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What is ADHD and  do schools and families help students in the classroom who have ADHD? I was interested in this topic because I heard about ADHD but I didn’t really know what it was.   742 more words


Not Just Autism

I researched Autism Spectrum Disorders. I wanted to research this because I found that learning about autism really gets me thinking also when we learned about Temple Grandin’s life I had many unanswered questions about autism, so I decided that exploring not just autism but other disorders would be just right for me. 463 more words


To Medicate or Not To Medicate.

Medication is the most common treatment for ADHD. The most popular being of course Ritalin and Adderall with Vyvance on the rise. People have been prescribing Ritalin less and less due to it’s severe side effects. 345 more words


The Stigma of ADHD.

ADHD has a huge stigma surrounding it. Most people still don’t believe ADHD is a real disorder, they just believe drug companies invented it to sell medication. 392 more words


Discipline Calls

I don’t want to do, but I have to.

Even if I was doing something

more interesting

more novel

just straight sexier

It wouldn’t matter. Work is work, whether you’re a rock star or a bookkeeper. 36 more words

The ADHD Controversy.

ADHD was already a controversial diagnosis; are Jerome Kagan’s recent criticisms of it warranted?

Is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) a legitimate diagnosis or is it mostly a fraud? 2,628 more words


Mine and Hers

I ran into a friend I usually see three or four times a year.  I confided in her about how I learned about my Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) back in December of 2016.   629 more words