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Have You Been Paying Attention?

In today’s digital age, there is no doubt that the usage of smartphones and other internet-enabled devices is becoming a significant source for distraction and disconnect. 654 more words



*Sits down at desk, opens textbooks, opens laptop, opens word document, writes heading*

“Well, I’ve done enough work to earn some phone time.”

*Treats oneself to some quality social media stalking* 222 more words


Attention Seeking

How often do you go to a video store to borrow a DVD? Or to the library to borrow an actual book?

Most of you probably answered never, just as I did. 165 more words


On Yuval Noah Harari’s treatment of attention

You’d be pushed to call out Yuval Noah Harari’s latest book, Homo Deus, for being short of ‘big ideas’. In a nutshell, Harari argues that the main products of the twenty-first century economy will be “bodies, brains and minds”, in contrast to 20th century endeavours like textiles, vehicles and weapons. 1,161 more words


Don't Read This If You Don't Need To

Attention is everything. To be attentive is to be. However, in a world that has put time on steroids, our capacity for attentiveness is diminished. Ironically, it’s our attention that such a hyperventilating world wants. 292 more words


Let’s talk about some big numbers!

A few numbers in the world are finite. We only have 24 hours in a day. Assuming you live for 75 years that’s about 672.000 hours of life, including sleeping, eating and other necessities of existence. 807 more words

Welcome to The Graph

A publication about media, recommendation and fake news

At Bibblio we’re pretty (very!) passionate about the future of media, human development and the algorithms which decides the web we all experience. 392 more words