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The attention span of a gnat

It’s sad that when I start a sentence out in one of my high school English classes and say “Hey,” invariably a student will say “Your keys are over there.”  I am soooooo easily distracted and so ADD that I never know where anything is.   353 more words



Simplicity. It is as simple as that. Simplicity requires only that it be considered. If called upon, it will perform and meet expectations. If tweaked, it can exceed them. 331 more words

I'm a Knitting Goldfish

You know how they say that goldfish have three-minute memories?  I kind of feel like I have developed the attention span of a goldfish.  I’ll knit a row or two, and then get completely bored and start looking around for something else to do. 111 more words


Research patient

Ever since I had my stroke, I have been offering myself as a guinea pig for scientific research. From day 1 I have given blood to analyze and been a test patient for students. 715 more words

Cell Phone Whores

I was at a wake not long ago and while the family of the deceased was speaking to visitors at the front of the room, there were three generations of individuals sitting in the back of the room texting. 507 more words


Fast Forward, Attention Spans, Reading, and Technology

It’s a well known quirk that time seems to slip by faster as we age. Remember your summer holidays as a primary schooler – those 3 months were like a lifetime. 1,131 more words



I find time spent with mum can be really tiring, but I do wonder if it is because I keep on trying to follow her constantly changing train of thought. 524 more words