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Post 242: Sipping Cider

Who knew? Trees grow in an orchard. Apples grow on trees. Pressed apples produce apple juice, which can then be made into cider. But now it seems you can get cider from blocks! 87 more words

Attitude is Everything - Book Excerpts

I woke up and realized I was running late. I had to get to the airport to catch a flight. I drove seventy-five to eighty miles per hour to Hartsfield International. 954 more words

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Post 231: Free All the Rockers!

As the US slides into yet another celebration of how free and independent we are, I thought I would feature free things or misunderstood things or things where the word doesn’t mean what Sparky thinks it means. 69 more words


Post 230: Hip to Have Square

Early adopters of new technology are often your typical nerd. Few social skills, make bad puns all the time, and think that threatening to delete your email is the worst thing they can do to a person. 153 more words

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Attitude is Everything

As a child, I remember hearing teachers address specific individuals during class, taking time outside of their scheduled lesson plan.  In the form of an exhortation or rebuke, growing concerns were verbalized.  199 more words


A Little Rain Sometimes

A friend and I were walking out of our work building last week.  As we pushed open the door we could feel the sun warming our faces yet a nice breeze blowing just enough to cool things off.  1,281 more words

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Things My Dog Has Taught Me About Life

Life in our house is a pleasant menagerie of two big humans, one tiny human, a dog, and three very sassy cats. Even without the furry-four-footed babies, we’d have our hands full adjusting to family life and figuring out our new balance. 305 more words