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7 LED's, 2 Pins - beat that, Charlieplexing

’s Dice10 is an exercise in minimalism. Building an electronic dice using an ATtiny10 with code that fits within 1kB is not too difficult. Charlieplexing the LED’s would have used three of the four available GPIO pins. 272 more words

Led Hacks


jonmash designed this simple board with two ATTiny processors powered by a micro USB connector.





Micro USB power input to two ATTiny MCU’s. 85 more words

Shared Projects

BFuse: Electronic Fuse for Breadboard

Jakub Polonský created this solution to make breadboard prototyping safer for components:

BFuse – Electronic Fuse for Breadboard

adjustable and programmable electronic fuse especially designed for breadboards – a breadboard fuse, or BFuse…

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tinyAVR Microcontrollers

Key Features

  • Small — Atmel tinyAVR devices are designed specifically for applications where size and cost are critical. The smallest tinyAVR MCU measures only 1.5mm x 1.4mm.
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More ATtiny experiments…

Since I managed to breathe life into my ATtiny-based speaker delay project I’ve been working on more ATtiny-based boards. There are many potential applications I can see (if I look hard enough…) for a small SW-based controller and that is what I’ve tried to build. 266 more words


Minimal Computer and Operating System: One Button, One LED

DUO BINARY is a very, very small computer system in every possible sense. It runs on an ATtiny84, which has even got “tiny” in its name. 176 more words


A Real Turn Off

had a small problem. He’d turn off the TV, but would leave the sound system turned on. Admittedly, not a big problem, but an annoyance, none the less. 230 more words