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Overwhelmed by the Underwhelming

The world is so much more connected now then what it was, due to all the different types of technology that allows us to communicate such as mobile phones, computers and iPads. 485 more words

The real reason why most indie artists are starving: overcoming (and preventing) community drama as AltSciFi evolves.

Seriously, Artist Twitter? Are we going to do this every few months?



This blog post exists as a point of reference in case similar situations arise in the future.

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5 (Re)solutions to Tech Addiction

Since I was a teenager, my new years resolutions have been the same –  to get healthier. At 15 it was to be skinny (hindsight, an incredibly flawed idea of what healthy means). 1,030 more words

Cause Marketing

"We're building a dystopia just to make people click on ads | Zeynep Tufekci" on YouTube

  • Persuasion architectures are primarily attention-steering systems.
  • Like a fish oblivious to water, most people do not notice the Attention Economy they inhabit. That’s exactly what the exploiters of their attention want.
Attention Economy

Google and Facebook: When humans are the fuel for social media farms

For several weeks, social media firms Facebook, Google, and Twitter have faced scrutiny from media and Congress over their alleged facilitation of Russian messaging during the 2016 presidential elections. 170 more words

American Society

Is the economy suffering from the crisis of attention?

Dan Nixon

Smartphone apps and newsfeeds are designed to constantly grab our attention. And research suggests we’re distracted nearly 50% of the time. Could this be weighing down on productivity? 1,548 more words