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He doesn't know what he wants ...?

Special al Note: If you’re casually dating a man, and it’s been a while and you still haven’t had “the talk”, you might be in for trouble when you do. 1,608 more words


I love you...but I am not inLove with You ...


There we go…I love you, but I’m not IN LOVE with you.

It’s like all of a sudden the most special person in your life changed his mind about you and decided everything you have together was worth nothing to him. 2,097 more words


Five Tools to Have The Realtionship You Want ...


I Trust My Boundaries

I Follow My Feelings

I Choose My Words

I allow every moment to be a surprise… 1,526 more words


How your man can, and will, be quickly transformed by you in 2 Steps

In this Article I’m going to share 2 powerful tips for turning a passionless and distant relationship around immediately… Imagine being back in that place you were in when you and the man in your life first started getting to know each other. 3,173 more words


Make Him "Addicted" To You ...

What’s your biggest frustration with men, relationships and dating?

Do you find it easy to meet men, but hard to keep their attention and interest as soon as things start to get “serious”? 2,734 more words


Why Traditional "Dating" Isn't Working

A few things you should know.

1) Attraction works differently for men.

2) Men experience 2 types of Attraction.

3) There are 6 Keys to creating the kind of deeper and more lasting kind of attraction in a man that I call “Emotional Attraction.” 1,089 more words


Dating Tips for More Confidence

To date successfully as a woman, you need to increase your confidence level. Some things are easy to change, while other idiosyncrasies will take some practice. 534 more words

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