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Why I Turned My Phone Notifications OFF.

I decided to turn my phone notifications OFF.

My phone is now always on silent and I don’t plan on turning my notifications back ON. 1,334 more words

Recent Reflections

Facebook's "like" button is harming users

Who says so? Well the guy who created it ten years ago.

Justin Rosenstein has removed the app from his phone over fears of the… 116 more words


Have You Been Paying Attention?

In today’s digital age, there is no doubt that the usage of smartphones and other internet-enabled devices is becoming a significant source for distraction and disconnect. 674 more words


Attention Divided

Any type of social media company is reliant on the attention of the consumer, although as society is constantly inundated with more information and media, an increasing number of companies are competing for the people’s attention.  550 more words



*Sits down at desk, opens textbooks, opens laptop, opens word document, writes heading*

“Well, I’ve done enough work to earn some phone time.”

*Treats oneself to some quality social media stalking* 222 more words


Attention Economy

The main commodity in the information economy is content, where everyone can access, contribute, and engage with information and content flows. The emerge of produsers, who are now by far the biggest content contributors has changed the way we receive, interact with, and understand information. 167 more words

BCM 206

Attention Seeking

How often do you go to a video store to borrow a DVD? Or to the library to borrow an actual book?

Most of you probably answered never, just as I did. 165 more words