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LFK Thoughtful Weekends 004

I will do something a little unconventional, if you candy that about something that is only on it’s third installment, but I will only link one article this week. 887 more words


The Economies of YouTube - an Analysis of YouTube and its Relationship with the Network Economy, the Attention Economy and the Sharing Economy

Many argue that the Internet is said to have brought new economies into existence such as the network economy, the attention economy and the sharing economy. 2,432 more words


Trends of Businesses Utilising YouTube

YouTube benefits from building on the economies of  the Network Economy, the Attention Economy and the Sharing Economy, however YouTube is home to its own mini-economy. 1,045 more words


[Day 64] Here is $2.50. Can I have your attention now?

When I did the research about the value of attention for my rhetoric class, several people asked me to share the result. Here it is. I’d really appreciate it if you have any feedback for me. 2,109 more words

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Things of the Week

I listened to a podcast yesterday from Note to Self called “What Happens When We Skimm the News.”  The episode is part of their Infomagical  387 more words

When I’m Not Writing

Three day quote challenge - connect to camus

Thanks for the nomination,Cassiesanty. Now, I rarely remember quotes, but I love reading  so I’d go with something that has resonated with me, recently and on other occasions. 606 more words


Advertising in the attention economy

When you come from the Melbourne Central train station, you may notice the hanging board about Mc Donald ’s new meal.
When you are standing on the lift up to the first floor in the Melbourne Central, the first thing you look at is the big advertising on Galaxy Note 5. 393 more words