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Clinginess and Neediness and the Reasons Why?

I always wondered why I need so much attention in my life. As I grow older, I think I’ve come to realize that it has something to do with parenting and the way I grew up. 306 more words

Everything Counts Toward Your Success

Sometimes it can seem that we put forth lots of effort and see little in return – especially from one day to the next. Yet even those “unseen” contributions are adding up behind the scenes. 66 more words


My perspective of illusional humans

I’m lost at whether you’re being a dick to keep us safe or if you are just being a dick.

Of course living in the same small town means bumping into each other is a very likely event, as we have done, now various amounts of times. 327 more words

Sorry for the drama-filled rant...

So last week I was at the beach, and for the first time I decided to invite a friend to come with us. Overall it was an awesome week, and I’m so happy that I brought her. 626 more words

Oh doodles

When I am trying to process something I tend to write about it, or doodle.  That is almost like writing I guess. Just a different expression of the same action. 79 more words


Art of Attention

The Meditative Art of Attention

Meditative attention is an art, or an acquired skill which brings clarity and an intelligence that sees the ‘true nature of things’. 7,731 more words

When experiments go crazy

10 heavenly psychology studies you’ll wish you’d participated in

If you volunteer for a psychologist’s experiment, it might involve nothing more exciting than answering some questions online, or maybe you’ll be asked to remember a list of numbers. 105 more words

Behavioral Economics