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Back to School : How to survive the SECOND week!

First week down, breathe a sigh of relief. You’ve gotten through the drama of ‘Back to School’.  Well done you. Unfortunately, come Monday, you’re going to have to do it all again – and not just this Monday, but the one after that & the one after that and on and on to Christmas & beyond.  793 more words


The importance of parents

The other day, my husband and I walked down to the post office (a ten minute walk) to pick up some packages. Before we left, we told our television watching 8 and 10 year old that we were running to the post office and would be right back. 87 more words


Dinner Pictures! 

A peek at dinner tonight:
Sriracha Chicken:

Take boneless chicken, coat in a thin layer of sriracha, oil and various seasonings (pepper, garlic powder, lemon, and others). 84 more words


My biggest flaw.

Currently: Laying on my moms couch with Butter (my moms cat.) Stuffed on Rocks and Rolls watching The And.

NEWS FLASH: Click here and watch… 896 more words


A little piece I wrote for the agency newsletter:

I volunteered to contribute to the agency newsletter. In each newsletter we highlight one of SAMHSA’s eight dimensions of wellness, as a health mentor I thought I should contribute. 411 more words

Small details.

The silent language of the body, scatter seed for a relationship.

Eye contact a person, it means scratching the soul and attract attention to our darkest thoughts and desires. 64 more words


A sight to ease the mind

I love observing how lights slowly turn on in the city. I love observing rays of light crossing the water when it becomes dark. I love to observe the sudden changes in the waves bringing those lights closer. 49 more words

Non-list Activities Worth Sharing