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$3 Tinusaur board on IndieGoGo

Neven Boyanov has launched a new Tinusaur campaign on IndieGoGo:

Learn, Teach and Make with the Tinusaur

Small microcontroller board that could run Arduino and help you learn, teach others and make things…

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ATtiny 85/45 using MAX7219 Led Matrix.

This marks the first project based on the ATtiny chip. Let’s go! So basically the ATtiny can be termed as a ‘small programmable Arduino’ reasons are it executes commands just like an Arduino, more so it uses the same program structure to do so; you can script a program and it will run on both the ATtiny chip and the Arduino, the main difference will be the digital and analog pins, because the ATtiny has a total of pins*. 276 more words


World Clock V2

Four year after building version one of my Word Clock, it had started to die. This was not surprising as, the method I used to drive the LEDs required much high current than the datasheet says is allowable. 259 more words


ATTiny Getting Started and Code Benchmarking

Once I had some hardware to test with, the next steps were to work out how to get a program onto the ATTiny and how to write efficient code. 830 more words


ATTiny Breakout Board

In some upcoming projects I intend to embed some processing intelligence into small devices. The smaller Arduino boards are too big and expensive for these applications. 421 more words


ATtiny45 motion sensing night light

DanR has shared this motion sensing night light board:

ATtiny45 motion sensing night light V1.2 D

This light is powered by an ATtiny45/85 which powers on the 14 LED lights when motion is sensed and it is in a dark room.

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Shared Projects

7 LED’s, 2 Pins – beat that, Charlieplexing

7 LED’s, 2 Pins – beat that, Charlieplexing

’s Dice10 is an exercise in minimalism.  upped the game by using just two GPIO pins to drive the seven LED’s for the dice