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For The Girl Who Lost Her Love For The Game

Some things just get old. I’ve played softball for more than half of my life. I loved it, it was the one thing that can distract me from all the terrible things going on and it was a great stress reliever. 171 more words

What is the best thing you can say to a woman?

Don’t say I love you to her, don’t say that you won’t ever leave her. She doesn’t deserves this, not from you.

Don’t say it when you don’t mean it. 609 more words


What's it like to have an unrequited love?

A heart that bleeds Ink.

*She was my Love, and I was her best friend

Remember, how we promised each other that we will marry each other if we didn’t get anyone else uptill 40? 858 more words


Hold Fast to Dreams, for If Dreams Die, Life Is a Broken-Winged Bird That Cannot Fly – Langston Hughes — The Seeds 4 Life

While we all have dreams, sometimes we face events and occurrences in our lives that make us lose faith in ourselves. Whether someone criticizes something we were formally proud of or something doesn’t quite go as well as expected, we sometimes question if our dreams will ever be achieved.

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My Best Internship


Life has never been simple for us, in the event that it was, it wouldn’t have been worth living for.

*Long ago, about 23 years ago (On Earth’s calendar) 774 more words


HYH What It Takes #1: Aaron Romm


This is a new series of the podcast here at Have You Heard.

If you’ve been perusing our offerings you can see that we have mainly interviews with jazz musicians. 140 more words

Music Life

The Friday Dose #135: Koselig, Gezellig and Hygge

Koselig, Gezellig and Hygge? Remember them? To someone from outside Norway, Holland or Denmark these might seem like characters from The Lord of the Rings, but in fact these are ways to have your mindset positively impact your attitude. 418 more words

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