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Early Morning Magic

Early Morning Magic
By Bernadette A. Moyer

It is the wonder
It is the possibilities
It is the morning
It is magic

Early morning magic… 85 more words

Attitude makes all the difference

In keeping with a new feature of Dr. J’s Apothecary Shoppe, we offer another “Quote of the Day.” On October 23, 2016, we examine a comment regarding our attitude: 735 more words

Application Of Biblical Principles

The Scoop... At Least Right Now.

Here’s the truth: today, I wanted to be writing a post about some new Surinamese adventure. Or perhaps sharing a funny anecdote about learning to live in a new culture. 877 more words


A Pause

I want to stop for a moment. This is a peaceful moment. The TV is off as is the radio. The streets are silent. I feel secure in who I am and in what I am doing. 297 more words


The Best Kept Secret

“I am sometimes a fox

and sometimes a lion.

The whole secret of government

lies in knowing when to be

one or the other.”

~ Napoleon Bonaparte


Battle Between the Sexes

As the title suggests, there might be another layer to the U.S.A. Presidential elections, namely the battle of the sexes. Whatever your political ideologies or whether you are even remotely interested in the elections, you can’t help but have noticed the war raging between Clinton and Trump. 707 more words