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I am a stone – solid, darker, and distorted in shape, not necessarily smooth, but set in standard. My pace is consistently stationary, feeling the silent and peculiar waters flow against me. 162 more words


giddy-up: 21

Okay. Allow the author to go on record in stating that the most insolent, argumentative, and outright idiot when it comes to commonsense concerning current events regarding, well, most anything pertaining to ISIS is Juan Williams of FoxNews. 122 more words

Masters of attention: The wisdom of 21st century entrepreneurship

Earlier this week, I spent a day with more than 200 entrepreneurs[1]. You’ll not be surprised to hear that they had picked beyond hip locations (including a conference hotel with – among other amazing features – guitars for rent), organised superb weather (including a light breeze to keep people chilled), designed a program that effortlessly outperformed any global corporation’s top management meeting’s very special edition (including a give-away backpack the usefulness of the content of which tricked me into thinking I had accidentally stolen somebody else’s… 1,678 more words


Mine is the sunlight, mine is the morning

Good maaaaaawning! Whoo, I’m really happy today, because I finally slept through the night fot the first time since the start of the heat wave. A good night’s rest really does half the job for me when it comes to feeling good. 640 more words


Say No To Bullying!!

I was born just 1 year and 2 days younger to him as his little sister. From the moment I was born I seeked all of my mother’s attention to many years later, in many things I have taken away the attention he deserved and overshadowed him. 975 more words

Sexual assault and harassment is NOT okay.

I’ll start by defining the difference between sexual assault and sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment is when someone makes you feel uncomfortable due to a sexual nature. 4,236 more words

Anticipatory regret

We’re more likely to cheat when we think it’s our last chance to do so

Imagine spending your school half-term week with a forgetful relative who always leaves money scattered around the house. 85 more words

Behavioral Economics