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Am I making genuine memories?

I read somewhere that we are incapable of completely appreciating a moment until it becomes a memory.

Is that why I spend so much time scrolling through pictures on my phone and flipping through old photo albums? 392 more words

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It is becoming clear Trump's attention is like a passing breeze

The furore which has erupted in the last day or so revolves around Donald Trump’s latest accusation, this time hurled at his predecessor Barack Obama. 767 more words


As perchy as a fly.

I have the attention span of a fly; fleeting, perchy, flighty and light on its feet. I am reading a book on how to prevent Fraud in Workplaces, and typing a story whose plot I have yet to conceive, on my laptop. 1,024 more words

Do people really have a short attention span

A few months ago I posted about the cadence of releasing new content, citing Netflix as an example, and it got me to start questioning a related commonly held belief, that consumers attention spans are shrinking. 570 more words

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Nascar In The Age of Trump

If there’s one sport that I would associate with our new President, it’s Nascar.

Both Nascar drivers and Donald Trump like ballcaps with printed messages.  Both Nascar and the new President like to throw in the random commercial plug here and there.   368 more words


A Crisis in Sports: Attention Spans

We’ll always be fascinated with sports; it’s a constant. There will always be a sizable percentage of the population that cares about the NBA trade deadline, what the New York Yankees accomplished during winter meetings, and whether… 703 more words