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Roger Stone Reveals Sessions On Way Out - Sessions' Drug Obsession: War On Constitution

Roger Stone gives you inside knowledge on how Donald Trump feels about Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Trump is angry with AG Sessions because he won’t go after criminals in the Intelligence Community & Democrat Party who broke laws & colluded to rig the election. 35 more words

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Attorney General Sessions Raises Stakes for Sanctuary Cities


Attorney General Jeff Sessions warned the nation’s cities Tuesday that they will lose millions in grant money if they don’t help federal agents deport suspected undocumented immigrants held in local jails. 659 more words

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Hating Jeff's Cookies

A flaming bag of poo may be the perfect metaphor for the Trump administration.

Jeff Sessions wasn’t just one of the first elected officials to endorse Donald Trump for president, he was the first United States Senator to back Trump. 859 more words

Darth Trump vs. Jedi Sessions

“If you strike me down I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”

President Trump is claiming Attorney General Jeff Sessions should not have recused himself from the Russian investigations, and is therefore not loyal to him. 137 more words

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If Mueller Goes Down, State Attorneys General Won't Save Us

Several recent articles have suggested that, should Special Counsel Robert Mueller be fired and his investigation discontinued, state attorneys general could, in effect, step into his shoes.   71 more words

Ex-Jets Player Sues Jeff Sessions to Legalize Marijuana

Former Jets defensive end Marvin Washington is now tackling Attorney General Jeff Sessions — suing the head of the Department of Justice to decriminalize marijuana. 232 more words

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Attorney General Sessions says Trump has power to fire, not pardon, himself

(POLITICAL SATIRE) (Washington–July 25, 2017) Attorney General Jeff Sessions said today that he did not feel the President had the power to pardon himself.

“While I don’t feel he can exercise pardon powers on himself, he could certainly fire himself,”  Sessions said.   99 more words