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A Psychic Depression: The Aim of the Self-Centered

“A psychic depression, for example, is characterized by an abaissement du niveau mental, by a loss of libido in the consciousness, expressed in lack of enthusiasm and initiative, weakness of will, fatigue, incapacity for concentration and work, and in “negative” contents, such as thoughts of death and failure, weariness of life, suicidal leanings, and so on. 1,373 more words


The List of Presidential Assassination Attempts Is Shockingly Longer than Anyone Thought

This post is in partnership with the History News Network, the website that puts the news into historical perspective. The article below was originally published at… 1,339 more words

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Anti-gravity yoga

You know that sensation of all the blood rushing to your head you experience when you’re upside down? How much do you enjoy that? I would wager a bet not much. 1,203 more words


Science Attempts To Explain Why Adults Still Fear the Good Dentist

Ask a good number of adults which childhood fear continue to plague them, and you’ll be surprised by the one fear they commonly share: the fear of dentists. 80 more words


Suicide: Bringing Awareness

“I feel honored to be able to share an article written by an inspiration young woman who not only has powerful insight, but also, shares her own story with her struggles with suicidal ideation and attempts.   1,390 more words

Above all... Always the moon

Above all… Always the moon

Staring at us, human beings,

With our deeds and attempts

So simply small, and so divine

In this time that is given to us… 11 more words