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Definition #209 Attention

Kathleen Jamie
“When we were young, we were told that poetry is about voice,

about finding a voice and speaking with this voice,

but the older I get I think it’s not about voice, it’s about listening and… 46 more words


Stephen Hawking Is An Idiot

There, I said it. That felt good. I mean, I’m sure Hawking’s got game on other fields, but his comments last week betray a serious misunderstanding of how things work in the real world. 594 more words

Nature Connection

"See?" Day Two, Earth Week: Seven Reasons for Hope


We look into the future

Troubled by what we see

and don’t see

there, for ourselves

for our children and grandchildren

and the seven seven seven generations beyond. 702 more words

Nature Connection

Building a Loving Relationship

Sarah has always wondered what it will be like to have a close relationship with her parents.

She feels something may be wrong with her family.  688 more words


Babies Need Real Interaction - NYTimes.com

Babies Need Real Interaction – NYTimes.com.

“But what are they learning exactly? With my girls, the experience definitely seemed more stimulating than simply watching. They were experiencing “interactivity.” And aren’t we taught to believe that interactivity is a good thing? 39 more words


Spring Cleaning for the Soul

It’s spring cleaning time. The traditional time to air out a house long closed while winter brought bitter cold and snow. Things that are closed up for long become stuffy and even unhealthy. 233 more words


Grandparent Greatness

Featured Picture Book


(Available at your local public library or bookstores, including online stores.)

MY GRANDMA LIVES IN FLORIDA is about a young gator’s visit to see his grandma. 809 more words