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A note to self

A journal entry, 17 August 2016 e.v.

You make mistakes. And from the mistakes, you learn to make things better.

In fact, the only real mistakes are trivial. 124 more words

What Has Your Attention?

“Old World Style” was a slogan of a product that graced the table of countless homes for decades.  The Ragú brand of spaghetti sauce was first sold in 1937 and in 2014 was the bestselling U.S. 878 more words

The Power of the Prize

I find it fascinating how many people set really big goals and “forget” the focus, determination, and work needed to win the prize. Some experts will even sell you the idea that anyone can do achieve the people with minimal effort. 119 more words


Grab It While You Can

With all these sexual harassment allegations popping up all over the place, it’s a wonder we can live normal lives these days.

Every day there’s a new one. 159 more words


Monster behind the masked

Who is the monster behind the mask? The sociological term says they are called narcissistic, they have more than two faces and are the world greatest pretenders. 1,541 more words


With Dabbl, you can earn gift cards for interacting with ads

(Source: techcrunch.com)

Dabbl is giving users a straightforward reason to interact with ads — the ads earn them money in the form of gift cards. 352 more words


Picky Eater

Why is a child picky about food?
I ask you the same question.. Aren’t you ? I personally cringe at the sight and smell of sea-food. 458 more words