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This made me laugh out loud.

While I don’t think the answer to everything is money, having a surplus is always welcome.

My son, even though he doesn’t have much surplus at all, is giving all he can to help kids get surgeries they need. 131 more words


The Sleep Equation

It is Monday morning and I should be at the gym finishing off my first training session of the week. Instead I am lounging in my living room in my pajamas, where the heaviest thing I’ve lifted was my coffee mug. 622 more words


Losing Someone Dear

Losing a family member or close friend is hard. Knowing they are a Christian and destined for Heaven should be a real blessing. But it is still hard and devastating. 661 more words


Mistakes Can Be The Best Thing Ever

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein

This blog is little different than my other ones. I won’t be talking about the music industry specifically. 497 more words



“I really wanted to do it but could not”. ” I wanted to actually say something else but I ended up….”.” I am going to do this tomorrow even if I have to create a 25th hour.”… 147 more words


Proverbs Chapter Twenty-Five

We are reminded again how we should treat our enemies. Verse 21-22 tells us to be kind to them and take care of them. The old saying, “Kill them with kindness.” Just think about a time when you were angry with someone. 560 more words

Zelda Fitzgerald says:

” I don’t want to live.
I want to love first,
and live incidentally. “