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Marketing with Sex and Humor

Can you remember the three products that were being sold in the commercials you just watched?

If not then no matter how much sex and humor you put into a commercial it didn’t do its job and that is get you to remember the product and ultimately buy it. 201 more words


T-Ball Attention Span

Today, we attended our grandson’s T-Ball game. I was struck by several things during the mercifully short game. The coaches/assistants were profoundly patient and deserving of much praise….the kids had attention spans that flitted about toward everything save the game…my Grandson was a pretty good little athlete when he wasn’t exploring the dirt or a distant game or the clouds in the sky. 82 more words


Is Angry Marketing Effective Marketing?

An organization I currently do social media and marketing for is having a round of bad press. Don’t worry it wasn’t something I did. But the organization’s Executive Director made a choice because of one customer’s complaint only to find that there has been a backlash of bad publicity from a great many members of the public. 190 more words


last recent doodle made :)

 I will comment but not  a whole lot. I really enjoy doodling, with a ball point as well. I don’t have many colors though. Not sure what my favorite drawing media is, I haven’t given any thought really, yet :P I enjoy seeing colors, so gel pens are really fun and don’t bleed through paper, if ever. 74 more words

Unstable Attention

Don’t trust Pirate with your safety. I think this would be obvious, but there are some people who never learn. Then again, if these stick people are doing a balancing act without safety nets, they’re asking for trouble. 10 more words


Tell Me Everything, But Keep It Brief

I’m constantly hearing people say that the average attention span of a human being is eight seconds. Apparently this is down from twelve seconds, in 2008. 1,080 more words


A Proposed Model for Holding Learners' Attention

The other day I told an amazing story about something that had happened to me over the weekend.  I mean, this tale had everything—chills, spills, irony, awkward humor, a Twilight Zone-style surprise ending—recounted colorfully and with feeling (if I do say so myself) in the space of about three minutes.   1,510 more words

Instructional Design