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Wearing my heart on my sleeve...

This post is an incredibly personal one, I have been debating with myself whether or not I should make it public. The reasons why I didn’t want to publish are because exposing my flaws to people makes me feel very vulnerable. 1,094 more words

But he was rich and famous - Why did he commit suicide?

We can never know how a person truly feels. They can smile, laugh and be funny while others watch – but how they feel within is what matters. 27 more words

Love And Relationship

Thoughts On Writing A Review On A Modern YA Bestseller

From the start, I said I would write a review of this book. It was highly recommended by my sister and I thought, yeah, let me give it a try. 565 more words


This About Sums It Up!

If only we were as kind to each other as we are to our pets!

Something to think about…


Quote for today 28/02/2015

Strong people make as many and ghastly mistakes as weak people. The difference is that strong people admit them, laugh at them, and learn from them. 22 more words

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The Wedge

OK, here’s a hypothetical scenario. Imagine this. 1,531 more words

Death Of A Legend.

The battle between Star Wars and Star Trek has been silenced for one day in honor of Leonard Nimoy. In many Trekkie’s Minds he was THE ONLY Spock. 232 more words