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A Crisis in Sports: Attention Spans

We’ll always be fascinated with sports; it’s a constant. There will always be a sizable percentage of the population that cares about the NBA trade deadline, what the New York Yankees accomplished during winter meetings, and whether… 703 more words


A Belated Response to the Impatient Mind

You will have probably noticed that, while it is still Thursday, that it definitely is not 10:00 AM. Regardless, I remain dedicated to the assignment at hand. 395 more words


The 15-Minute Experiment...

“I just know an interruption is around that corner…”

So here’s the deal…I have self-diagnosed my problem: Scattered brain.

I’ll stop at self-diagnosis.

Self-medication could get really ugly and involve empty bags of kettle corn strewn throughout the house. 419 more words


The Internet Impacting Our Concentration: Fact or Fiction?

After reading up to chapter seven in Nicholas Carr’s “The Shallows”, I am intrigued by and have begun to ponder several of his arguments regarding how the internet is changing the way that we think. 491 more words


Break time

I don’t want to say I’ve been bad at answering texts and buckling down to write just because of Instagram…but you know when say DoubleDash would stop working on GameCube and your cousin would have to take out the game cartridge, blow the (imaginary?) dust out of it, plug it back in and try again? 91 more words


Attention Span

I’ve read some posts recently that made me stop and think about “Attention Span”. There was a post made by a young teacher in which the teacher asked for suggestions of possible songs for a recital number that prompted me to write a post. 650 more words

Poetry: "Distracted by shiny"

A silly little thing for today, the last day of January. :) 70 more words