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I think I've got attention deficit oooh look a cat!

Hmmm I might have a bit of an OCD problem…. I have 8 of the EXACT same colour nail polish! Hmmm and they aren’t old or empty, they are newish… Do I buy these in my sleep??? 171 more words

Shit That Goes On In My Head

Put me down, fine. I'll persevere.

My first-grade teacher told my parents that, I ” was retarded, and should be held back.” She pretty much told them I would not amount much if not anything.   419 more words


Turns Out the Nervous-system Functions Differently in those with ADHD

This. So much this. It’s often challenging to explain to people what ADHD is like for me. ‘Not feeling like it’ isn’t a sufficient explanation for being unable to complete mundane tasks that most people have little to no trouble with. 79 more words

Living Luscious Daily

A Chatty British Yogini

Wait for it … you ready for this? I have been welcomed by my peeps!  At 10:10 a.m yesterday morning, I was viewed 10 times in ( 707 more words

What this blog will be!

My dream for this blog is that it will become a place where people can share their stories about mental health, support each other, and prove that mental conditions can be a gift. 184 more words

CHASE JARVIS - Tame Your Distracted Mind with Neuroscientist Adam Gazzaley

“Now more than ever before the world is moving at a pace faster than our 2 million year old brains can catch up. Adam says that as a species our brains aren’t evolving quickly enough so we’re experiencing a cognition crisis and the fallout of this crisis are attention deficit disorders.

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Can I have your attention, please? (Can I even manage mine?)

ADHD is a really complicated thing to talk about, especially at work or with people who don’t have it. It’s funny to me that people with ADHD (or people whose kids have ADHD) pick up on the fact that… 853 more words