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My Name is Dyah
I’m Kpopers :)



People will ignore you for days

Put absolutely no effort into being part of your life

All words and no action

And then have the nerve to get upset when somebody else has your attention… 6 more words



Yup, I’ve had it since 3 March 2015. First the husband gets the cold-like flu, then it subsides, then the wife gets it, reinfects the husband, then it starts to subside in the wife and the husband reinfects the wife.

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Quit quacking quick

use zipped lips to fit

in missing bits

earth sits in the bin

ting ding ding, hear sounds wear thin


What to remember when all else is forgotten!

The longer you travel from here to there, the less you remember of here and the more you try to recall about there. It gets tricky at times to focus on what is important or seemingly so anyway, everything wants to get and hold your attention. 28 more words

Pieces of Me

I saw a saying once that of the people who ask you questions, most are just curious and only a few actually care about what you have to say. 802 more words

Classroom Clips


McWade, J. (2003). Fliers & Mailers. In Before & after page design (pp. 76-102). Berkeley, CA: Peachpit.

When creating a flier about a product, make the focus of the page about the product. 270 more words