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Live Again With This Pain

Okay, simple facts here.

  1. I’ve been suffering from mental illness for 18 years
  2. My husband has got depression about a year ago
  3. I’m a bit tired of taking care of him and I’m ill too…
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A Guide To Introducing Yourself To The Girl You’re Attracted To

The way you introduce yourself to a girl can go a long way in determining how she perceives you and if she will agree to a relationship with you. 713 more words


Perplexed-Admiring a Girl and Lusting After Another

The situation where a man meets a lady, builds an attraction where he is on the verge of seriously deciding if he should go ahead and date her, and then something happens that might change the whole scenario. 437 more words


Attractive, Attracted and Attraction.

NOTE: I would like to express that I have no scientific background on anything about attraction or attractiveness, nor am I someone you should ask about if someone is attractive or not. 1,417 more words


Make sure your mood matches your moves. 

When you are fully prepared, passionate and energetic, you can accomplish a lot more. You may have the tools you need, and the skills you need, but if your mood is off there will be some sort of resistence. 11 more words


Have you ever met a person who you really despise? I mean, okay, maybe despise is such a strong word. Let’s just say, not your type. 224 more words



I have a big thing for, more like very fascinated with, Yuri (along with Ecchi) Anime.

I am well aware that I am attracted to women also, but Yuri Anime make me feel like I want to explore this part of me. 69 more words

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