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Insights: How Do You Win In An Attention Economy?

Well, that’s a wrap for Advertising Week 2015! As always, this year was filled with insightful conversations on everything from millennials and ad blockers, to programmatic, mobile creative and politics. 391 more words


Now that I have your attention...

A modern media audience has their attention spread wider than ever before in history. Strailey (2014) points to a recent study that showed the attention span of an average American in 2014 is just 8 seconds; marking a decline in attention spans from the 12 second average cited in a 2000 study. 701 more words


Tiny Cubes and the Attention Economy

It took so long to get this video up, you’ve no idea. EVERYTHING that could go wrong did, plus a few things that couldn’t. But anyway, here’s a video of me giving some thoughts on the attention economy. 10 more words

Desperately $eeking followers: the rise of the attention economy

Kim Kardashian posted this photo to celebrate hitting 42 million followers on Instagram, just 165 days after reaching 27 million (McDonagh 2015). But were these followers bought or earned? 340 more words

Global Media And Social Justice

Paul Mason's Postcapitalism

On Friday journalist Paul Mason published a fairly long article in the Guardian entitled ‘The End of Capitalism Has Begun.’ It features some interesting thoughts, and will hopefully help disseminate some ideas which have been floating about in academia for quite a while to a broader audience. 1,677 more words


How to Grab and Keep Your Audience in the Attention Economy | BusinessTips.com

From closing the deal to firing up your team, make your message stick with SHARPs

Want to know your real competition when you’re speaking, whether to an individual or group? 158 more words

Tools And Information

How to catch people's eye in the era of information explosion?

In the old world, the secret of a business’s success highly depended on “location, location, location.” But now, the world has changed. We are living in the age of web where there is full of information.  466 more words