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Skills Spot – Designing An Effective Website

Skills Spot – Designing An Effective Website

The Web is a very crowded place and getting your message across, whatever it is, is a little like shouting to be heard above the noise and power of a football crowd of 65,000 on a Saturday afternoon. 298 more words


Logos, strap lines and looks

Having a company logo that is instantly recognisable is a brilliant asset for any successful business – as is a punchy strap line that describes and positions the business in the market place. 224 more words


Why aren’t I getting any clients? #2

If you’ve been freelancing for a while, then maybe you’d heard some (or all) of the points in the last post. You might have been at it long enough to develop a loyal customer base, a strong portfolio, and a steady stream of work, or maybe you’ve been at it long enough that you know the tricks and tips, but you’re at a point where you’re stuck. 692 more words

Why aren’t I getting any clients? #1

You’ve put yourself out there. You are advertising through friends, family, Facebook, and flyers stuck on every surface of your neighborhood. You’ve practiced your new sales pitch in the mirror every morning, but you haven’t gotten a chance to use it. 723 more words

Building a portfolio when you don't have one

You’ve got a website set up. You’ve got a good idea of where you’re headed and how you’re getting there. You’ve been working hard to promote your new business. 754 more words

Dangle The Right Carrot

Recently I have been in the company of many Moms and Dads, and all I have been hearing is how to make kids comply so that parenthood is more of a breeze and less of a roller coaster ride. 1,645 more words


Growing Your Black Business Clientele

It is a myth that black people don’t support black businesses. A more accurate statement would be that black owned businesses are not all implementing competitive strategies for attracting the middle to upper class black consumer. 1,777 more words

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