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This web-based service launched in 2006, creates for its users, a “semi-public profile within a bounded system” (boyd & Ellison, 2007:211). Within this bounded system a user can cohere a list of other users, with whom they share a social connection ( 300 more words


The Power Shifts

As civilization persists, the dominating influences over human communication and event reporting have transferred hands from society’s de facto elites to the skeptical, once accuracy-driven press to the democratized grassroots of citizen fact-checkers. 530 more words


The "attention economy": Like me, please!

“Attention economy” or “affirmation economy” are terms to describe the current state of our social world: the hunt for likes.

I have written some posts about social media and probably some readers are familiar with my reservations with respect to it. 1,241 more words


Does sex still sell?

Yet a study published in 2015 found that sex takes up so much of our ‘limited attentional capacity’ that it impairs our ability to remember what’s being advertised. 113 more words


Welcome to hell:

Apple vs. Google vs. Facebook & the slow death of the web

Those huge chunks — the ads! — are almost certainly the part you don’t want. 207 more words


Insights: How Do You Win In An Attention Economy?

Well, that’s a wrap for Advertising Week 2015! As always, this year was filled with insightful conversations on everything from millennials and ad blockers, to programmatic, mobile creative and politics. 391 more words


Now that I have your attention...

A modern media audience has their attention spread wider than ever before in history. Strailey (2014) points to a recent study that showed the attention span of an average American in 2014 is just 8 seconds; marking a decline in attention spans from the 12 second average cited in a 2000 study. 701 more words