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They say that there are matters of faith, and matters of science.  Science necessarily involves skepticism.  Tenants, or theories, of science have to be tested.  It is healthy and ultimately productive to dispute well-accepted theories. 631 more words

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I like to think of my learning differences as an umbrella. After all, they are just disgnoses. How could anyone point at a thing my brain does differently than others and say, that one is dyspraxia, but that one is dyslexia and every really know for sure, because my brain works as a system and these differences work as a system too. 421 more words


Trauma: What A.D.D. Is Not

bang bang
went the policeman’s gun

his victim dropped legs akimbo
arms askew, eyes glossed over

blood pooled at his side
still, i remember how it poured… 1,030 more words


A Short History: My Experience With Mental Illness

It all began when I was only seven years old. I don’t even know how it was possible for my little brain to already be plagued with anxiety, but it was. 954 more words


Dissociative Disorders: Maligned, Misunderstood and Misdiagnosed

Dissociative Disorders are, in general, not well understood by mental health professionals.  In fact, many mental health professionals either do not recognize dissociation when it’s occurring in people, and/or they dismiss it as unimportant or as a form of drama or malingering in people.  743 more words