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when it comes to my awkward dealings with women i have an interest i always look for signs or signals. the main signal must be favorable to me or otherwise i have a hard time deciding whether or not she wants me. 398 more words

Attempts To Send Emails Have Failed

Hello, The email service I have been using has been having technical issues. I think their server went down from denial of service attacks or something but I ve been waiting for them to get back up as they said they are working on the problem. 33 more words

Horny Dog Attempts to Mate, Gets Stuck in Tiny Door

Forgive the obvious pun, but:
The canine featured in the following story just put a brand new spin on the term doggy style!

Say hello to Keeta, a five-year old American Bulldog who lives in Leicester, England and whose owners say was recently in heat. 7 more words

Responsibility for Intentions or Outcomes?

By Claire Creffield


The awful truth is that the degree to which we are blamed for relatively minor wrongdoings often depends not on the wrongdoings themselves, but on chance outcomes they may have contributed to. 452 more words


connection? part 2

after some time of no messaging janice has finally written back. earlier i wrote about making eye contact with a young lady (not janice) at collegiate homecoming. 228 more words

Stocking Stuffers (For men!)

Hey guys!

Christmas time is right around the corner (if you celebrate it) and if you’re anything like me, finding a gift for a man is TOUGH. 433 more words


the wrestling girl pt. 2

You know with the Wrestling Girl I’ve basically decided not to make any sort of moves on her. Mainly because I think she does have someone. 257 more words