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Parents Be Careful What You Allow

John Wesley said, “What one generation tolerates, the next generation will embrace.” He was referring to sin. And we see this, played out in history repeatedly.  480 more words


Empowered- partial fasting

Day 3

Today is the third day of fasting. Leaving house without makeup isnt that tough anymore. However, without carb was tough.. I walked past stores staring at bread, rice and noodles. 154 more words


Expected to expect

It happened, I am officially thirty!

I am a bit late writing this, as in actual fact, as I type, I am thirty and a half, aka in school terms, much older and wiser than when I was thirty, and can pass my wisdom down to the mere thirty year olds out there, but not to the thirty one year olds, you guys top trump my aged wisdom. 1,251 more words


The tech bias: why Silicon Valley needs social theory

Silicon Valley tech companies draw on innovative technical theory but have yet to really incorporate advances insocial theory. The inattention to such knowledge becomes all too apparent when algorithms fail in their real-life applications – from automated soap-dispensers that fail to turn on when a user has dark brown skin, to the new iPhone X’s inability to distinguish among different Asian women. 61 more words


Quote of the Week | #2

I’d dare say that the implications of this week’s quote comes a little closer to home than some of us would admit, because most of us are procrastinators! 43 more words


Holier than thou attitude (character)

This statement was like a bombshell dripped in my mind when I first heard it from a friend during conversation over a acceptance of proposal from a Christian brother, bet it with me you will go for it when you are spiritually freaked because he worth it. 339 more words

What is a Jew?

A Jew is a member of G-d’s Covenant from Mount Sinai.

We don’t have a single culture. Jews around the world often live more like their neighbors than like Jews elsewhere. 68 more words