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The Bobbin Effect

The thing about sewing isn’t the patterns.  It isn’t the precise cutting, the pins that hold the fabric pieces together, or even the stitches.

It’s all about the bobbin. 469 more words



Wait what just happened!?: Limited Capacity

When you feel like you missed something in class having no clue what was just said or read, it’s because you probably did briefly stop paying attention. 236 more words

Strong base in God


When we anchor our love
With full attention in God
No storm in our life
Lets us drown
In the ocean of distraction…

DidiArtist, 25.04.2014


Do you remember your first crush?

I think it’s hard to pin point when a had a crush on someone but I think I’d put in somehwere in primary school somewhere in year 5 or six after boys stopped being icky. 306 more words

About Me

The Golden Age of the Internet

Does it ever seem to you like the Internet isn’t as great as it used to be?

I’ve felt this way for most of the 2010s, but I spent the early years of the decade surrounded by people who were particularly eager to brand me as a Luddite when I said so.  1,573 more words


In the Zone

Have you ever had that feeling when you’re working on something where you are totally focused on the task and don’t notice time passing? This feeling of being completely absorbed and ‘in the zone’ is known in the field of psychology as… 630 more words


Love and Attention

Story by Brett Holmes, Pastoral Resident, 2016-2018. Photos by Susan Brown and Janet Chase.

One of my favorite movies from last year was Lady Bird, a coming-of-age comedy starring Saoirse Ronan as Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson (although one would be forgiven for assuming it is a biopic about the former First Lady). 779 more words