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Servo on Attiny13

Wanted to use an Attiny13 to sweep a Servo. There is an 8 bits Servo library for the Attiny85 series, that will compile after  some changes (TIMSK->TIMSK0 and TIFR->TIFR0) but that will be over the memory limit of the Attiny13, some other programs I found that were playing directly with the timing registers didn’t really work and one even broke the gears on my servo, so I decided to just make  my own program, which is in fact much simpler than I thought once I started: 217 more words


Hackaday Prize Entry : Impact - A Head Concussion Monitor

A lot of young athletes who get concussions each year go undiagnosed, leading to brain injury. is working on a device called Impact to help detect these events early. 262 more words

The Hackaday Prize

Installing Attiny13 core files in Arduino IDE 1.6.x and 1.7.x

The installation for the Attiny13 in the Arduino IDE 1.0x was  fairly straightforward and is described in my ibble.
The Arduino IDE from Version 1.6  and newer, have a different structure for choosing the processor-board: Under ‘Tools’ you have to seperately choose the board, the processor and the speed. 1,090 more words


Sending sensor data wireless (433MHz) with an Attiny85 or Attiny45 with Manchestercode

In an earlier article I described how to send RF/wireless data between two Attiny85 chips with a 433 MHz transmitter/Receiver pair.
Now I will  give a more practical program that sends  3 variables from an LDR and a DHT11 sensor. 472 more words


analogRead() on Attiny13

I had an Attiny85 in a circuit performing functions that I thought could also be done by the smaller Attiny13, so I programmed the attiny13 with the same code as the attiny85, swapped both chips, tested my circuit and nothing happened…….. 182 more words


This ATtiny85 box will make decisions of you

Can’t make up your mind? Then you may want to make this box.

After frequently finding himself struggling with everyday decisions, Victor8o5 chose to create a pint-sized box that would make them for him. 396 more words

Makers Movement

Sending wireless data from one Attiny85 to another

I have struggled a lot with sending RF data between two Attiny85 chips, so I thought it might be helpful if I just explain how I did it. 1,041 more words