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The World Around Us

I recently watched a television show that was trying to prove if people were good or evil. The girl struggled to learn that people are truly good, when she had known her whole life to look for the good in people. 584 more words


Mosaic as Metaphor

I like the meditative quality of mosaic work. I can sink entirely into the task, focused only on the chips of glass and ceramic in front of me, attentive to color and shape and nothing else. 111 more words

Life Lessons

It's all about the attitude

Where do you focus your attention? On the things that work or on the ones that don’t?!

I like to consider myself a positive person with a good sense of humor and enough self-irony. 245 more words


When are you?

We are bombarded daily by messages about preparing for the future and pleas to honour or heal the past.  It’s ironic, then, that one of the most powerful self-help messages being passed around right now is about living in the moment. 540 more words

Q: "Ps and Qs" - Part Two

Hello one and all!

Yesterday I discussed one potential origin for the phrase “Ps and Qs”.  The message conveyed by that origin is one of paying attention to the task at hand. 100 more words


surprised, attention, the legend of sleepy hollow Gif For Fun

surprised, attention, the legend of sleepy hollow Gif for Fun at your Time


Mark Zuckerberg Is Starting to Take Some Responsibility for Facebook’s Influence

Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg likes to write open letters during times of great import. He wrote one when the company went public, he wrote one to his infant daughter when he became a father, and he has written a new one that was published on Thursday. 11 more words