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ATTiny Breakout Board

In some upcoming projects I intend to embed some processing intelligence into small devices. The smaller Arduino boards are too big and expensive for these applications. 421 more words


ATtiny45 motion sensing night light

DanR has shared this motion sensing night light board:

ATtiny45 motion sensing night light V1.2 D

This light is powered by an ATtiny45/85 which powers on the 14 LED lights when motion is sensed and it is in a dark room.

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Shared Projects

7 LED’s, 2 Pins – beat that, Charlieplexing

7 LED’s, 2 Pins – beat that, Charlieplexing

’s Dice10 is an exercise in minimalism.  upped the game by using just two GPIO pins to drive the seven LED’s for the dice

Animated EV Charge Cable Enlightens Us

 was searching for an idea to build for his father this Christmas, and cast his gaze across those novelty phone charging cables that have “flowing” LEDs along their length. 181 more words

Led Hacks

Getting Started with ATtiny 45 or 85 with Arduino

Getting Started with ATtiny using Arduino Platform.

This tutorial shows you how to program an ATtiny45, ATtiny85, ATtiny44 or ATtiny84 microcontroller using the Arduino software. These are small, cheap (Kshs. 1,135 more words


DICE10: electronic dice controlled by two GPIO

Yay, another mini-project with the ATtiny10! A while ago I devised a scheme to drive an electronic dice with only two IO lines. I finally found the time and motivation to build up a small design using this as an entry for the hackaday 1k compo…

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7 LED's, 2 Pins - beat that, Charlieplexing

’s Dice10 is an exercise in minimalism. Building an electronic dice using an ATtiny10 with code that fits within 1kB is not too difficult. Charlieplexing the LED’s would have used three of the four available GPIO pins. 303 more words

Led Hacks