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Celebrate Being the Parent You Want to Be.

Parenting Thought
Every time someone wishes you a Happy Mother’s Day today, let it be a reminder to you that you can be the parent you want to be. 357 more words

Four Ways to Make Your Child Feel Like a Star

Parenting Thought
Four ways to make your child feel like a star:
  1. Ask your child what starry thing she did today?  Did you feel like a star today?
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Developmental Stages

Five Things about Making Your Child a Star

Parenting Thought
Five things about making your child a star:
  1. As parents we need to help each child know the star he is and the star he can become.
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Developmental Stages

Can We Work Hard Enough To Earn Salvation?

I have a friend who is greatly concerned with faith versus works.

Jesus constantly picked on those Pharisees who placed priority on following the letter of the law. 319 more words


Do You Know What Pulls Your Trigger?

Jesus was annoyed by a fig tree that had no fruit. He cursed it. It died.

Jesus was angered by how the Temple had been converted from a holy place of worship into a commercial marketplace where apparently people gouged gullible pilgrims with high prices. 326 more words


Quitting My Facebook Addiction

I am not one given to hate. I don’t hate specific ethnic, racial, or gender groups. There are individual people I don’t particularly like. But hate…that’s way too strong. 301 more words


Be Real In Faith, In Life

“I always look for the mask people are wearing,” said a friend once.

I suppose that comment is cynical, since he assumes everyone has ulterior motives or is hiding something. 279 more words