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Attending, listening Yoga-style

“The art of listening is the marriage of ear and space.” – Remski interpretation of Patanjali’s sutra 3.41

In my Theory and Practice Course for Social Work, we are learning the art of interviewing. 221 more words


Wealth secrets of the affluent

Attending a gym is one of the secrets of the affluent person, Research reviles the fact that 55% of the of the most affluent people that attend a gym two to three times a week. 44 more words


This week I went for a jog. As I usually do, I left out the back yard and let Max outside while I ran. Normally, I also finish by coming back through the back yard and I see Max ready and waiting for me. 655 more words

Maximizing Your Conference Attendance

Have you ever looked forward to attending a meeting or conference in anticipation of everything you would get out of it? You meet new people, gain new insights, generate new ideas, and leave inspired and excited? 39 more words

The fear of death by anesthesia

Undergoing surgery was definitely not my on bucket list. However, about a week ago, I could to add surgery to my list of cool experiences. Yes, I am adding it to cool experiences because: 1,209 more words

Descriptive experience sampling

A few days ago I watched this remarkable video about descriptive experience sampling, an idea which involves being prompted to document the small moments which make up a day. 1,182 more words