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This Time In Your Life

This is a rough draft of a website I am working on with Stephanie O’Dell and Carol Gechen.  We are using The Skimm as a model for a brief, cup of coffee, glance at daily postings.   76 more words


Do  I ever want to be saved and where does it leave me if no one rescues me? What now?

I have to admit when I wrote the title of this entry it brought up an array of emotions for me.

My journey is in progress and I admit that I have had stops and starts in progress along the way. 1,203 more words

Day To Day Life

13. Baby steps.

I have to remind myself constantly to go slow, bit by bit. Then the unconquerable will be tamed before I know it.

Strong or Weak?

Our life is full of categorizing and judgments: This food tastes good, that person is rude, I am not good enough for this, her shirt looks fancy, this room is too dark for me and so on. 368 more words


My Personality Color is BLUE

What do these Colors mean anyway?

“A prospective client recently asked me if I could better explain what these four Colors are so that she could better understand how the Color Code Science strategy works and how to apply it to her life.   1,186 more words


5 Ways to Be Determined

Leading well in life doesn’t come by default, it only comes by design, through a determined effort on our part to actually make something happen. I can pray like it depends on God but I must still work like it depends on me. 426 more words



I stand with dignity
Holding in
Holding up
That which is to be admired
From a distance.

You may breathe
A little.
Dance! 155 more words

Social Issues