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What women need to know about men's visual nature (podcast)

On this talk show:  What women need to understand about the visual nature of men, the lure of pornography, and how to help your husband and/or sons (Craig Gross) 27 more words


A Pink - Attracted To U (끌려)

Nan neoege kkeullyeo
I Fall In Love Yeah
(I’ve Fancied Her For A Long Time)
Na neoege kkeullyeo (You~ You~)
Nan neoege kkeullyeo You 259 more words
A Pink

Bond funds worldwide post biggest outflows in two years: BofA

  • It marked the biggest weekly outflows from the funds in two years, according to the report, which also cited data from fund-tracker EPFR Global.
  • Investment-grade bond funds posted $2.1 billion in outflows, marking their first outflows in 78 weeks, while riskier high-yield bond funds posted $4 billion in outflows to mark their biggest withdrawals since last December.
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I’m attracted to the bad boys kinda guys. The chav style. Never the nice guys. Yea my boyfriends were not practically good looking but they weren’t bad. 154 more words

“Success is not to be pursued;
it is to be attracted by
the person you become.”
Jim Rohn

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Thoughts on why al-Qaeda attracted followers

Thoughts on why al-Qaeda attracted followers
In the May 4 front-page article “CIA veteran: U.S. misjudged Arab Spring, al-Qaeda revival,” U.S. officials were quoted as saying in regard to the Arab Spring “that events turned rapidly to al-Qaeda's advantage largely because the political movem…

Receiving Blessings

The man stuck in the ocean
That’s a perfect example
Of praying for a blessing
And unable to notice it
The man praying for help… 146 more words