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Learn about Your Students with "What If" Questions - Teacher's Corner

Teacher’s Corner
Asking “What If” is a way to learn about your students.
For example, ask:
  • “What if Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary had not been assassinated in 1914?” Find out how students understand the causes of World War I.
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Attention for Misbehavior

Monday’s Parenting Thought
Children often misbehave as a way to get the attention that all human beings need. Therefore, discipline and attention are connected.
  1. When adults ignore misbehavior, children get no attention for their misbehavior.
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Attention for Misbehavior - Teacher's Corner

Teacher’s Corner

Writing Prompts and Discussion Topics on the Subject of Attention for Misbehavior.

  1. Students often act out and get in trouble as a way to get much-needed attention.
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Developmental Stages

Young Children - Meet Them Where They Are.

Monday’s Parenting Thought
Meet your young children where they are.
When their faces are not more than a few inches off the ground – maybe even upside down – meet them down there crawling or tumbling where you can be eye-to-eye. 52 more words

Older Children - Meet Them Where They Are.

Monday’s Parenting Thought
Meet your older children where they are.
When all they are interested in is their big muscles and not so much their minds – meet them outside for some activity before they do their homework. 71 more words
Developmental Stages

Meet Your Students Where They Are - Teacher's Corner

Teacher’s Corner

If you are struggling to get your students’ attention, try meeting them where they are.

  1. When they are restless and unable to focus – meet them where they can move and embed some learning into their movement.
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Good Leaders Have Great Observation Skills

Leaders are observers.

I was a new college graduate. I thought it would be smart to take a year off before graduate school and make some money since I was paying my own way. 243 more words