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Trillanes and Tatad on Duterte

I am talking of course about an incumbent senator in the person of Antonio Trillanes and a former senator represented by Francisco Tatad.

While Tatad is a bona fide ‘has been’ politician, his attitude and glaring antipathy towards President Rodrigo Duterte is no different than those of the pompous and boastful Trillanes. 404 more words


Oops, I did it again.

Oh, man. I swore to myself that things would be different this time and that I would keep on top of this blog. (My apologies to those I’ve interacted with and anyone out there who stumbled onto this site!) 768 more words

Attention Deficit Disorder

Mental Health and Medications

I was diagnosed with my mental illnesses almost 10 years ago. Since then, I have tried several different medications that have worked for varying amounts of time, if at all. 563 more words


The Unexpected Hiatus

This squirrel is taking a short break from her blogging pursuits for a more important pursuit: getting her health back under control.

My psychiatrist told me today that, given all the stuff happening in my life, I need to take medical leave. 714 more words


My Misson

My primary mission for this blog is to help break the stigma surrounding mental illnesses. So many people have been diagnosed with mental illness in the past few decades, but there had been little to no change in how people view mental illness and many people still refuse to talk about it, either their personal struggles or talking with someone who has mental illness. 304 more words


Whether You Have ADD or Are an Introvert, the Isolator May be For You

Ritalin has only been available since the 1950’s, but people have had difficulty with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) forever. Inventor Hugo Gernsback offered his solution for highly-distractable people when he invented The Isolator in 1925. 196 more words


A Writer's Attention Deficit Disorder At Play


Multi-day writing conferences are bad for my Attention Deficit Disorder. Or maybe I should say they’re good for it. 671 more words

The Spiritual Life