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27 of the strangest world records ever attempted

(Source: www.businessinsider.com)

People will do some pretty crazy things to get in the record books. 

Though some world-record holders are physical anomalies — like… 774 more words


More Attempts to Bring #eCommerce to World&rsqu...

…TrumpCare 1 TUI Air 1 UK 1 UK Politics 2 Uledger 1 umbrella coin 1 UMEK 1 UN 3 union pay 1 US 4 US politics 1 USA 1 USD 2 UTRUST 1 vacation 1 venezuela 1… rocktrader.eu Total Shares: 3… 6 more words

Chinese Principal Saves Suicidal Girl by Grabbing Her Shirt Before She Jumps

Shanghaiist Reported that the girl was “severely depressed” as she thwarted the attempts of her friends and family who also tried to convince her not to jump. 48 more words


Incomplete Attempts...

Okay… So I have been thinking, after posting my excuse for why I have been procrastinating… that I probably won’t, anytime soon at least, complete both of the previous drawings I mentioned in the previous post > which I did start, but not complete… > which I said I would maybe complete the one, but requires a lot of time… Well like I said, I have been thinking… that Yes, I will not complete them, but I will maybe restart them at a very later stage when I feel a tad bit more confident in doing something that requires a hell lot of more time and attention… and obviously better skill to complete them within a shorter time period, as now… because now it just takes too much of my time, because my skills are not there yet to be able to draw quicker, but still good enough… you know… 157 more words

Drawing Challenge

Kenyan government attempts to close down two rights groups

NAIROBI (Reuters) – The Kenyan government is trying to shut down a rights group and a pro-democracy organization who raised queries over last week’s disputed presidential election, officials said on Tuesday, provoking international condemnation of the attempted closures.

When agents of influence seek to shape public opinion

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

Foreign countries and their intelligence agencies have long sought to shape actions and policies in other countries.

Such espionage and subversion were at their peak during the Cold War, but have resurfaced recently as the global balance of power shifts and geopolitical tensions rise. 599 more words

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