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Setting Achievable Expectations

Time and again, I hear people say, “If you need something done, ask the busiest person you know to do it”. This saying has proven to be way too true over the past couple of years, and I can’t even imagine how it’s going to prove out in the next eighteen years. 275 more words


Old School Cozy; Old School Comfort

In an era of wonderfully scented candles and fancy candle holders, plain Jane candles don’t often–well, hold a candle to them.

When John and I were dating back in prehistoric times, we had a little Italian restaurant we’d go to–a hole in the wall, quaint type of place–with red checked tablecloths and candles dripped over wine bottles that softly lit each table. 473 more words

You Need A New Attitude!

If I had a dollar for every time my parents said, “change your attitude” I would be rich. Of course when you hear those words, they are seldom effective unless there is something at stake (such allowance to spend time with your friends) or intrinsic motivation to do so. 748 more words

Blog 2 (22/1)

We Cause Our Children to have Misguided Animosity

We were raised and we raise our children shielding them from adult situations and we never think of the affect that it has on them.  I’ve not only watched these scenarios play out on television but in real life as well. 582 more words

A letter to the demon in me

Dear cute demon, for the past years I have possessed you in me in a plentiful amount. Your active fluid flows in me and therefore gradually reacting with my genes. 669 more words


The Dream Keeper - by Langston Hughes

The celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. was yesterday. And even as we recall his stand, and pay tribute to him, don’t we also know, deep down, it’s easier to post and to tweet about justice towards all humans than it is to do something? 60 more words

"So I'll have to prove my power..."

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had people tell me things like I’m bossy or moody. I know I can have a temper and I do stew over things sometimes, but over the years there are certain people who have always taken it upon themselves to accuse me of being in a mood when I’m not.  1,152 more words