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Nanny Affairs: Why are Dads Attracted to Nannies?

Everyone keeps asking, why do dads keep screwing the nanny? Take a look at why husbands find nannies so darn irresistible. 376 more words


Sneak peak.. few months back..

“you are a virgin!” Mr.A had exclaimed.

He asked me about my love life after opening his. He was in complete shock. i told him sex for me can never happen before marriage and that I’m a one man woman. 132 more words


You’ve got me addicted to you. Every minute of every day all I think about is you. All I want is you, in every way possible. 136 more words


I write
To say
That I am attracted

In truth
Your infinite magnetism

At my
Molten core

I write
To say
That I am swayed… 257 more words


Why More and More Mining Companies Are Attracted to Container Domes

Stainless steel dome shelters are strong, durable, and rigid. They are designed to be easy to install, can be relocated as needed, and they can be used as shelters for expensive mining equipment, for storage, or as a workshop or other necessary building. 137 more words