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The plot thickens….

Bit of a pause here lately as I’ve been away on holiday. I just have a few days left at home before work starts again, so time to get some building in :) 60 more words


The Quest for Mice With Frickin' Laser Beams (Pointed At Their Brains), Building A Laser Controller

is working on a research project involving optogenetics. From what we were able to piece together optogenetics is like this: someone genetically modifies a mouse to have cell behaviors which can activated by light sensitive proteins. 308 more words

Laser Hacks

Delayed delay…

Was going to post something else today, but as I managed to finish something that includes software (which happens very rarely) I had to show that instead :) 273 more words

Nearly There...

AVR vs PIC, Round 223: Fight!

Get ready to rumble! made the exact same Hello-World-esque project with two microcontrollers (that are now technically produced by the same firm!) to see how the experience went. 285 more words


AtTiny85 16MHz internal clock support


I have modified the AtTiny85 support library for Arduino to support finally 16MHz internal clocks, without having to hack anything. The support also adds brownout detection, and self programmable code. 15 more words

ATtiny85: Debounce Your Pushbuttons!

The image above exemplifies why you need to debounce your pushbuttons.

When people push a button, they expect one reaction per push. Due to the springy nature that pushes back at you when pressing them, buttons tend to bounce around when pressed and released, which… 2,292 more words


Rainbow Cats Announce Engagement

is going to tie the knot sometime in 2017. Instead of sending out paper announcements or just updating his Facebook status, he wanted to give their family members something lasting and memorable, like  201 more words

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