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This Ridiculous Tip Will Solve Anyone's Attitude Problems!

Before you think I’m crazy, here me out on this…

What do you do when your feet stink? You would probably wash them right? I mean you could try and mask the smell by using feet powder, but eventually the smell will sting. 270 more words

The Belonging

Act IV : Why, Yes! You can take a vacation while in your chemo plan!

“Well, make sure you stay well rested.” This was the advice when I asked my doctor if it would be okay for me to go on a vacation which had been planned for 6 months. 757 more words

Breast Cancer


…. is not about titles, positions, or flow charts. It is about one life influencing another.

– John C. Maxwell


10 Things I Want People to Know About Kenya

This post first appeared at the Huffington Post by Dereck Joubert

This could be titled ‘Why I love Kenya’ so be ready for some unabashed positive messages about the country.

1,131 more words
Western Kenya Tourism Circuit

Beauty below Zero

“In the depth of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.”

Albert Camus

Today was one of those days. After a clear night, almost full moon, the temperature had dropped below zero Fahrenheit.

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So you want to quit smoking?

If you’ve attempted giving up many times and had no success, think about the reasons why you failed. Unfortunately, people start smoking when they are still too young to care about the effects of it like lung cancer or their fitness. 344 more words


யார் சித்தர்...? ...பித்தர்கள் நாம் .... நமக்கு என்ன புரியும் ... ?

யார் ஸித்தர்?”

தொகுத்தவர்-டி.எஸ்.கோதண்டராம சர்மா.

தட்டச்சு-வரகூரான் நாராயணன்

பிற்பகல் இரண்டு மணி,கடுமையான வெய்யில் நேரம்.

வங்காளத்தைச் சேர்ந்த ஒரு பெரியவர் வந்தார்.

விழுப்புரம் அருகில் வெங்கடாத்ரி அகரம் என்ற

கிராமத்தில்,1948 சாதுர்மாஸ்யம். பாஷ்ய பாடம் 20 more words

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