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Why, you say, do I cook on high?

Its the highest setting that is why,

If there were a higher setting I could use to cook… 73 more words

ADD Poetry

I Am Not My ADD

There’s more to me that the weird you see

I see things some cant even dream

I swear Im not my ADD.

I know what to do and how to succeed… 98 more words


Ooops I ADD' it again........

Adult Attention Deficit Disorder has struck again. I cant believe how absolutely stupid….ugh. So I drove the family down to a recreation area out in the middle of nowhere to go for a hike. 469 more words


Everybody does that sometimes...

I often find myself in this recurring situation :: in conversation with someone who is (encouragingly) expressing interest in my diagnosis, but then responds to my attempts to explain what it is to have adult ADHD by saying ‘Oh, but everybody does that kind of thing’. 211 more words

The 5 Stages of AD(H)D Diagnosis

Since my diagnosis, I’ve cycled through a range of emotional responses, but I think I’ve made enough constructive progress to see that I went almost perfectly through compartmentalised stages of grief, as originally outlined by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. 1,328 more words


I have this lofty dream of making a difference.

If you have AD(H)D in any form, you’ll know that that’s actually pretty terrifying.

Living with this disorder throws a lot of walls up around you. 489 more words

Growing Up Learning Disabled

I have been in search of employment for almost two months and feeling wary because of some bad experiences. The last person to terminate me, called me “incompetent”. 555 more words