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I'm not an addict or a criminal, I swear!

It’s an odd feeling having to take a controlled substance (Ritalin). I get that it’s a highly sought after and abused stimulant, but man.

My doctor has to see my I.D. 372 more words

Attention Deficit Disorder

Post snowstorm

Just sat down after taking the dog outside. I think we ended up with just over a foot of snow, which has been coming down almost 12 hours straight. 191 more words

Daily Life

Scheduling time to reflect

I observe with ever more frequency the number of individuals that they don’t take time to reflect.

People don’t seem to stop and think so much about how an encounter went and how it compares against how they would have liked it to happen. 511 more words

A Child's Magic: a learner's self-empowerment

I am not a doctor. It sounds like an infomercial that you hear around 2 am when you can’t sleep blasting from the t.v., right? What I do have is eleven years of teaching under my belt in some of the lowest neighborhoods where most of the parents barely graduated high school, residencies for my counseling degree at a residential treatment center where girls had been in the foster system for most of their life, and working as a school counselor in a variety of settings. 248 more words


Ritalin at Age 26 - Two Weeks Later

It’s been two weeks since I took my first dose of Ritalin, but there isn’t much I can say about the experience.

I forget exactly what my psychiatrist said, but the vial instructs me to take the Ritalin as needed. 192 more words

Attention Deficit Disorder

Dysfunction Look-and-Find, and Doodling for Focus

((Featured image – an example of ‘drawing so I can also focus on something else that’s happening’ from a few years ago, I just called it “Colorbomb”)) 837 more words

Artwork - Sketches, Roughs, Concepts, Working, Everything

Time For Some Humility

Everyone has good times and bad. ¬†That sounds trite, but we all know it’s true.

My bad times have seemed pretty bad to me at the time.   651 more words