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The Voices of Students Like Me

By Natalie Tamburello

When you think about social movements that you learned about growing up, what do you remember? What do you see in your mind’s eye? 1,374 more words

Radio Review: ADHD and Me (BBC Radio 4 Extra)


Living with someone who has recently been identified as having traits of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (or ADHD), my interest was piqued by this documentary, in which Rory Bremner, who has recently had a family member diagnosed with this condition, explores what it means to suffer and whether he might have it himself. 1,012 more words

Mental Illness

"Harmony in my Head." Depression. (Caution* - May Trigger)

Depression – many do not like to admit to it, speak of it, or even acknowledge it. For some, it’s very real and can be seriously debilitating. 624 more words

Adult ADD/ADHD vs Society vs ME!

Hi ever aesthetic and gorgeous planet.

Yes, men can also use these words. I’m of course talking about words like “Hi”.

Today I feel like one of those writers who uses metaphors, alliterations, cliches, poetry and maybe some satire to describe their feelings, but I’m not going to do that. 434 more words

My Adult ADD Diagnosis

I didn’t go into the therapist office that day looking for a diagnosis. I went because as a newly married woman beginning to think of starting a family, I was afraid of my own damn mind. 1,010 more words

Social work practice with a child with ADHD: Applying the medical and social models of disability

Graduate social work students working with Dr. Elspeth Slayter were asked to reflect on the ways in which they do their work with clients with disabilities. 853 more words


"Little white lies, like I was there."

Finally have a bit of time to update. The pain of gout has subsided, which is something to celebrate – Anyone that has suffered the pain of gout will know what I mean. 205 more words