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The hidden reason ADHD girls are going undiagnosed

It’s no secret ADHD women often go undiagnosed until well into adulthood — years and even decades later than their male counterparts

According to… 766 more words


Countering the ADHD half-ass curse

I love the show “Parks & Recreation.” One of my favorite moments of the NBC series is in Season 4, Episode 16, when Ron Swanson sagaciously tells Leslie Knope, “Never half-ass two things. 736 more words


ADHD Article Help Guide

ADHD articles for the professional, the student, the parent, and the adult that you will definitely want your own copy! I came by the magazine through the college where I worked, and since then has read every magazine issue cover to cover… 538 more words

Attention Deficit Disorder

Why I'll still be taking pills even if I get pregnant: a follow-up

A few months ago, I shared a post in which I revealed I’m planning to continue taking my ADHD medications even if and when I someday get pregnant. 687 more words


A tale of LA skullduggery & a lost childhood

My name is Michelle, I am a former Marketing Director & Consultant. Former, because as the sole parent of a wonderful 7 year old boy who is Autistic and (not unusually) also has Attention Deficit Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder and Dyspraxia, I spend a large proportion of my time advocating, monitoring, organising and delivering the support and therapy my child needs to live an ordinary life. 963 more words

Women and ADHD writer's block: a crash course

From time to time, I suffer from a terrible side effect of ADHD — not of ADHD medication, but of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder itself… 751 more words


Whole 30 REDUX!

Hi All,

Today marks day 1 of my post-Thanksgiving Whole 30! Like last year, I’ve included some planned “breaks” for holiday parties to make the whole thing more bearable. 475 more words

Whole 30