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I get it.

A mom walked into the library where I work, plunked some books on the counter, and said she had a huge fine to pay. As I checked in the items, they all came up as “lost” which means they had been overdue for more than a month. 795 more words


Half Measures

Men never read the instructions. 30 year olds acknowledge they exist…40 year olds glance at them…and 50 year olds, actually read them, but still ignore the overall message/instruction. 233 more words

Don't wanna get stressed out? Stop caring so much!

Stress. It’s like I was placed in a pot of water where it was heating up until the waters around me gets too hot and I get boiled in it. 901 more words


Just a bad day that keep getting worse. 

So yesterday Was one of those days where my anxiety was so bad. My sister wanted to help me with the basement. And I have a panic attack. 578 more words


Version 4.0

This is the first week of having some of those answers on what makes me tick. (A.D.D.?) Is this the right path? So far, it really explains a lot. 285 more words

Understanding ADHD: Causes


What actually causes Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)?

 Over the years, the exact causes of ADHD have been unclear. However, genetics is generally known to be a major cause in most cases, although, other factors may contribute as well. 194 more words

Cognitive Development

Life Beyond Attention Deficit Disorder: Anyways, I Was Saying...

I would just like to say that there is way more to ADD/ADHD than those few traits that make it funny or amusing for people who don’t deal with it on a daily basis, and while your “OMG SQUIRREL” jokes are funny the first time, if you keep making them towards me chances are I will distance myself from you to keep myself from physically hitting you. 1,031 more words