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How To Develop Who You Are

Paul wrote at least twice in Romans thoughts that today could be translated “You become what you think about.”

Where you choose to place your attention determines what sort of person you become. 183 more words


Lazarus at the gate

Earlier this week, I passed an evidently homeless man in the street. I passed by; I was in a hurry; I didn’t have any change in my pocket; I didn’t want to fumble in my handbag for money. 253 more words


Art and Concentration - Teacher's Corner

Teacher’s Corner

Writing Prompts and Discussion Topics on the Subject of Art and Concentration.

  1. Select a type of art that you are interested in – either doing it or enjoying it.
  2. 401 more words
Developmental Stages

Art and Concentration

Monday’s Parenting Thought

When children do art (drawing, painting, sculpting, music, dance, acting, sewing, cooking, etc.), they have to focus.

It takes attention and concentration to get ideas from their heads through their muscles and nerves and onto a page or stage or plate. 40 more words


The Words of My Mouth And The Meditations of My Heart

Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable to you, O Lord, my strength and my redeemer. –Psalm 19… 284 more words


Giving Your Children Undivided Attention

Monday’s Parenting Thought

How often are your children the center of your world? How often do they know that they are the center of your world?  48 more words


death of a princess

Early in the year, I was thinking about death. In January, the opinion piece that recommended living the year as if it were your last and the deaths of David Bowie and Alan Rickman put mortality front and center. 357 more words