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Attending CES 2018? wants to see your company

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CES is a horrible, god-awful experience that will shave years off your life. The casinos, the food, the people, the germs. Horrible. All of it. 162 more words


Attending: mist rising from the fence and tree branches

I was sitting at my writing desk, working, in the early morning. My desk faces the window which looks out over my back garden. It is not a huge garden, though large enough, and it is messy and weed-ridden and I love it the more for that because weeds are vigourous, healthful plants that may not satisfy conventional definitions of beauty but which have their own beauty nonetheless. 283 more words


Attending: a sprig of something I found on a run

I was out running and though it is autumn and it is growing cold,  and the wind has been vicious and all the plants are being stripped bare, I passed, here and there, some bushes that seemed to be only just coming into bloom. 398 more words


Attending: a Tiger's Eye stone

When I pick up the stone I feel a thin grain of dust that has settled on the surface which wipes off on my thumb and fingers, so thin it leaves no mark or residue. 421 more words


GEEKLAND magazine, editorial 10

Three announcements 

Hello everyone !

This week is a little special, I have decided to dedicate it to Jessica Nigri’s absolutely insane & awesome cosplays :) so every single day, you’ll get to see some of my favorite newest cosplays that she’s made. 236 more words


“A master surgeon is one who can do the least surgery that obtains a very good result.”

– KS


Be curious, and listen to their stories

I think if there’s anything that I’ve learned so far in the wards, it’s that you really never know what someone has been through unless you ask. 2,626 more words

Med School And The MSTP