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Attention Grabbing Bull....

The thing is, we are surrounded by people, corporations, and the miscellaneous desperate for our attention. The ads that follow us in our browsers, emails, television, and on our phones are the perfect examples of how desperate the world is to get our attention. 736 more words




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Attention Whores, Here Are Some Healthy Ways To Get More Attention

1. Community service. The more you do it the more people in your town/city will recognize you and give you attention all while doing a good deed. 576 more words

Late October Morning

Darkness surrounds me

as the coffee pot gurgles.

A cat purrs nearby.

(October 23, 2019)




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What if my kids aren’t spoiled? 

Do you think it’s too late? 

You see, I desperately want them to be.

I’ve come to realize that nearly everything I love about myself is there because I was “spoiled”.   589 more words