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Memory of a Goldfish

Your “attention span” is, uh… well… whatever, but it probably can’t beat that of your average goldfish, a new study says.

A 2015 study by Microsoft… 523 more words


It Gets Shorter and Shorter

This has been bothering me for quite some time. I don’t enjoy the things I usually love to do. I’m talking about my attention span. For some reason as the years passed, my attention span has been decreasing drastically to a point where I can’t even finish a page of a book. 229 more words


Oh, for the Simple Life...!

The pace of change seems to accelerate with every passing day. Last night on the news, in a story about auto manufacturing plants, I learned that now 10% of assembly line work is done by robots. 350 more words

Break Free In 2017 - A Manifesto

Fearful people are easy to control. It’s in the interest of those who are trying to influence you, for whatever reason, to keep you in a state of fear. 749 more words

Introspection/Pseudo-Intellectual Stuff

The weapons of mass distraction

I dare you to give me your attention for more than 8 seconds. Go ahead. Are you still with me? Good, keep going.

Almost there. 437 more words


Is your child just slow or do they have a slow processing speed?

A less well known issue for children with dyslexia is that they often work slower than children without dyslexia. Has your child’s school teacher ever said any of the following to you: 633 more words


Thoughts on Lasting Longer

Think you can make it to the bottom line of this article? Microsoft is skeptical… and so am I.

My guess is you have made it to here. 378 more words