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Requesting Freedom

Here’s a quick poem I thought of today. Some will understand and others will question why it is on this site. I just wanted to put it out into the universe in hopes of attracting more new and exciting experiences ┬áinto my life. 146 more words


This Blog-post Can Help You Attract Straight White Women

Last weekend’s ´╗┐Sunday Times ran this ad for Volkswagen’s new Polo.

VW clearly do not see anything wrong with the ad. Half of the as is taken by these words: This car can help you attract women. 134 more words


Both The Same

A poem by Chris Hibbard
February 24, 2015

I might go up and you might go down
I might lie still when you want to run around… 157 more words


New Love: Opposites Attract

One believes in planning things. The other just goes with the flow.

One believes that there is something higher than us. One just believes that we simply exist. 354 more words

The Faster you attract, the more loyalty you build

I see people struggle with building a loyalty in the team, downline and business all the time. There is ONLY one reason for the struggle and I reveal it in this video.