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All that is animated is not innocent!

I watched a cartoon of a famous toon super hero with my kids for about half an hour. At the end of  this ordeal, my daughter told me the take home message she caught and that blew my lid. 568 more words

attention span

A lot of students have an attention span that stretches from A to B.


Make Every Content-Second Count

You only have eight seconds to make a first impression.

According to a study released by Microsoft 507 more words
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Can I Have Your Attention... Please?

As I sit writing this blog post, I have Facebook Twitter and YouTube open, I have my mobile phone by my side, and I have NFL Primetime on the television in front of me. 448 more words


"Oh, sorry, what were you saying?" The Ever Thinning Attention Span

Grave news everyone, our attention span is thinning and we’ll soon be as dumb as a gold fish. Okay, maybe that’s too far, but according to the study “Attention Spans” conducted by Microsoft Canada, the average attention span has dropped significantly in the last 13 years, seeing a 33% drop from 12 seconds in 2000, to 8 seconds in 2013. 740 more words


Pay attention to me!

First of all, let me show you my favourite ‘are you paying attention?’ video.

Did you see the gorilla?

In all seriousness though, attention and selective attention is something that is a real topic in today’s media markets. 519 more words


The death of conversation; long live social media

Okay, I just had the longest week of my life, and I’m poofed. Need to lie down but then I’m depressed. And when I’m depressed, I write. 872 more words

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