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The worrying implications of gaming the attention economy

There is a new economy creeping into our way of life, it lives beneath and within the more standard monetary economics we are all very familiar with, and it has the power to changing how we think about the world to a terrifying degree. 5,617 more words

Healthy Ever After: Do's, Don'ts & Benefits Of Fasting [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

In this edition of Healthy Ever After, Erica Campbell focuses on the significance of fasting. If fasting is a new or unfamiliar concept to you, it might be confusing to figure out what exactly it entails and why people do it. 185 more words

Get Up!

The Economy of Journalism

JRM 215

After listening to Nicco Mele’s podcast, I gained a better understanding of the pressures that the Journalism industry is facing with regards to its economic model. 767 more words

Its All About the Feed

The attention economy is a buzz word of the moment that describes up how the digital media landscape operates. Today we’re talking about how the digital landscape is currently arranged and what we should be doing about it. 435 more words

The Attention Econo - omfg look what she posted!

The attention economy is the newfound social paradigm which refers to the adjustments which have occurred to the human attention span as a result of new media practices( 859 more words


Blur: How did we get here?

JRM 215 Intro to Mass Communication

After reading the first three chapters of Blur, I started to see how important it is for us approach technology with a decent level of caution. 515 more words

Congratulations, you now have a shorter attention span than a goldfish!

With advancements in technology that is forever growing, our economy has shifted to become one fighting for consumer attention. It’s become an attention economy that rather than being supply based, it’s demand based- assisting and meeting the needs and wants of consumers. 710 more words