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We live in a world that has created an almost addictive craving for ‘attention’ from others.

Plugged into the ether via a multitude of devices, we search to be noticed, we demand it. 99 more words


Wealth Diversity

In this TEDx talk, Nipun Mehta explores a number of inspiring ways of looking at wealth beyond it’s usual monetary meaning. He describes time banks, community, nature, attention, knowledge and kindness wealth plus others. 26 more words


There Is A Way Out

I remember when my daughter was in the 1st grade and I went with her on their field trip to a pumpkin patch farm. They had all kind of activities for them to participate in as well as being able to pick out their own pumpkins. 374 more words


Click Bait or Holding Out A Carrot

Isn’t it true, “You only get one chance to make a first impression?” Why not make it count? The truth of the matter is that the first impression is formed in a matter of seconds rather than a matter of minutes. 1,004 more words

Fresh Out of Focus

I was trying to write a blog post about focusing our attention, but I got distracted.

I was originally diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder as a child before receiving the diagnosis of Asperger syndrome in my adulthood. 269 more words


Give Some to Get Some

Most days I have better conversations with my 8 year old nephew than I do with other adults. Kids are pretty easy, though. Give them a little attention and you’ve secured a captive audience. 485 more words

Finding Joy in the Seemingly Mundane

I am sure there are people out there that are pretty much happy no matter what they’re doing. They never get impatient or irritated, but seem to go through life on a fluffy cloud of obliviousness. 677 more words