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What Annoys Jeff this Week?

1. “Emergencies”. We’ve been over this before, but it bears repeating. The way people throw around the work “emergency” in the contemporary office is basically laughable. 464 more words

What Annoys Jeff This Week?

A Natural Escape

Tick, tock, tick, tock…

The second hand always seems to move that much slower when the weather is gorgeous and you’re stuck inside studying, only two weeks away from finals. 762 more words


OFFICIAL : Puppies Have Better Attention Span than POTUS

Due to a deficit in the attention span of the President of the USA, NATO will be putting time limits on the speeches at the upcoming summit with the US head of state in a desperate attempt to keep his attention. 165 more words

Attention Span

5 reasons to read Disney books to your child before watching the films

For lots of toddler parents this suggestion may come too late. Once children have watched a number of films, I’m guessing it’d be tricky to offer a book version instead. 381 more words


Stay Focused

The internet will probably go down as the greatest inventions of all time. Fire and the wheel have been the Magic and Bird of our time and its about time they’ve been dethroned with a Michael Jordan. 908 more words


Attention Deficit Disorder

I entered office, settled down on my desk, started my PC and opened my mail box. There was an important mail lying there, screaming for my attention. 641 more words

Short Story

4 Tips for Reading Long Posts

I know, everyone hates them. Even those who write them know that if your readers are actually going to take the time to read through the entire 1500-word masterpiece, it better be interlaced with plenty of eye-grabbing pictures, recessed quotes, and more headers than an Irish bar at lunchtime, or a gathering of hot-rodders, whichever analogy you prefer. 197 more words