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First Impressions vs. Changes

People change. 

Do they really?

Do they, instead of changing, pretend?

“First impressions last,” goes the infamous adage. Why does it sound ever so wrong? I personally believe that this saying is to blame… 453 more words

Liel Abigail

Keep Calm and Carry On!

A Clash of Cultures ~ 1 Corinthians 7:8-24

Big Idea: There is no ideal condition for us to attain in order to better serve God. We can honour God just as we are now – whether single, married, divorced, or remarried. 867 more words


What if people treated physical illness like mental illness?

In the shade of the recent unfortunate events and finding this article online, i decided to write my piece of mind about this matter. Few days ago, i opened my facebook at the sad news that the singer from Linkin Park has died. 903 more words


It makes good business sense to be accessible

Cerrie Burnell is a children’s author and actress changing attitudes towards disability through raising the profile of diversity. In this blog, she talks about why we need better representation of disabled people in the media, marketing campaigns and the public eye. 780 more words

Inside Scope

What do you seek?

Seeking after the things of God, not this world reflects your priorities in life. There is nothing wrong with pursuing a career or interests outside a faith setting. 381 more words


Home is where the heart ...gets healthy again!

For me, it’s always great to get back home from a trip. We had a wonderful time …but of course, like people often do,  while touring Italy I allowed the excuses of “vacationing” and “environment” for a solid week of lazy exercise and detrimental dietary choices. 201 more words