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“A master surgeon is one who can do the least surgery that obtains a very good result.”

– KS


Attending to Every Child’s Needs

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Dr Ow Yeong Wai Mang, Henry Park Primary School, President’s Award for Teachers 2017 Recipient

Dr Ow Yeong Wai Mang has devoted her career to helping students with special needs. 797 more words

Current Affairs

Be curious, and listen to their stories

I think if there’s anything that I’ve learned so far in the wards, it’s that you really never know what someone has been through unless you ask. 2,626 more words

Med School And The MSTP

Nine Tips For Women (And Anyone Else) Attending Their First Fighting Game Tournament

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Illustration by Angelica Alzona

Are you are a woman who wants to compete in a fighting game event, but you don’t know where to start? 2,882 more words


Responding to emotions, can we trust them?

Responding to emotion vs responding to the Truth
Emotions are responders, they respond to the current situation or your thoughts. So if they are merely responsive and have absolutely no intellect, then what is the key to responding with fruit of the spirit instead of sin? 131 more words

New Covenant Talks

Attending an overseas trade show

In case you have an experience in participating in an overseas trade show such as in Netherlands, you probably know how much work it requires. You need to gather all the necessary paperwork and submit them before the deadline, book for a travel and hotel reservation for every person planning to attend the event, choose the best booth and send parcels with marketing material ahead. 28 more words

Is going to church important? 

    Where do you find Jesus? In a church or in the Gospel?

That is why I don’t want to teach church as a place we go to, rather what we are. 181 more words