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The Law of Correspondence or Performance

A person can not perform outwardly in a way that is inconsistent with how he/she think/feel inwardly.

As within so without



I would LIKE to take the above to heart and quit worrying, but it seems to be something I carry deep into my DNA. I TRY to say I’ll stop, but then it rears its ugly head again. 62 more words


Andre Gide says:

“He who wants a rose
must respect her thorn.”

Why Not Being Pigeonholed Reinforces Positive Attitude in You

Every once in a while, everyone feels pigeonhole that they can’t get out, in some senses. Whether it is our demanding requirements at work or personal conditions that are pressuring us to the limit, the cubbyhole of insecurity is substantial. 359 more words


Live Your Dreams Africa 5.0 : A Recap

Hola friends, thank you for dropping by to read yet another recap from the conferences I’ve been attending this month.

The month of May for me, has been full of life lessons: from the different conferences I’ve attended, to the different decisions I’ve had to make about my life. 1,067 more words


The World is Sad

I have been procrastinating. It’s raining outside and I’m a little tired. I thought maybe I would just post something about the animals I’ve shared my life with over the years. 361 more words


Our Mind is like a Garden

Don’t allow your emotions to control you because we are emotional beings. You have to discipline your emotions. If you don’t discipline and contain your emotions, they would use you. 340 more words