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Managing attention

Attention is vitality. It connects you with others. It makes you eager. Stay eager.
~Susan Sontag

Last week’s post, The Value of Attention, got some attention from my friends (thank you guys!).

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The value of attention

Marketing is a contest for people’s attention.
~ Seth Godin

These days, with always-connected gadgets in our hands, we’re overloaded by so many information. Some of them are good, some of them are useful, some of them are beneficial, but a lot of them doesn’t add any value to our life.

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Welcome All

Hi all–

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about being valued vs. getting attention.  About a week later the good folks at WordPress freshly pressed it and then kept it around as a featured blog post.   219 more words

Summer Pierre

On Value and Being Seen

Longtime reader Sarah asked in the comments on my post about Edith Pearlman if I could share my thoughts on how I skate the inevitable line of doing work for work sake and doing work to be seen.   900 more words

Summer Pierre

How Our Attention Will Eventually Be Sold

A man by the name of Mark Manson recently posted a great piece about how our technology today isn’t the cause for whatever problems we give it, rather, it’s simply there and we as humans react to it accordingly. 778 more words


Am I an Activist, Now?

Activism has always been occurring, if there ever was an injustice felt by the people, there has been activist standing up against it even if they have no right to be involved. 299 more words


iFeudalism: the old way.

‘Information wants to be free but it also wants to be expansive’ – Stewart Brand

Feudalism is the relationships between lord and vassal. It is organized around… 385 more words

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