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Flash Trigger Device Using the ATtiny85

Making a Flash Trigger using Arduino code on an ATtiny85


In this post I’ll go over how I created a high-speed flash triggering device, as well as detailing how it works. 1,896 more words


Newer dimmer software

I just posted yesterday about new software for my PWM dimmers that provides smoother control of the light levels (having 256 levels plus off, rather than 63 levels plus off) with a 256:1 brightness range rather than the approximately 256:6 range of the previous code. 525 more words

New dimmer software

Based on the success of the stroboscope software, I rewrote the dimmer software for my desk lamp (see LED lamp projects for more about the lamps).   633 more words

LED strobe using dimmer board

In the evenings this week, I soldered up another PWM controller for the LED lamp projects, and programmed it with the ISP cable I made… 1,287 more words

Arduino as ISP

For the LED lamp projects, I’ve been using ATtiny13A chips for the dimmer board, programmed with the Arduino IDE and an Arduino board as an In-System Programmer… 392 more words

BigBox is a large, hackable and open source 3D printer

This 3D printer from E3D and LittleBox boasts an impressive build volume, modular design and hotend.

It’s safe to assume that Makers who’ve dabbled with RepRap and other low-cost, open source 3D printers are most likely familiar with UK-based startup E3D. 606 more words

3D Printing

Adding Shiftregisters to an Attiny10

I have a problem: if I underuse a microcontroller, i feel uncomfortable. So if I see a project with an Arduino or standalone Atmega328 that uses only say 2 pins, I start thinking ‘Attiny’. 502 more words