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The hidden reason ADHD girls are going undiagnosed

It’s no secret ADHD women often go undiagnosed until well into adulthood — years and even decades later than their male counterparts

According to… 767 more words


Perseveration vs. Hyperfocus (in ADHD)

I already posted a link to my short article and video about ADHD perseveration, so here’s the video alone:

What Is Perseveration? (And How Does ADHD Relate to it?) 81 more words


Countering the ADHD half-ass curse

I love the show “Parks & Recreation.” One of my favorite moments of the NBC series is in Season 4, Episode 16, when Ron Swanson sagaciously tells Leslie Knope, “Never half-ass two things. 736 more words


ADHD and Hyperfocus--Or Is It Perseveration?

Hello! Just wanted to share my most recent HealthyPlace post and video with you:

Is It ADHD Perseveration or Hyperfocus?

I first heard the term “perseveration” in a lecture by psychologist Russell Barkley about attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and…

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More Car Trouble. Good!

Hi Accented Family.

Can you believe it. Another car issue. Well, the best thing to do was to just fix it, right?

Ok, so last Sunday while driving to my tennis meetup group, I noticed my car overheating again. 333 more words

Why I'll still be taking pills even if I get pregnant: a follow-up

A few months ago, I shared a post in which I revealed I’m planning to continue taking my ADHD medications even if and when I someday get pregnant. 687 more words


On Brain Art, Brownspeak, the Curate's Egg and Various Lengthy Conversations with the Fairies

To begin, I will tell you a tiny story. It is probably of no significance but it will keep returning to me.

Many, many years ago, for some reason, I was in a small car being driven along the sea front at Hastings – I’m fairly sure it was Hastings and not Brighton or Bexhill (immaterial, but I seem to have to mention it anyway). 1,222 more words