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We all want to live a happy life. We are happy when we get the things we want. We need money to get most of the things we want and for the rest, we need to work on our attitude in order to get them. 284 more words


Figuring Out A New Balance

Yet again I’ve been away from my blog for a longer break than intended! It’s crazy how that happens sometimes…

At this point, I am just over 5 months into my pregnancy and feeling pretty good. 962 more words

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Attitude Is Everything

Life can be likened to a small room with an open door, people will keep coming in and going out through yours. This is an inevitable fact. 329 more words


10 Steps to Being Successful _Step 4 Attitude

A positive outlook on any situation can be life changing. Positivity can be defined as no possibility of doubt. Think of positivity as always seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. 411 more words

Post 82: Canine Capers

You Suck at Craigslist had a strict rule. If you can’t spell the breed name, you can’t have the dog. If Sparky is off by one letter, however, should we make an exception? 274 more words

Speeling Prolbems

Post 75: Bold as Bass

Most suburban home owners have occasions when things in their yards need to be removed. Most S.H.O.s will hire someone to come and haul away the thing to be removed. 172 more words


Post 68: True Lies

This is Post 68.  Monday is Post 69.  I know your mind is going in the same direction as my mind. So let’s get in the mood with this guy.  194 more words