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Shaking My Head...A Little Blogging Thought

Sometimes, you read somethings that makes you shake your head in wonder.

It makes you realize that even though humans are inherently selfish, some have extra doses of it. 332 more words


Meet The Friendly SANGUINE ...

They are extremely friendly but can’t keep any friend. Is that not ironic? They can’t pass by without any one taking notice of them. She is the type that turns head,but when she laughs,the world hears the sound of her laughter. 327 more words


One step forward, two steps backward

I suppose that isn’t really true right now, but it feels like it at times.  I’m struggling to keep my head above water again and I’m not sure why.   134 more words


Lent & Sacrifice

 Confession:   I didn’t know Lent existed until about 15 years ago.   I was attending a Christian liberal arts college and a classmate decided to give up speaking during the 40 days of lent.   335 more words


Illustration by Greg Horn

Often times, I’m inspired by work I couldn’t possibly create myself. Growing up, I gravitated towards the character of Wolverine. In many ways, he’s nothing like me. 90 more words




Only eight letters, but it is a word filled with possibility. With potential. With hope. With destiny. With power.

Sure, I say “whatever You want God”. 847 more words