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Woolly world

Oh, the frustration of being without a camera for three weeks – especially three weeks spent on my own with a lot of time to indulge in Woolly World activities and no way of recording my little bits of busyness. 1,276 more words

A bower bird for Baby

With lots of bits and bobs left over from my rainbow baby blanket projects, I started scouting around for something else I could make as a gift for the Little One. 963 more words

WIP Wednesday-31st May

The last May WIP Wednesday, oh my goodness! This week has been really hot so not the right weather for working on large projects. However, it has meant I could take my photographs outdoors! 218 more words


WIP Wednesday-24th May

These weeks are just flying by at the minute with work on the allotment, plus decorating. I’ve still squeezed in a little bit of craft time though! 174 more words


WIP Wednesday-17th May

This week has been crazy, and I’ve not done as much as I’d have liked to because Mr C and I decided to decorate our room. 262 more words


WIP Wednesday-19th April

This week has seen a bit of rebellion against my own rules. I’m not sure whether it was brought on by an overindulgence in chocolate, a bank holiday or the fact I’m at home whilst the children are at school/preschool because my school has different term dates. 342 more words


The Peacock blanket

I think i mentioned in my previous blog that i like to create names for my blankets. Or at least try.
The Peacock blanket is one of my favourite creations to date. 680 more words