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ATtiny85 Does Over The Air NTSC

has made a habit of using ATtiny microcontrollers for everything, and one of his most popular projects is using an ATTiny85 to generate NTSC video. 170 more words

Video Hacks

Leisure battery VAN power panel.

I have been working on a simple power panel for a friends van to control the internal lights and provide some protection to overusing the battery. 28 more words


Flotilla is simplifying DIY electronics with Raspberry Pi

Build your next great idea in minutes, not hours, with this easy-to-use digital tinkering tool for Raspberry Pi. 

Developed by UK-based startup Pimoroni, Flotilla is an educational electronics kit that consists of smart and affordable modules that Makers can connect together to create a number of projects. 665 more words

Makers Movement

An ATTiny Bluetooth Board

Since just about everyone who would be interested in electronics has a decent cellphone now, there’s an idea that we don’t need USB or weird serial adapters anymore. 180 more words


Printing Decimal Numbers on SSD1306 OLED Display Using the SSD1306xLED Library

After playing for awhile with that SSD1306 OLED display I decided to add few more things to the SSD1306xLED library and the ability to print numbers seamed to be an important one. 390 more words


Halloween Jack-O-Lantern

Sorry for the late post! I finally got the photos of this project off of my phone onto my computer.

For halloween this year I thought I’d have a project relating to the holiday and decided on making a 3D printed Jack-O-Lantern with a custom internal board that can flicker LEDs to light the pumpkin up to music or changes in the environment like light and sound. 470 more words