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Church "Joiners"

I have been thinking about commitment to what we call “church.” A church is not a building, but the people inside it. I’m not committed to a building, but I go to the same one every Sunday morning. 531 more words

#mindfulmed: How MINDFULNESS is keeping me stable.

No, I am not crashing! Set your pads down, you wouldn’t need the crash cart for this one. J

The excitement that follows completing residency (especially if you opt out of fellowship) is often so strong that it seldom accompanies a plan to excel as an attending. 893 more words

Disturbing the Peace

This past week, Max woke me up in the middle of the night twice on Monday and once Tuesday. And by middle of the night I mean right in the dead center of what would have otherwise been some really peaceful sleep. 538 more words

Lack of Interest

Recently Shelley and I have been attending the Drop-In Centre every monday for between 4 and 6 hours. Since we opened in December We have only had 2 people use our service. 235 more words



– It is the first part of listening consists of being heard. If you’re not hearing, you can’t listen. Therefore receiving is the first, easiest, and most significant step in the entire listening process. 202 more words

Attending to the Worship of God

Hello all! This week’s blog post was inspired by a sermon I listened to from Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, PA. The speaker was Dr. Liam Goligher and it was a great message. 536 more words


Excuse me while I go hit my face on stuff

That time when your attending asks you to look up how a patient’s drug is administered. So you look it up and come back to him all proud. 20 more words