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Babies Make Predictions, Too

Babies Make Predictions, Too.

Babies are more like scientists than like sponges. Even 6-month-olds, who can’t crawl or babble yet, can make predictions and register whether the predictions come true, as the predictive coding picture would suggest. 31 more words


End Summer Brain Drain!

It’s summertime again! Every school year, children look forward the summer holidays because they want to put away their school books, get involved in lots of exciting holiday activities and visit their favorite summer destinations. 280 more words


Understanding ADHD: Causes


What actually causes Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)?

 Over the years, the exact causes of ADHD have been unclear. However, genetics is generally known to be a major cause in most cases, although, other factors may contribute as well. 194 more words


Understanding ADHD: Facts and Myths

Over the years, so much has been said concerning ADHD which are merely misconceptions about the disorder. Some have thought of it as a result of bad upbringing, while others have thought about it as the individual’s fault; they believe those with ADHD behave in certain ways to purposely annoy or to avoid school work and  other given tasks. 355 more words


Gullible: Young Girls, Older Men

“I like your tattoo,” I told him. That was the first lie I told him; I just wanted this man, twice my age, to come closer so I could touch the roaring lion on the smooth skin of his shoulder. 1,064 more words


Understanding ADD/ADHD

When you hear ADD or ADHD, what comes to your mind?

Well, throughout the month of June, I shall be sharing very interesting information about ADD/ADHD such as what ADD/ADHD means, myths and facts about ADD/ADHD, types, causes, signs/characteristics, diagnosis, prevalence, management, clinical interventions, parenting tips, adult ADD/ADHD and successful people with ADHD. 219 more words


Definition #209 Attention

Kathleen Jamie
“When we were young, we were told that poetry is about voice,

about finding a voice and speaking with this voice,

but the older I get I think it’s not about voice, it’s about listening and… 46 more words