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Lead, work, thrive!

Life in 2017 moves faster than we can keep up. Overstimulated, hyperconnected and always on the go, we seldom pause to self-center. Competing priorities vie for our scattered attention, and in the face of increasing workloads and pressures we navigate life on autopilot. 206 more words

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The centralisation of the web and the constraints on academic speech

A great essay by Ethan Zuckerman, which raises the crucial question of infrastructural dependency within the digital university. We can overcome this partly through cultural change (e.g. 624 more words


Why we need to embrace technology inside and outside of the classroom, no matter how we feel about it

Teachers have always been caught in a struggle to maintain the interest of their students. The issue of classroom management is a common thread throughout the history of the profession; how does a teacher successfully engage with their audience? 2,315 more words

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Publishing and Power

Several past blog posts here have discussed the mass of information present in the current age. This post will look at the benefits and detriments of such interconnectedness upon social discourse and innovation. 378 more words

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The Age of Digital Print: A Work in Progress

The history of publication in the modern age can be categorized into three different stages, the first two being verbal communication and print. The third stage we are currently still experiencing, and seeing evolve and expand around us; the age of digital publication. 425 more words

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Fighting Fire with Fire: Reclaiming our Minds Through Design

Note: I’m also experimenting with writing on Medium, so you can find this post there as well!

For years now we have been hearing about the need for people to… 608 more words

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