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Yes, I'm Selfish...

Yes, you heard it right and I would say it a thousand times more. I am a damn selfish person in this damn world and I am so happy being one. 390 more words


Nothing is better than being HAPPY

Things happen to you , me and all of us and at times some really bad things happens . It’s quite natural to react,  to act as if you’re the only one getting affected each time.   340 more words


Learn to leave...

Chances are that at any moment of life we want to leave somethings behind us.  We always want some of the things to just vanish away from our life like they never existed. 365 more words


No failures , No Success

It doesn’t matters how much hard you are trying to be a successful person , you just would not be able to become one unless and until you taste Failure. 396 more words


Value what you have...

Doesn’t matters whatever we have, all we do is to criticize the things and wish for something that we don’t have or more precisely which others have . 291 more words


In My Son's Eyes

Today, my lil’ man is 7 weeks old. Man, just MAN! I need to let that sink in for a minute… A mere two months ago the hubs and I were still waiting for our baby to make an appearance in this world. 525 more words

Health And Wellness

How Does It Matters...

Your life, Your choices…. why do a 2nd person would have any say in whatsoever you do or don’t ?

I hope each one of us realises the importance of the fact that we have only one life to do what we like.   305 more words