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The Other C-Word

Until recently I’d describe myself as a highly committal person.  Growing up, I spent 15 years with the same dance company.  After high school, I immediately committed to a university.  306 more words

Handbooks and Welcoming Goods

You are looking for a job. You submitted your resume and expect to have an interview soon at that company you feel it’s the right fit for you. 637 more words


Here's Your Mulligan

I stumbled into a porn recently. I am keenly aware, at this very second, of how that must sound so please allow me to explain. I was out for coffee with a friend and we decided to sit in the courtyard by a Waves Coffee. 1,393 more words


Memorial Day

Today we celebrate all those heroes that went to war for us. I am grateful.  I am thankful that those men and women went into very risky, dangerous, and fatal scenarios for us. 379 more words

Persistence- Embracing the Uncomfortable

In a society characterized by instant gratification, persistence isn’t an often exhibited quality of most people. We expect immediate results and are often too impatient to settle for incremental progress. 526 more words

Personal Growth

Facing Consequences

Many people hide their face rather than facing the consequences of their own actions and decisions