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FO Friday-13th April

It’s Friday 13th, but I’m not feeling superstitious. In fact, I’m feeling very happy as I have finally finished the cosy stripe blanket. It’s quite heavy, but really warm, and  both cosy and stripy as the pattern suggests! 269 more words


WIP Wednesday-4th April

Last week in my WIP Wednesday post I said that I was going to have a busy week. Somehow I still fitted in some of my own crafting around making birthday cakes, a birthday card, Easter baskets for 4 children and an Easter tree. 391 more words


51. Doppelganger

I moved departments to another building across town and knew no-one. I recognised a couple of names from email correspondence, but that was it. Except they all seemed to know all about me. 792 more words

Discovering crochet - and getting obsessed with it!

Earlier this year I managed to catch ‘flu.  Proper, horrible, aching-joints, high temperature, no appetite, can’t stand upright ‘flu.  Ugh.  I took an ENTIRE week off work poorly (I’ve never done that!) but by the Friday afternoon I had serious cabin fever and insisted The Hubster took me to The Works in town for a mooch around. 467 more words

Attic 24

Scrap Happy February

I had a lot and I mean a lot of leftover chunky yarn from the Attic 24 crochet bag. This much..

Now one good thing about volunteering in the library is I get to spot lots of books, including crochet books , so this one came home with me. 217 more words

Knit and Natter Friday!

This has been such a busy month for us with one thing and another. Far too much time spent on hospital appointments, garages and dentists, but these things have to be done. 504 more words

Photo of the day - Success

I was going to do a separate blog post about success, after discussing it with my daughter on the way to school this morning. She is a typical teenager, full of angst of what the world is going offer. 482 more words