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Unintended Lessons 2019

With the Martin Luther King holiday happening during the week this blog is up, I thought I would share this.  It originally appeared as a column in the Huntsville Times nine years ago. 542 more words


Organizational Behavior Weekly News Update January 5, 2018 – January 11, 2019

Susan Zirinsky Named President of CBS News, Succeeding David Rhodes

Stelter, Brian

Posted 1/7/2019

Key words and Definitions

Attitudes – evaluative statements or judgements about something or someone. 481 more words


Behavior Influences Attitudes

It’s true that our behavior influences our attitudes. Tibetan monks say their prayers by whirling their prayer wheels on which their prayers are inscribed. The whirling wheels spin the prayers into divine space. 1,095 more words


What? Me Overreact!

Alarmed neighbors in Perth, Australia, called police after hearing a child screaming and a man repeatedly shouting, “Why don’t you die?!” on Jan. 1, according to the Evening Standard. 530 more words

Every Meal Has A Desired Outcome!

Scripture:  Luke 22:7-27  The Last Supper 

I just love the Food Network on television.  The one thing I’ve learned from watching the cook shows over the years is: 889 more words

God's Word

January 15, 2019

Sometimes I get frustrated thinking about my own feelings and actions, words and attitude.  And I wonder what part of following Jesus I missed.

Sometimes I get frustrated thinking about the actions, words, and attitudes of other people, especially those who claim to follow Jesus, and I wonder what part of following Jesus that these missed. 332 more words

Random Thoughts

Fascinated by the Sky

I have a fantastic fixation, likely an obsession, with the sky, clouds, sunrises, and sunsets. Truly sometimes I find myself just driving around to catch the last glimmer of daylight in the sky. 573 more words