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Different Students  Require Different Approaches to Learning

Students have different levels of motivation Three categories of diversity that have been shown to have important implications for teaching and learning are differences in students’ learning styles (characteristic ways of taking in and processing information), approaches to learning (surface, deep, and strategic), and intellectual development levels (attitudes about the nature of knowledge and how it should be acquired and evaluated). 23 more words

Hypochondriac? Me? With pears poached in mulled wine.

We have a challenging relationship with illness in my family. I’m not talking serious illness (at least at this point), but just your average, common-or-garden varietal colds, sore stomachs and aches and pains. 947 more words


Analysis of a Viral Post

Its not often you get  a chance to be viewed a million times, liked five thousand times and commented about four hundred times. And for me it was a first. 40 more words


Is sorry the hardest or easiest word?

I don’t know about you but my kids either are too willing to say sorry or they are unable to apologise, our youngest has to be put on a time out area and even then may not be willing to say “sorry”! 417 more words


Life is simple and simple is life

Not usually do I feel the need to write about what happens in the loo (ladies’ toilet) but today I just have to share because I was really touched. 235 more words

Website Launch

Today we launch the website of the Changing Attitudes in Public Discourse. 32 more words


Week 12 Question 1

It is important to evaluate the credibility of a website because information can be used to manipulate a person attitude or behaviours. This has become very evident in present day with the term “Fake news” being given to any website that posts an opinion contrary to another. 227 more words