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Lending A Helping Hand

One day this past week, a friend sent me a link to what proved to be a very thought provoking, interesting and convicting message shared by his niece. 953 more words

Scared? Find Alignment

Scared?  You don’t have to be.
Chaos seems to rise in the world.  Clowns run for president.  Bullets fly when you least expect it.
Before we drown in fear, take a look. 495 more words

Self Healing

Do You Really Know Yourself?

That question has haunted me for most of my life and guided so many of my quests. If you know yourself, who is doing the knowing and who is doing the existing/thinking/acting?   2,033 more words

Health And Fitness

Brain Candy

The easiest thing for a person to do is to point out a fault in another. We have been taught to walk around and see the negatives as if we were reading a cereal box. 523 more words

Free Writing


What I really want right now is a female best friend. Without the sex and intimacy that comes with being in a relationship and being more than friends. 123 more words

#56: Why Your Work Isn't getting Attention

The greatest struggle in the digital age is vying for people’s attention. Attention is becoming one of the hardest things to attain and then maintain in the present age. 1,268 more words


Prayer prompt for Sunday, Feb. 7

In Genesis 1:4, God called the light good. When our sin is brought to our attention, it feels painful. Let God illuminate it, anyway.