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I was watching a Turkish series with my mother online the other day.  She complained now and then about things she considered were not “possible” in real life situations, like some reactions and attitudes. 399 more words


Oh no!

I’m on hiatus from beating myself up – for.the.time.being.

Had a very productive day on Wednesday.  Sorted and chucked out paper work. Filed paper work.  Made a difficult phone call.   206 more words


Attitudes towards disabled people matters

Last night. I watched Channel 4’s exploration of political correctness and how in some areas it has become the new vehicle of oppression. The programme did not really touch on the area of disability, although I have seen myself how political correctness has been significantly harmful for people with impairments in ways few people really understand, reinforcing stereotypes as opposed to breaking them down. 509 more words



Like fake
Don’t mind fake at all
Fake bothers people rotten
Fakes fine by me
Been fake all my life
Fake tits, fake friends, fake jobs, fake life… 42 more words


Tyranny of the Urgent: A Crisis in Canadian Politics

If one can get past the liberal bias of the CBC, there are some interesting points concerning Millennials  mentioned in the article here:

1. Millennials do not want social conservatism… 287 more words


Random thought #2

Random thought on being thin: What if I beat someone up?  Kill them even?  Being fat, I get to beat myself up.  That makes me safe.


Pillars of Christian Character: Forgiveness

The sixth sermon in the Grace To You series that I’ve been listening to once a week is all about forgiveness.

Speaking for myself, forgiving others can be a struggle at times. 17 more words