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The Attention Econo - omfg look what she posted!

The attention economy is the newfound social paradigm which refers to the adjustments which have occurred to the human attention span as a result of new media practices( 859 more words


Gold fish attention span - Is the rise in digital media making us sink or swim?

We all know that the average attention span of humans is shrinking. With the rise of technology, in particular social media, humans are becoming increasingly likely to multi task and to use multiple forms of media at once. 759 more words


Congratulations, you now have a shorter attention span than a goldfish!

With advancements in technology that is forever growing, our economy has shifted to become one fighting for consumer attention. It’s become an attention economy that rather than being supply based, it’s demand based- assisting and meeting the needs and wants of consumers. 699 more words


Preliminary Research Proposal

Over the course of my BCM240 class studies this year, I have taken particular interest in the subject of concentration. My last blog, ‘Goldfish attention span – Is the rise in digital media helping us sink or swim?’ 510 more words


The rise of the gold fish

Whenever we see (…) appear at the end of a post on social medi, whats our common thought? “I can’t be bothered to read this….” Unless of course it is a topic that interests us. 481 more words


For a generation based on multitaskers, were lousy at multitasking

Is Media multitasking making us less likely to remember or retain information? There now an overabundance of evidence that suggest multitasking is bad for your brain, productivity and stress levels. 1,205 more words


My Attention Span

This week I was meant to conduct a small experiment on someone to test their attention with the presence of social media devices. However, I thought instead of testing someone else, I thought I would test myself. 675 more words