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Meghann Foye – an idiot trying to make a name for herself. 

What happens when feminism takes an even more retarded turn? You get someone like Meghann Foye.

Let’s be clear here. Feminism, in theory, simply wants women to have the same equal rights and opportunities as men. 252 more words

Taking To Task

The Brain Lady Quits Her Job

Student: Beth, what did you say you have again? OCD?

Beth: Nope! Though I understand your confusion. I have AD/HD.

Student: H? But you’re not all, “Blaaaah!!!”

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Special Education

(before phones were temporal predators)

I want wooden toys
to smell on them your fingers

I want nameless prayers
in languages we make up

I want crickets in jars
to release them before bed… 77 more words


"the incredible scavenger hunt of your life"

Curiosity does one thing and that is to give. And what it gives you are clues to the incredible scavenger hunt of your life. ~ Elizabeth Gilbert…

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Beware the man who thinks he understands

Question: In a recent discourse, one listener asked you about committing foul acts and then saying that even those acts come from the Source, the Truth. 921 more words


On casteism and the violence of godlessness

Question: Please throw some light on the caste problem in India.

Shri Prashant: It is very visible, but there are n number of other things that are not so visible. 490 more words