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How SOI Sparks Spread

There is a woman in Waterloo, Ontario (Canada) who has been offering SOI remediation for years. Last year, I got a call from a Special Ed teacher who lived a few hours drive from Waterloo. 537 more words


Countering the book-related post resistance!

People do not, as a general rule, want to read about other writers’ books. The market has become inundated with posts of this variety – and saturation is on the point of giving way to terminal ennui! 1,019 more words


Attention Spans and Making Plans

First off, good news! I’ve been placed at a school (finally) for my practical experience subject. The school is extremely local to me (about 5min on the bus) and I’m hoping this will pan out well – although, I already know I’m going to have to tackle some problems. 366 more words



My brain has been drastically altered by social media, and I no longer have the attention span for reading books, and it’s making me hate myself a little.

Random Thoughts

Humans have shorter attention span than goldfish

According to the latest research from Microsoft we now have an average attention span of 8 seconds, compared to 9 seconds for a goldfish. 394 more words


Waning Attention Span

Tonight I was sitting reading and started thinking about the extent to which Bipolar Disorder has shortened my attention span. I never really think of this as a symptom of the illness, but began to reflect on how much it interferes with daily life. 536 more words

Bipolar Disorder