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Bike Pin - electronics

For my project I used Arduino and Processing. The aim of the main prototype was to make the button give feedback once pressed(orange LED + a vibration motor), and to open up a webpage with the prototype of the application. 381 more words

4th Year

ATtiny24 Based ΔT/Δt (Temperature Gradient) Smart Charger For NiMH Battery

Hope you guys are doing great.

Six months ago I would never have thought of writing a technical blog, I was just too consumed with my day job which is to troubleshoot and repair Heidelberg offset printing machines, its a great piece of equipment which largely remains a mystery to this day even after six long years in the field. 4,414 more words


How to Setup the Arduino IDE to Work with the Tinusaur Boards

This is a short guide how to setup the Arduino IDE to work with the Tinusaur boards.

What it does basically is to make it work with the… 344 more words


The ATtiny MIDI Plug Synth

MIDI was created over thirty years ago to connect electronic instruments, synths, sequencers, and computers together. Of course, this means MIDI was meant to be used with computers that are now thirty years old, and now even the tiniest microcontrollers have enough processing power to take a MIDI signal and create digital audio.  239 more words

Musical Hacks

Converting A GameCube Controller To USB

The GameCube controller is a favorite among the console enthusiasts new and old, and with Nintendo’s recent release of the Smash Bros. edition of this controller, this is a controller that has been in production for a very, very long time. 178 more words


(nothing less than) The Perfect Tea Timer


Maybe you just drink coffee. Then this article is not particularly interesting for you. But if you like a cup of black or green tea once in a while you might know the problem: You prepare your tea and you let it stand for a minute too long. 580 more words

Digital Projects

ATTiny ISP Backpack

Used some time this weekend to get a shield ready on some protoboard for the Arduino. It connects the correct pins for In-System Programming of an Atmel attiny avr. 96 more words