn’t he have waited to sixteen? 186 more words