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Electronic float valve keeps the horse's feet dry

built this simple device that can best be described as an electronic float valve. He was wasting a lot of water from overflowing water troughs and buckets around his farm. 289 more words

ATtiny Hacks

Simple EEPROM Module for Arduino or other microcontroller

EEPROMs come in handy if you want to store some data without losing it. Many microcontrollers come with some internal EEPROM, but as EEPROMs have a finite (though very large) number of writes before they start becoming faulty, my anal retentive character always had a problem with using that internal EEPROM. 618 more words

ATtiny85 and ESP8266 - do you really need that?

Yes, why not. And here is what I did …

(this will be series of posts about what I did with ATtiny85/Tinusaur and… 285 more words


AVR Dragon ATTINY Adapter

A while ago I purchase an AVR Dragon and a handfull of ATTINY13As with the intent of learning how to program AVRs without using the Arduino IDE. 285 more words

Breakout Board

Clap Light Switch

Materials (I used):

  • Programmer, (Arduino)

  • MicroController, (Attiny85-20PU)

  • Microphone sensor (chinese arduino compatible)

  • 230VAC to 5VDC module (phone charger)

  • SPST Relay with 5V coil.

Project goals: 677 more words


Flash Trigger Device Using the ATtiny85

Making a Flash Trigger using Arduino code on an ATtiny85


In this post I’ll go over how I created a high-speed flash triggering device, as well as detailing how it works. 1,896 more words


Newer dimmer software

I just posted yesterday about new software for my PWM dimmers that provides smoother control of the light levels (having 256 levels plus off, rather than 63 levels plus off) with a 256:1 brightness range rather than the approximately 256:6 range of the previous code. 525 more words