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Chanukkah: (n) a lesser Jewish festival, lasting eight days

America is apparently doped up, and the drug of choice is freedom. Yes, it is possible to have so much freedom that there is no restraint. 264 more words


What’s Right in Front of You

I was with a group of friends recently. There was a lot of complaining about the state of the world, how big the problems are, and the impossible nature change. 127 more words


How Many Masters Can One Person Have?

When Bruce started talking this Wednesday night, I said to myself.. “YES! Finally! A message where I don’t feel like Bruce is talking directly at me and convicting me where I sit.” In all honesty, I don’t mind when his messages convict me because it keeps me in check. 1,435 more words


Goals Update

Well so far it’s been good and bad.

I’ve been doing excellent with my diet and have lost a bunch of water weight already. I’ve been going on a walk/hike everyday after work which has been really nice. 189 more words

State Of Mind

Self-Generated Motivation

It’s a funny thing about motivation, you don’t often notice how motivated you are until your motivation goes down or even stops.

So how can you prevent these lapses in forward motion? 86 more words


In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 - Day 265

The most common definition of hypnosis goes something like this: a state of human consciousness involving focused attention and an enhanced capacity to respond to suggestion. 100 more words

Female Dominance