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Daily Quip

A good hug is like a smile with arms.


3 Valuably Amazing Things that You Already Have to Be Happy

It’s true, happiness is a subjective thing. What makes another happy may not necessarily make you happy. Yet, your happiness is truly not dependent on any other. 398 more words


Time and Winds

Time never waits for anyone and

Winds never requires directions.

It only depends on us, how we use

Time and turn the Winds in our favour.


Isolation is better than drama

High school days, I was running with the so-called ‘it crowd’. I was glad that I somehow fitted in with the ‘it girls’ and kind of looked down upon the rest of the losers. 270 more words


Don't Get Stuck In The Wrong Job: Two Questions You Must Ask In Every Job Interview

(Source: www.forbes.com)

Finding yourself in the wrong job, not because you lack the skills to do the job, but because the culture is a terrible fit, is a misery-invoking experience. 968 more words

Money Matters

Two Sides

If I had a dollar for everytime someone told a story leaving out the details of their behavior so that they don’t make themselves look bad.. 140 more words