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Hey Jude

When I was a kid in 1968 my sister had a lot of 45 records.  I used to compare the times of the songs which were listed on the front.  1,023 more words

Attitude Is Everything

Girl Power

Today our adorable, sweet and funny daredevil of a granddaughter, Cassie, celebrates her eighth birthday. I could post videos of her surfboarding, rock climbing, snowboarding, ziplining or indoor skydiving, but this painting I did of her, when she was really little but already her own person, says it all for me…attitude is everything! 8 more words



‘Tis the changing of the seasons, when the feted summer equinox transitions into the beloved autumnal equinox, there begins a diminution of daylight and temperatures, the air becomes crisp and fresh, and seasonal flora abounds in its’ last flourish of color. 378 more words


Post 273: Poll to Pole

It’s not easy being Sparky. Everyone and their uncle seems ready to jump on any little error or typo. No one understands the huge weight of Sparkitude that he must carry every day. 97 more words


Post 266: Beastly Burden

Celebrities often need more cash quickly when opportunities stop coming their way. Child stars are especially prone to this danger. But I don’t think selling stuff on Craigslist is the best idea. 67 more words

Possibly Awesome

Post 259: All Ye Outs in Free

Lurkers. People who read the blog, get a good laugh, read the comments, but NEVER leave a comment themselves. It happens everywhere. Even HuffPost which is rated as the #1 blog on the web this year has millions of readers who never comment. 110 more words


Post 256: Sparky in Love

Now we will see how the female of the species solicits male companionship. Well, not see, actually. No one wants that. We’ll just read the ads and go from there. 453 more words
Attitude Is Everything