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Polar Bears

It’s a beautiful morning here in Damansara Perdana. I am trying my best to enjoy it before the one big event today – rehearsals for the Jungle Fever play which will be shown on the 3rd of September at the KLSC Annual Dinner. 359 more words

Attention Deficit Disorder

Tabula Rasa

I have a beautiful nine year old daughter. She’s full of questions, has a persistence…a tenacity that often leaves me quite astounded. She has a heart that is often forgiving, one that is happy to overlook mistakes you’ve made and hurts you’ve caused. 1,075 more words

Attention Deficit Disorder

Fresh Out of Focus

I was trying to write a blog post about focusing our attention, but I got distracted.

I was originally diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder as a child before receiving the diagnosis of Asperger syndrome in my adulthood. 269 more words


Living With ADHD

There are six orange post-it notes on the back of my bedroom door. They are there to remind me of what I need to do this month. 3,020 more words


My Brain Goes Crazy...

Sometimes my brain goes off in too many directions. One of the reasons is that I have Attention Deficit Disorder. It was very mild growing up, but every since I turned 30 it’s gotten worst. 228 more words

How "Eye-Catching" Rooms can be too Much (3 Changes to my Classroom)

During this past week, I’ve been creating plans for my new classroom.  It’s a very exciting time.  I enjoy looking over a new classroom, and deciding how I should lay it out for my kiddos.   1,282 more words


To home school or not to home school...

¡Bonito miércoles! The middle of the week. I feel like Wednesday today. I mean, I feel like the scorched, gooey marshmallow in between two thin slabs of milk chocolate and two graham crackers. 307 more words