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My obese brain

If you’ve read my whiny posts recently, you know I’ve been trying to solve some challenges at work, and that I’m feeling like I’ve lost my equilibrium. 437 more words

Cystic Fibrosis

Life is moving too fast!

Has anyone else noticed that this year has flown by? I know, while the “candidates” were campaigning  it seemed like it would NEVER end! That is how it felt to me anyway. 573 more words


15 Indications A Goldfish Is More Attentive Than You Are.

We retain just 25% of what we hear, says sound expert Julian Treasure. That was in 2011.

Recent statistics reveal that the average human attention is 8.25 seconds. 421 more words

Julian Treasure

Diminishing Attention Spans

When I was in high school, some of my cohorts weren’t interested in reading an entire novel or Shakespeare play and would purchase the Cliff Notes (sold in Canada as Coles Notes) instead. 513 more words


The Glaze

Not everyone admits to it, but everyone does it.

In meeting rooms, at desks, at parties, or in the privacy of your own living room. 567 more words

Autocorrect gains sentience

I tried to write, “I have a short attention span,” but autocorrect decided I meant, “I have a shortbread attention span.”

Also valid.